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Jon is indeed a Youngster and a Funster! Val Nolasco Half Marathon. Michael Hamilton Assistant Bean Counter Michael is excited to start his post-graduate career in the Scottish American realm of insurance. Who do you think will blink first?!! Diane came to BBA when she was in high school and worked just about every job in the office. It has helped many many people!

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I'm completely ecstatic to work with such a great team and for a progressive company like Scottish American. When I'm not at work I enjoy watching sports, reading new books or playing video games. Connoisseur of toilet paper. I am a big sports fan, Arkansas Razorbacks, St. I have a wonderful wife named Laura and a wonderful 4 year old daughter named Kenley.

I have been an underwriter in the insurance industry for 10 years. Loving life in Arkansas. I am excited for our Arkansas team to join the Scottish American family!

I am married and have two amazing sons. I love the outdoors and love summer, I would be perfectly content if it stayed summer year round. When he is not crunching numbers or digging through data, he is spending time with his wife, newborn son and dog Lucy. Completed bucket list items include traveling to Japan and skydiving; He also enjoys the outdoors, reading and working on his golf game.

Steve is an active CPA in the state of Texas. I'm the foreigner here straight from Brasil! Came as an Exchange Student and the rest is history.

Have been in the U. Now I am a Proud U. Citizen and married with two boys 9 and 8 Years Old. Looking forward to working with everyone. Jordan started his insurance career back in and has grown into a very strong producer over the years. He loves meeting with new clients or taking existing clients out for a round at his favorite golf course or to some of this favorite restaurants.

On his down time Jordan helps one of his good friends with his website development company. Leticia joined Scottish American in She is a true Mouseketeer at heart and enjoys Disney movie puns. Leticia has been in the insurance industry for 10 years. I started in June and am eager to watch the company grow. I am a huge baseball fanatic and love my two dogs. Luz recently joined Scottish American with a few years of insurance experience, but on the retail side. She is eager to learn more about commercial insurance, and the world of producing and underwriting.

Her interests outside of work include hiking, running with her dogs, and listening to different types of music.

I was born and raised in Walnut Creek, always making time to travel and see new places. As a certified Rescue Diver, Hawaii is by far my favorite place to visit. I'm easy going and always looking for new challenges, whether its learning to play a new instrument, a new dance move, or exploring new places with my dog Gunther. I guess you could call me a "jack of all trades".

She began her insurance career on the carrier side and in she joined the Scottish American team as a Commercial Lines Underwriter. Alison enjoys hiking, going to the beach, and spending time with her husband and son. I have been in the insurance industry for 17 years. I enjoy being active both mentally and physically in my free time. Activities such as backpacking, photography, live music, and travelling are at the top of my list.

I enjoy spending time surrounded by the people I love. I began working for Scottish American in I am married with three young children who keep me very busy with multiple sports. I have two pit bulls Rocky and Apollo. I am cultured, believe in the power of positivity and paying it forward. When I have downtime I love hot pilates, writing, and cooking. Never miss a football Sunday -Go Bears! Carl joined us in early after spending 6 years in the industry focusing mainly on contractors and real estate.

He loves to build new relationships with agents, golfing with agents and showing them what reliability is about. He also hates that Dallas does not show many Spurs games, but you can't win them all Carl has two young kids, boy and girl, that keep him on his toes.

He coaches his son's soccer team and tries to prevent his daughter from shopping like her mother. Carl and his family are excited to join the Scottish American family, but even more excited to work with all of his agents again.

I was born into insurance. My mom has been in the industry for over 25 years on the retail side so naturally I would fall into the trap at some point. I began my insurance journey on the retail side right out of college and after 2 long years decided the wholesale side might be more suited for me. I have been on the MGA side since Caleb has been in the Insurance Industry for over 10 years and has loved every minute of it. He has been on the retail and the wholesale side of the industry. He understands the importance of turning the quotes around quick.

Travis is always ready to When not working, Travis enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and two wonderful children He sometimes can be found on his horse pretending to be a cowboy. Chris started his insurance career in as a claims adjuster and jumped into the wholesale insurance world shortly thereafter. In late he joined the Jericho office and is happy to have a diverse book of business.

Chris is currently giving Steve G. Stephanie is so excited to be joining the Scottish American family! She is thrilled to be back on the West coast making the transition into insurance with such a great company. In her spare time she loves finding new walking trails, practicing yoga and spending time with her dog, Meeko. I do a lot of teamwork. When he is not making sure the beans are behaving as they do get out of sorts now and again he can be found reading a book, on the Long Beach boardwalk, rooting on his beloved Illini, or at the dojo Amanda has been working in the insurance industry since , and is excited to be part of the Scottish American family.

