Always a Bigger Fish

Colorful image of bridges, factories, and railroad yard. Matching border with thick, matching tassels. Florida Historical Markers Program. While the thunderstorms have exited and will stay to the south, the cold front has made its presence known as we'll be a ten degrees below where we'd normally be this time of September. Tuesday, September 11 8: NICE pennant for the amusement park aficionado!


Federal prosecutors seeking rare death penalty for NYC terror attack suspect The last time the death penalty was used in a New York federal case was in Family desperate to find mom, year-old daughter who vanished in California Amanda Kay Key, 40, and her daughter Haley Marie Vilven were last heard from on September Female inmates failed by federal prisons: Report The report points to systemic problems in the way federal prisons treat women.

Dad of 6-year-old boy says he's 'broken' Maddox Ritch, who has autism and does not talk, was at Rankin Lake Park in Gastonia, North Carolina, with his father, Ian Ritch, and another adult Father mourns after a boy's body found Maddox Ritch, who has autism, vanished in a park Saturday.

Mom attempts to drown son after saying on Facebook he was dead: Police The boy was hospitalized in critical condition with fluid in his lungs. Feinstein rails against Kavanaugh's 'aggressive and belligerent' behavior Republicans defended his character. Family desperate to find missing mom, year-old: This day in history: Jim Jones' sons on what they think of their dad "There's somethings about Jonestown I'm never going to deal with.

What you need to know to start your day. Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh appeared at an emotional hearing. Judge denies motion to dismiss charges against Mohamed Noor The motion was filed by attorneys for the former Minneapolis police officer, who is charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in Search is on for hiker who went missing in Great Smoky Mountains A hiker went missing in Great Smoky Mountains National park on Tuesday evening, triggering an extensive search operation across the park, authorities Christine Blasey Ford, Brett Kavanaugh: Most memorable moments from their testimonies Christine Blasey Ford, who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct when they were teenagers, emotionally recalled the Houston Astros players come out in support of 8-year-old scolded for cheering them on The 8-year-old, Chloe, suffers from disruptive mood dysregulation disorder.

Judge crafts creative sentence for teen's role in fatal car crash Erick Betancourt initially faced up to 27 years in prison. The moments that mattered The Supreme Court nominee denied sexual assault allegations by Christine Blasey Ford and called the confirmation process a "national disgrace. Wildfires ravage Northern California Aug New eruptions from Hawaii volcano create more lava destruction President Trump hosts French President Emmanuel Macron for first state visit.

An American classic by an American inventor: A French composer with little money capturing e. A French composer's release A French Connection release? A French conservative online agitator, skilled at resisting government A French editor welcoming singer without standing? A French Fancy with a filling that's different A French girl stripping off to reveal A French girl with new flat? A friend, married, gets pronounceable initials A full course?

A full one should give you a capital start A function that a television's aerial aids? A further section of orchestra not here A G8 nation A Gabor A Gabor sister A gala bar opening in summer A Gallo brother A game of tricks cut short A game soldier first to attempt a written defence A game that's cut short A game, a lake, a creature A Gandhi A Gardner A gas fire A gas from the past A gas, a gas almost suitable for the very young A gate may be attached to A gateway for anti-establishment activist A geisha may tie one on A gem of a game?

A gem of a lady? A general out of the country A Genghis successor? A genius, no A genius? A gift in O. Henry's "The A gift of fish, in Massac A gift that hits just the right note A gift, for short A giraffe may be seen on A giraffe might be seen o A girl getting into giddy hero worship?

