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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments. First two slots are weapon. The most important thing with gear is lots of active slots for the accessory and armor while your weapon has the best equip slots for the abilities you want to use. This is pretty much done by having a high affection rate with most of the heroines. Topic Archived Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 of 7 Next Last.

Need Help Checking Leonis's Slots... (breeding spoilers)

Record of Agarest War Zero Walkthrough and Guide

This also includes his equipment. With this list shown below, you will be able to execute the following Special Arts below. In order to execute Special Arts, you will need to use a Proof of Valor on a character whose Level is 45 or higher. Sign In Don't have an account? Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from " http: Increases AP gain of characters within the extended area. Activated after accumulating more than SP.

Reduces the amount of AP used for all actions except movement. Substantially increases physical damage, physical defense, magic damage, and magic defense. When you start 1st gen digest mode you get Leo and Ellis, when you finish the it you lose Leo but gain the forbidden book to create the marionette at the alchemist you are also able to revive Fyuria, Luana and Elaine after getting the book.

To make it a little more simple and applyable up to the 4th generation, the hero is added at the start of the generation when you end it you gain a forbidden book and lose the hero the items are kept in your inventory , the book allows you to create marionettes of the hero and the 3 heroines of that generation. It's all one big party consisting members of both games.

Last edited by Etian Helvold ; 18 Apr, Start a New Discussion. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. The stuff matter most in this game. You get a good weapon become available and a bad character becomes a good character.

That scythe you need TP to get, once you get it, the scythe characters will be badasses. But right now I still only have about TP. Gonna be awhile for I get it still. My party is level Is Ellis a Battlemage too? Last edited by Groovz ; 26 Apr, Torney View Profile View Posts. Vell View Profile View Posts. There are 4 characters you generally want to keep using through the entire game, Sieghart, Leonis, Mimel and Routier or Plum.

It is so powerful that the game basically forces you to use those 3 in hard mode for later bosses, especially on the Boundary Plane. There are more powerful moves like S. For those who are curious, Soul of Blaze is the strongest EX skill in the game, but this party has no EX thief and no bait monster which I consider vital for end game hard mode. Leonhardt's Sword, Oathsworn Skills: Not a single magic slot and the ability to do Axel Rave and 2x Executions by himself is just broken good.

Routier is brokenly good because of her level 2 EX skill which gives SP to all characters within a two square range of her If you play through digest mode, you can use Plum for this purpose instead. Late game, you basically just want to hang back with a bait character in front while the rest of your party gains SP.

Routier is the master of SP gain. For your fifth character, I highly suggest someone with an EX steal skill.

Many of the best items in the game can be obtained reasonably through EX stealing from bosses regular steal skills do not work. Tetora's level 1 EX skill works great here. Once the DLC is available though, if you want to spend some money, Winfield is probably better though any character that can EX steal is acceptable here.

For your last slot, I suggest a large monster. The god Chaos is obviously the best large monster you can get, but capturing him is the ultimate goal of the game which means there are no harder challenges left to face, so meld a monster of your liking instead. In hard mode Boundary Plane, with max equipment and stats, the bosses will still one hit kill anyone they land their attacks on. They are also great to keep your entire party linked since they take up 4 squares.

Record of Agarest War Zero