We need football players. Let me tell you……Andrew had two days here on Falcon Lake that he will never ever forget. Give me a holler if you have a special spinnerbait ya wanna try out. Far too soon for me. Here is a look at the water graph…….

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Just got back from Vegas and had a terrific time with my Mom and Sister. Unfortunately I did not have any Mega Walrus luck on the green felt or on the one armed banditos. The summer is off to a terrific start……if you see an opening or 7 and some offshore Walrus hunting sounds fun give me a shout.

I would love to earn your business. And I hated to see him leave……. My folks had a great time along the border and Dad was able to fish a lot more this trip.

We laughed and giggled the whole trip. The fishing along the border continues to be pretty damn good……especially from a fish catching perspective. The three pics below are solid representations of what we are catching a lot of. Now listen, we are still catching our fair share of walruses too…….. And man I sure love this pic….. David was like a 7 year old on Christmas morning when we netted the fish below. Soooooo happy for him. Looking forward to showing those men a Falcon Lake whackfest.

Falcon is dropping and the fish love it. We have dropped about 6 feet in the last month or so and at the rate they are currently pulling I expect to drop another 6 feet. It happens every year and most years multiple times throughout the year…….

My best bite has changed since the dropping water as well. These fish have not seen a lure in months and are certainly eager to participate in biting. I am still catching plenty of fish offshore as well, but the vast majority are small 2 to 3 lb fish.

Is it fun to know when you chunk out there that you are gonna get bit? You bet it is and every now and again the 2 to 3 lber turns into something bigger. Falcon is only going to get better as the bass begin to fully commit to the offshore summer pattern. If your lakes shut down during the summer months shoot me an email and lets get a whackfest on the books. That fish hit I still get goosebumps thinking of the fight, the net, the scale, and the ensuing celebration.

Rusty also damn near landed in the MEGA walrus club as well with this 9 lber. Man I love me some Rusty and Ron……look up salt of the Earth and you will see a pic of these two. My new favorite pic of ? My girlies had a terrific spring break with Jaime and her parents in Florida……. As I have gotten older and two bad ass neck surgeries later…….

I pray and give thanks nightly for what my family and I have here in Zapata, TX. Flip Master Phil and Something About Mary rolled on down to the border and straight up whacked the fish. Mary had only caught 1 bass before today. She added about 40 to that number. Madison will probably grade it an F however. A summer to remember People ask me all the time….. Wind wind wind and Bassmaster magazine with a nice High Stakes Bassin plug The summer of will be remembered at least by me as the windiest period of time that I have seen since becoming a guide nearly 7 years ago.

Then there is my boy Ranger….. Man I love summer in South Texas. Bless his heart………he tries hard. Falcon Lake summer patterns in full swing….. If offshore structure fishing for MEGA walruses is your thing toss me an email, text, or call. And check out the handpay jackpot I hit……pleasant surprise.

Here are some other damn nice fish from the last couple of days on the water. Here are a few shots from Vegas including the view from my room at the Cosmo. States across the country well represented here on Falcon Lake, Texas.

See ya on the water. Falcon Lake Texas can be described using one word…. Justin may not be in that pic above, but he was with us and you can bet your ass on that. Here are some more fine Falcon Lake fish from the last couple of trips. I have never seen so many coyotes.

Decided to run the back up boat this afternoon. We have caught 40 fish in two hours and all but 2 were keepers. Having a great morning with my man Mr. Top water in the new flooded growth?!? Gooooooood morning from the Falcon Lake dam! What a terrific day to be alive and on the water with one of my favorite people on this planet. Fishing was awful, but no chance I could of had a better time.

I love me some Elmo and look …. Andrew breaks his personal best yet again. What an Epic battle. Last night we had a few new players and 2 of the 3 earned their seats at Finals next week!

Won the game earning his seat as well! Congrats to all 3 players for a game well played! There are now 29 Auto invitations for the Finals event next week Monday night. In the event that we exceed 30 Auto Invitations during tonight's game we will expand the table counts from 10 to 11 to ensure all auto invites will have the opportunity to play assuming everyone who has earned an invite accepts.

With it your last chance to get into finals if you haven't already! It was his first 1st place finish of the season. Also, Ernie finished 3rd place securing his seat at finals. Congratulations to both of them! Finally, "Welcome" to the several new players we had. Last night we Celebrated Courtney's B-Day. Jon SImmons took first place while Tom B. And newcomer Tim D. Last night Justin Y. Additionally, along with Justin, Jon S. It was a great game with good people!

See you next week for more poker fun! Sections of this page. Julio has always been funny about money. As a rookie, right after the draft, rookies are paid to sign sports cards. Upper deck, topps, whoever offers players so much money to sign x amount of cards. For whatever reason, Julio refused to sign his cards. Left fans holding worthless redemption cards as placeholders for whenever Julio decided to sign his cards.

It's something that has always been in the back of my mind regarding Julio. Despite Julio being my favorite falcon behind Matt Ryan, if he makes a big deal out of the contract he JUST signed, he should be traded to set an example that the franchise won't be held hostage. Matt, Freeman, and a laundry list of others have proven that the franchise takes care of it's players. If Julio wants to be greedy, let him do so elsewhere. Julio wants more money If he sits out of any mandatory training, trade him.

He just signed his deal. Get a first round pick and call it a day. Far too soon for me. The browns deserve more hype than we do. Until this team finds a way to make up for blowing the super bowl, they deserve nothing imo. Win the whole thing? Going back to sleep. They have to prove to me that they aren't the same weak and timid team of past years.

Until then, they'll be the same ole chokers they've always been. Well I pissed off a Taint radio host Miko 2. You need a hobby. Trying to destroy careers, based on lies, is reason enough to keep him in Seattle. We need football players.