A girl has managed to obtain new ideal location A girl is excited by the French style of painting A girl reaches no conclusion, sad to say A girl returning to claim gold in miniature scene A girl unloved, treated like a locust A girl was from there in A girl who likes explorations into kinky love A girl who's out of breath A girl, born 8: A going-over A golfer is upset about start of previous game A goner A good amount of pasta, after starter's polished off A good beer and ale drunk could be thus A good breakfast, but a b A good deal A good deal of connectivity supplied by energy partner A good deal one rejected following P45, say A good defense may result A good girl almost corrupted, girl upset A good one is cracked A good one should be squa A good player might get o A good saxophone, for one, was in harmony A good thing to steal A good time for ladies of stature to absorb news A good time to squeeze loathsome leader out A good way around European anxiety A goodly number A googol A goose egg A gossip accepting guy is something quite unreal A graceful river-bird and dam A grad may be working on A graduate's coming in to rework stone A grain seed A grain, or fruit A grammatical number A grand prophet goes west to get suits A grand total may include A granny?

A gravel construction for tourist location A great beauty A great deal A great deal of Eurasia, A great deal to secure you a fast car A great dist. A Great Lake A great many A great number in lively dance company being held back A great number say missing beast A great prime minister? A great sight — robins, say, compete in English tree A great stop for sailors A great stop! A greater amount A Greek character joins southern alliance A Greek character's always a success story A Greek starter A Green Line outing's a hit, leading to more than one day out for many?

A Green politician assassinated in the US A greenkeeper? A greeting, one they - or he - exchanged A Grimm beginning? A groom follows feline into vault A grotesquerie from a hor A ground rent - it's put into my mother's property A group of detectives, sharp A group of musicians playing, showing lack of restraint A group of players featuring in Oval's offering too A group of players taking working leave A group of unemotional acts?

A group of West Indians making various bongs? A growth affected small creatures A guard may protect it A guide for the first and second and third persons? A guide's composed about new part of the liturgy A guitarist's shot archer? A gun each A gun, slangily A guru A Guthrie A guy skirting river gets lost A habit you may get into while trekking A habitual 18 A hairstyle for every month A half-cut geek linked to Club ?

A half-sibling joins love somewhere in the desert A hallucinogen A ham might use it A hand A Handel concerto might h A handshake begins it A handshake may seal it A handy pointer? A hangover in a corporation? A headless whale keeping a number of secrets A heap A heap of material from old record company with radical content A heart often has one A heartless naive MCP with no power perhaps?

A heavy-drinking footballer in cry for help? It may be dangerous ground A helpful bridal shop cle A helping hand A herb cut about root A hero may have it A hero might have it A hero netting brave header for England A hero's washed up on the beach A hexagon has six of them A Hibernian course A hidden message inviting government disorder A high flier may fly in i A high-level meeting? A highly profitable practice! A hill of beans?

A hint about possessing skill for some 17 A hint of ennui blighted end-of-season bash A hint of green inside, like e. A holiday is over: A hound may pick it up A house divided? A house in Germany ordered the cigars A household chore A Houston A Howard A huge amount A hummingbird has a fast A hundred and fifty start to enjoy what's wicked A hundred making a roundabout trip follow this on level ground A hundred sawbucks A hundred smackers A hundred years, approximately, before the French Revolution A hunt acted badly on its own A hydraulic motor convert A hydrogen atom has one A hyperbola has two A in German class A in German class?

A in Paris A in physics? A jacket almost on fire A Jackson A janitor may have a big A jar containing rice for the most part, or fruit A jar right off for semiprecious stone A jet payload sending soldiers wheeling to right A jiffy A job so ungodly ultimately leading to giving up religion A job with the French supporters A job worried someone uncommitted A joke drowned by microphone, briefly? A joke in my dignified appearance A jolly female you left close to a pint for Tony? A jolly girl in the Spanish navy A joy almost certainly found in journalist that's discerning A Judd A judge might issue one A keeper may keep it A Kennedy A key area for a Turkish commander A key English woman A key part of the theatre A Khan A kid may be told to watc A kid relaxed A kind of exit on cue A kind of merchant is how Cole introduced himself A king arriving in fenland city ahead of time A king has one coal supply in 19 A king in control?

