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Ehm native mods ARE real mods. Cars will appear in the biome, with a swamp because replace witches in the game , but you can also get them if you use the egg to spawn witches witch spawn egg. Suggestions Problems with current creative inventory setup self. Want to add to the discussion? Inventory Tweaks For example, When I finish placing a stack of dirt, Inventory tweaks will check to see if I have any other stacks of dirt in my inventory and place that stack in the hotbar slot that the old dirt was in so that I can keep using dirt when the active stack depletes.

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MCPE two of the same item show in the hotbar instead of one. MCPE Annoying creative bug. MCPE duplicate items appear in hotbar. MCPE Inventory slots copy each other leaving less slots available. MCPE Placing items back in creative inventory makes you drop them. Phone - Android - LG G2. When you select any tem in the creative inventory, them duplicated in the hotbar.

MCPE Every time i put a item in the last slot, theres a duplicate of that item in another slot Resolved. MCPE two of the same item show in the hotbar instead of one Resolved.

MCPE inventory duplications Resolved. MCPE duplicate items appear in hotbar Resolved. Curse Help Register Sign In. Home Minecraft Forum Minecraft: Load these mods in BlockLauncher under the "manage addons" section. What are native mods? Native mods are real mods. They're how MCPE mods really work. Every mod you've ever used in MCPE is a native mod. Really it's unfortunate, because the only thing everyone knows is ModPE, and with ModPE currently being the main style of modding, mods are extremely limited and simple.

These mods are installed with custom dynamic libraries, but BlockLauncher allows an easy way to install them. Here are my native mods for MCPE. Last edited by Byteandahalf: Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Not native mods, but the REAL mods. I won't say nothing because possibly zhowei may be reading this. Ehm native mods ARE real mods.

But yes, scripts are poo. But java scripts are pretty good too and easiest to learn, so stop to criticize j. I think modpe is a good starter. But I agree, addons can be the best mods.

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