A labor-saving device inv A lace starts to come und A lack of appreciation for girl's discernment A lack of compassion A lack of facilities set back Glastonbury, some say A Ladd A lady drinking endless salt water A lake or a Chevy A land we disputed A landau is travelling around part of Spain A language of Egypt A language of South Afric A language's set of letters A lap a minute, e. A large amount A large bird consumed every second?

A large buggy to go round very touristy area A large classy car: A large member that one might wake up to? A large number A large number drinking gallons, sick as a dog? A large number killed A large number of A large number of handouts ordered A large order A large part of a waitres A large part of Mongolia A large picture painted on a wall outside A large quantity A large spread A large study into small creatures has you working with birds A large tree growing on high mountains A large tree, or a small plant A large weapon creates fear A largely aggravated mannerism provides a puzzle A lark A laser might read it A lass dancing — this?

A legion will get turned on and climax A legitimate object of at A length of time to hang around rowdy bar in refuge A Lennon A Lennon sister A lens fits in it A less respected leader about to embrace flighty type - counteragent?

A letter from the French founder of De Beers A letter may be attached A letter provides one A leveret is a young one A liberal in the field A liberal, upper-class character recalled in horror novel A libertine favourite caged bird A libertine, stabbing domesticated bird A library does it A light may be set on one A light meal somewhere in Kent A Lille love A line about Churchill's first agreement A line at the end of Polish sort of dictionary A line authentic Nazis put first A line in very good last act A line winds in and out o A linen hat ordered for boy A link, with extra comma's silly!

A lion, but not a giraffe A list of the A-list A literary giant stops working after losing one mate A literary supplement? A little A little advance work A little after, timewise A little application and skill required to make a sweet treat A little before the hour A little behind A little bird heading north without hindrance A little birdie A little bit of bread, occasionally nice with topping of Emmental A little bit of William Blake A little bit of work A little bit separate A little blonde, Anne has returned dyed A little bounder in a cravat A little butter?

A little chicken A little cleaner? A little current news not half fitting I would speculate, ultimately A little drunk A little extra burnishing A little fat A little fly swallowed by boy A little freedom?

A little hard to find A little interest in science completely reversed A little knight life? A little lamb A little man, I'm a lowly beast A little nephew I'd throw across the swimming pool A little night music A little night music?

A little nuts A little of a lot? A little of this, a littl A little off A little open A little or a lot A little over half a cent A little over half the wo A little over three grain A little overweight A little peculiar A little piece at a time A Little Rascal A little red A little resistance from old queen A little running water?

A little salt A little scared A little shaken up by underworld spirit? A little snow beginning to freeze body of water A little sore when run is miles A little spot of sun to lightly kiss the French A little squirt? A little stick A little stiff? A little stout, a handsome statesman? A little sunshine outside home?

A little, musically A living marvel! A long way off A long way to go? A long, amateurish piano A long, long time A look round American battle site A looker might give it.. A looking backwards A Loos woman A loose woman in the family! A lord watches out for a country pile A Lord's match? He's going A loser may have to tight A lost duet unexpectedly survived A lot A lot may be on one's min A lot met A lot of A lot of a car valet's in A lot of a drill sergeant A lot of a Maine forest A lot of an orchestra A lot of anger about left-over meal A lot of assessments?

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A lot of plot A lot of Polynesia A lot of post about violinist's latest violin A lot of pressure: I'm not sure youngster will accept it A lot of pumpkin, perhaps, satisfied food critic?

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A lot of wrestling in total A lot of young brats initially favoured place for rejects? A lot of, slangily A lot trained after time with aid for drivers - like the AA? A lot up front? A lot's served up for tea A lot, maybe A lot? A A main branch of Islam A main source of support? A major wanderer rested by vessel A major's free to go after crossword setters!

A major, maybe A majority of August birt A male delegate? A male dread possibly could be loss of sensation in member! A male hairdo A male in jail turned up, given life A male in speech is unconcerned with right or wrong A male voyeur lurking in Canadian vehicle A malleable woman, someone contemptible half the time A mammalian plague A man and a dog, at first, having a lead A man goes for a walk and A man has to have one A man hugs another from the New World A man or a mouse A man's "better half" A man, essentially occupying ancient ground?

A mandate to stop European meddling in America's fundamentals A Manx cat and dog eating very round fruit A many-splendored thing i A marathon has about 26 o A mark for every run A mark signifying error: It suggests lots of possibilities A matter of will? A Maverick A McCoy, to a Hatfield A mean Amin A means of getting up tail first, possibly A measure of fluid injected into vein, possibly A mechanic might see it a A mechanism that causes something to operate A medic coming round hospital when required A medic gets over it with skill A medic going round hospital when necessary A medic, quite oleaginous, bandaging patient's foot with skill A medium's sob, in grip of endless malice A member involved in revolutionary work, like Davy's miners?

A member landed on top of you? A method for dealing with traffic? A minstrel going off the rails A mint A miracle-man, he's involved in jailbreak A miser's apt to become perverse, not joining in A miss A mistake to change sides? A mobile device promoting line for letters A moderate to deliver equitable treatment A modern resort? A modicum of modesty A moment ago A moment in this month A monk shortly catching cold where it can be very hot A Monopoly token A monster - it follows on the way back A monster hat — alternatively a wee cap?

A monster that will chill A monster's head that is attached to rear A month abroad A month in addition? Why not, I suppose A month in Madrid A month in place is enough for arranging elite competition A moonlit romance ultimately makes one thus A Moore A moral purge scuppered indoor entertainment A Morse "I" consists of t A mothball may have one A mother and father to us all?

A mother and girl collaborate without hesitation for function A mother is in club with daughter, as is 6 A mother? A must-do A mutant from beyond your A mystic originally found in south west India? A name featuring in broadcast just like the present time A name for Le Pen that is an indication of falling moral standards A name for many an Irishman or Indo-European? A name given to supporter, on reflection A name that people lie ab A national song written about a curse A National Trust hotel: Roger wilco, out A neighbor A neighborly sort A nephew of Donald's A new boss upset surgeon A new bottle of scent could be beginning to work A new broom often makes them A new daily, ultimately not one in particular A new day briefly in France in one of its old parts A new driver ruined more of a car A new faculty head from the highlands?

It's an ancient one A new indication to proceed with old classic car these days A new look at an 18th-cen A new menu Thea provided for the club A new order for Iran, occupied by soldiers from NW Asian country A new participant A new problem involving two-thirds of the soldiers' quarters? A new rota for building a large vessel A new sparkling wine to drink when with a Russian princess A new start? A newly invented word, eg acoge? A newly married woman has no right to stay A news organisation of USA covering Liberal issues A newspaper article, in rising, falls A nice word for dirt?

A night in Paris breaks into any kind of regular income! A night informally includes some Parisian rock A nitwit liked the loud n A no. See the light around her! A noblewoman's unexceptional, if new, descendant A nod could express it A nominal fee A non-believer elected guerrilla leader A non-drinker, one in Paris, with editor, acclimatized A nonmusician may have on A nonzero amount A northern cousin seen out in South American capital A northerner somewhere in Berkshire A noted architect?

A novelist cycled from Asia, perhaps A novice blocks goal, nearly earning free A number almost set right A number appearing in the middle of corn-exchange A number dined while speaking?

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A period of denial at home in the midst of a famous victory A period of illness here and there A period of time off to watch Ms Rantzen broadcast A period return to Wembley, say A period to welcome 18 fellows, and time for emotional control A person A person doing a duck wal A person from Musselburgh racecourse A person going after Australian sea air A person helping you over your loss of interest A person in it is out of A person may be taken in A person may go off with A person may have one of A person might earn one f A person might hang one o A person of little value produces secret code A person selling pieces of wood, maybe: A pert sort at work, lying A pet collar repels them A petal at first concealed plant pest A petty officer, say, guilty of treachery A pharaoh vis- A philosopher's works A photo capturing starter of strawberry jelly A photog saves it A photographer's hypothermia?

A picker may pick one A piece of a three-piece A piece of cake, perhaps, offering very little comfort? A piece of one's mind risks offending the primate A piece of one's mind? A piece of sausage has more than sufficient taste A Pilates exercise? Yes, I'm happy to do it A pilot once discovered a sex toy after clearing out bedroom A pin may go through it A pinch, maybe A pink organ moving towards the rear A pint, maybe A pint, typically, at a b A pious lot cross about liquid lunch?

A pitcher should have a l A pitcher should keep it A pittance, paywise A pittance, slangily A place bathed in light? Not in the winter A place for Sierra worth little after taking a knock? A place to sleep, some say, in California's big cities A place to stay in a remote location A place to tie up a circle of lowing cows?

A place where residents can drop off letters? A plain Jane A plain standard A plank on a yacht, say A plant producing fibre, fine and loose A platform in front of El A playwright reported on land A plea for help secures highest-grade mineral A plonker taken in by David Icke A ploy Peel developed for experts? No A pluviometer measures it A pocket radio might have A poem by me about parting to move ahead is a good example to imitate A poem of Byron delights A poem Stein drunkenly set in South Africa A poet describes love on a ship A poet penning new work performed rather slowly A poet raving about Goat's Head soup A poetical tear?

A point in Mexico A point is a division of A poisonous creeper A polar bear might be fou A police car may get one: A policeman returning to apprehend church board - that's OK? A poor excuse to pucker up briefly in bed A pop A pop singer is quick to follow fashion, we're told A pope may lead it A pope's exclamation of surprise at these baseless untrue stories?

A position of prominence A positive conclusion in X-ray, say - it is an intestinal problem A positive sign A post needing some acetylene welding A poster may have one A poster's oddly showing church features A potted pink may be put back here immediately A pound for a white dress A pound for vestment A pound of Turkey?

A pound, cash thus far A pound, not a krona, is better A power of 1 Down A powerful comparison A precocious little horror, whichever way you look at her! A pusher may push it A puzzle with cojones, brilliant! A quaintly pleasing French accent A quantity of A quantity of drink is both good and bad A quantity of sewage, though no initial flush A quark and an antiquark A quarrel A quarter of four A quarter, e.

A quiet set of bells offers a certain attraction A quiet soldier needs time with American kit A quiet wood A quiet, posh prime minister backing increase in intensity … A race of tossers? A raft, in diner slang A ragman A railway brings in one cultivating the big guns?

A raise may raise it A rampant do in which husband can't stand A range of bizarre islands partly visible from the east A rare condition's breached this barrier method A rare drug manufactured for ultimate fighters? A rare typhoid spread — medical treatment needed A real looker A real man? A real nice kinda American waterway A real piece of work A real smoke!

A real wag A really big shoe A rebel MP's stirring opening words A rebel, impish, naughty, going on for ever A record peak A recurrent idea? Tense man sat on Hoskins A red giant explodes, becoming a dark star, perhaps? A red pine A red? A redhead lifted white clothes to reveal lobe A reduced state A reed A reflection on Queen Eli A reflexive pronoun A refusal to accept advice in rival religious authority A regiment prepared to shoot?

A region developed in time gone by A regular one has interna A regular swimmer's taken by to see the old king A regular type A relative from French city on the mobile A relative not subject to improvement A relatively complex document A relatively short distance in train A religious group will constrain person's initial view A remedy for upsetting expression of dismay A remote resort?

A restaurant may have one A restaurant patron said A retaliatory hit A returned high ball is hard to stop A revolutionary fortification A rhyme for elephant? That's incomprehensible A rifle dug up by safety worker A right absolutely not maintained by fascist revolutionary from Tucson, say? A right angle A right crazy sick old creature A right fool, taken in by her tormenter A right outsider A right-wing piece about coming first is of little value A ring bearer may go down A riot is developing A rip-off for readers?

A risk for divers A river might run through A river protects British on the defensive A river running down to one American state and another A river warden is tidier A robin, er, surprisingly, flying A rock band's name often A Rockefeller A role some people play A rolled-up piece of paper in spliff leading to censure A rolling sea, too A Rolling Stone introduces himself after good trick A Romeo brings up something outstanding A room with a view A room with una vista?

A Roosevelt A root crop A rosary bead may represe A Rosenberg and others A round at the tavern, sa A round end is round, plain and simple A round may be added to i A round number ends in it A round of golf, informal A row about money management A royal in Canadian capital surrounded by the crowd A rubbish country welcomes right modernising leader A rude beggar silly to harbour resentment A ruler may have them A ruler's confused in a dream world A runaway horse is on the beach A runcible item of cutlery?

A scolded bishop ignored bubbly A score A Scot has one A Scot's impatient expression A Scottish bank or two won't accept cents A scout may do a good one A screech may accompany i A scuttle might scoop fro A search, following pet in series of tunnels A season abroad A season: A seat in apse designed for examination of many documents A second attempt to bring in one off-course A second attempt to describe unusual moon in science A second dog climbing tree A second shift, possibly A second-class thoroughfare overseas A section is cut from this crimson material A security A security guard might as A seeming eternity A selection of notable Oscar stars A self-financed outing!

A self-help dining experience A selfie that is taken and altered with Photoshop? Yes A senatorship arranged for Greek writer A sense A sergeant might ask a so A sergeant might ask sold A series of drops A series of letters from Charles Tringham A serious error in English is foolish A serous fluid A servant working in restaurants A service dividing the Church shows bottle A service flat that will do on the outskirts of Nuremberg A Sesame Streeter A setter held back by someone flirting?

A corker, perhaps A setter's given your old stone this colour A sexual partner receiving drug and a healing plant A shade closer to runner wearing sporty line A shade down A shade less white, king standing to eat red raspberry A shade obscene? European first to go through A shade poorly, head falling back with a cold A shade quiet in Germany?

Just a bit A shade rude: Harden up on that! A sham critic could possibly be appealing A shark may carry one A sharpshooter needs a go A shepherd shepherds it A sheriff may be seen in A sheriff may round one u A ship to remember A ship's heading into the drink - here? A ship, to crew members A shocking thing: She's in charge A short month before Speaker becomes a moderniser of the House? A short one contributes to new patient's getting restless after little time?

A short painter standing on head demonstrating this? A short rest, in actors' A short stay A short time after Easter, Frenchman returns cleaner A short way to get round hardwood supplier A shot A shot on table, drunkard finally gathered A show of vanity A Shriver A shrub used in some cigarettes — almost everyone recoiled after inhaling one A Siamese twin A sib A sick benefit prescription?

A sigh A sign of treasure on island in Irish sea? One assumes it is true A sign of wrong and right, we hear, in a puzzle A sign there's work on the way A silent butler may hold A simple task to keep lake and river sparkling A Simpson A Simpson involved in statement to be resolved, even with this A Simpson sister A Simpson without access A Sinatra A singing bank teller? A singing Jackson A single celebrity, not highly rated A single may get you one, A single sweet to go with chicken A single time A singular and special fool A sink tap I ordered for a neighbour of No 14 A Siouan A sitter employs one A sitting target for disgruntled shareholders?

A six month agreement? A sixth of the way throug A skill in intricate fabric is offering a lot of options A skull damaged after decapitation, captured by No. A slave upset husband again A slew A slowpoke may be asked t A small area for generating scandal, sin and noise? A small bird behind a boat A small depression gripping female member A small dose: A small drink at most to be taken regularly A small drink including minimum of table wine for starters A small drink of liquor A small fellow, perhaps, accepting one malicious remark A small goodbye?

A small hotel on Skye distributed fruit A small isle's in the drink, or one part of it A small one helps the ind A small one is white A small piece of wood - pine?

A small price to pay A small volume Rector revised is accepted as valid A smaller amount A smaller number A smart sort of chap putting beer on tap A smartypants may have a A smattering of A smoker might bum one A snip A snooty person picked up one small plant A social event creating fuss A social sci.

A soprano carrying line to other singers A sot he's not A sound defence aiding nightwatchman? A sound measure of the third man A source of extra heft a long time ago - before the Christian Era? Florida's First Magic Kingdom , showcase a life of leisure in old Florida. Picnic in the Park is a program where adults and families can simply relax on the lawns or try their hand at Victorian games, such as horseshoes, badminton, and croquet.

Interpreters are present in traditional Victorian costumes and there is live entertainment on the Center Stage. These presentations are given by characters talking about their experiences. Characters are based either wholly or in part on actual guests or staff of the hotel. Music in the Museum is a live music series, serving as a throwback to days when the hotel featured daily concerts. The museum occasionally holds antiques evaluations, similar to what you might see on Antiques Roadshow.

First Fridays is a program that occurs monthly, where admission to the museum is free, and visitors can enjoy a tasting table and live jazz music. The museum also hosts special exhibitions, in it is hosting Passionate Design: The Plant Museum is a part of the Tampa Downtown Partnership, which serves the downtown community through initiatives such as developing greater transportation to make downtown more accessible and keeping downtown clean.

The museum is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums. The hotel once featured many attractions, most located in what is now known as Plant Park. Today, as part of both the University of Tampa's campus and the museum's grounds, several can still be seen.

At the entrance to the park is the "Henry Bradley Plant Memorial Fountain," commissioned by Margaret Plant in after her husband's death. The fountain title is Transportation , and reflects Mr. Plant's system of trains and ships with carved representations of each on the sculpture. The fountain was carved from solid stone by George Grey Barnard , and is the oldest public art in the city of Tampa. It was completely conserved in Facing the Hillsborough River near the University of Tampa's library are two historic cannon from Fort Brooke , the early 19th century military post established around which Tampa developed.

The two guns are model iron pounder seacoast guns, and were originally part of a three-gun Confederate battery guarding Tampa Bay during the Civil War. On May 6, , a Union naval raiding party captured Fort Brooke and, before withdrawing the next day, disabled the three heavy cannon by blowing one trunnion off of each trunnions are the side projections on which cannon pivot to elevate or depress. This damage is still evident on the two Plant Park guns today.

In the s, Henry Plant moved two of the long-abandoned cannon from the site of the old fort to the grounds of his new Tampa Bay Hotel, placing them in a small earthwork revetment as a curiosity for the hotel's guests. Later the guns were placed on plinths made of coquina blocks. Recently Tampa's Rough Riders civic group remounted the Fort Brooke cannon on replica gun carriages in a new stone revetment in Plant Park.

The lost third Fort Brooke cannon was for many years a lawn decoration at Bayshore Boulevard, but was donated to a World War II scrap metal drive on October 9, Facing Kennedy Boulevard in Plant Park is another historic weapon, this one an impressive turn-of-the-century coast defense gun. It memorializes the important part Tampa played in the Spanish—American War , and symbolically points south towards Cuba.

The true story is a bit more complicated. The new gun is mounted on the top portion of a railway gun carriage dating from World War I rather than the "disappearing carriage" of the original Fort Dade weapon. Plant Park once housed a small zoo located along Biology Creek, a stream that runs down part of the park. The creek is fed from an underground spring that comes up beneath the hotel and empties a few hundred yards away into the Hillsborough River. In its heyday, the zoo contained a bear and an alligator , plus many smaller animals.

It was famous for its hundreds of squirrels and small lizards , which are still on campus. The bear and alligator were eventually moved up river and became the core attractions for what is now the Lowry Park Zoo. The creek's name derives from a later period in its history, when students from the university used its water to conduct various biology experiments.