She is also supermom to Jaden, her rambunctious five year old boy, with whom she enjoys learning, exploring and growing. John is a young gun in the insurance industry. On top of pursuing a career in insurance he is currently working on his Bachelor's degree in school psychology at Mercy College. He is an avid sports fan who loves music and is big into fitness.

When he is not on the monday-friday work grind or when his nose isn't stuck in the books, he can be found outdoors hiking, playing softball or golfing. My name is Xiomara. My children mean the world to me. Each one with their own personalities and different in their own way. I am an animal lover, I own 2 cats and 2 dogs. I am a very loving person,I get along with everyone and I am a very hard worker and I also love to cook, bake, and read.

On my spare time I go to the library with my children. I have a really big family so there is always a family reunion. Al spends a lot of his spare time hacking up any golf course he can find and after 40 years finally got that elusive hole-in-one.

Alex joins Scottish America with 10 years of insurance experience. I enjoy spending time in the city, socializing, shopping, live music, etc. I enjoy watching sports, I'm a college football fan and I especially love baseball. Amanda has over two years of commercial insurance experience, beginning with a concentration in the social services industry.

She recently joined Scottish American in May of with hopes to master the art of transferring risk and producing business. Outside of insurance, Amanda enjoys anything involving food, IPAs, and live-music events not necessarily all at once, but that would be ideal. He told him he could be anything he wanted to be if he ate his vegetables and followed his dreams. Of course this advice inspired Andy to pursue a career in the insurance industry.

His most recent focus has been on high net worth personal and surplus lines. When he's not aggressively searching markets to find the best solution for your clients, you will find him chasing his rescue dog Enzo around the dog park or at the auto cross track trying to shave seconds off last weekend's lap time. Anthony has been in insurance for about 7 years wholesale. He started entering policies and now does anything from customer service, quoting and binding. With 10 years experience in insurance product sales, applying a strong expertise in agency development and contractors insurance underwriting, Anthony is a welcome addition to the underwriting team at Yates.

When Anthony is not busy chasing around his two year old son or spending time with his lovely wife, you will find him browsing Best Buy for the latest gadgets.

She is witty, funny and has NO choice but to share her Healthy snacks with her co-workers. Just go to Barbara with a plate and you can fill up. Barbara loves traveling and also loves spending quality time with her grandchildren.

Barbara would one day love to sell insurance in the Caribbean market with a drink by her side. Bryan has four years of insurance experience, first in mental health insurance and then working for wholesalers. When he's not sitting in front of a computer, Bryan enjoys reading, playing video games, and shooting his bow and arrow. Bryant Velazquez works in the Claims Department. Being a family man he enjoys riding dirt bikes and going on off-roading trips with his entire family.

In his down time you could find him perfecting his hopscotch,and partaking in tea parties with his two beautiful daughters. He cheers for the Cowboys and Lakers! He loves going to Disneyland and Glamis for vacation. How many Crafty, Polish and Smart people do you know? There have been many people along the years but as a "player agent" I enjoy meeting the needs of our customers request. Most of our agents have worked with me sense the early 90's and I treasure there conversations, shared history and humor.

Having an appreciation for claims and loss runs - you think you have the most unusual claim and then one more surprising comes after it.

It is a treat to work with all our company representatives and to learn all the different ways of working with SLA in each State. I take pleasure in caring for others at work, home and on a social basis. Chantel is a graduate from California Lutheran University with a B. When she's not at work being a Service Ninja with the fastest and best customer service known to humankind, she loves to play guitar, go to the beach, try out new random coffee shops, and foster a wonderful random sock collection.

Christian started in the Insurance business by coincidence back on He works in the Commercial Auto Department. She was captured by the insurance world in early She has discovered a great interest in the Professional Lines sector and enjoys a good challenge of finding a home for all risks submitted.

In the very little spare time left after tending to all her grown up responsibilities, you can find her shopping her second favorite topic, naturally , spending quality time with the family, diving into crafty projects, getting her fix at the coffee shop and recently, traveling to wherever the wind takes her..

Cory is new to Scottish American and is thrilled to be a part of the team. As a graduate of Chico State, he loves anything that involves the outdoors. If I am not playing golf or mountain biking on the weekends, you can find me relaxing and spending time with family. Cristian graduated with a B. When he isn't busy evaluating, building and improving the IT tools used across our business, you can find him riding his bicycle around Los Angeles or attempting to learn how to make a decent meal.

Dana joined Yates as an Associate and has been working in the insurance industry for the last three years. She has studied English Literature and Classics at university and enjoys running, reading, and spending time with her Husband. Danielle has 10 years experience in the insurance industry. She would love to spend her days on the beaches of the Dominican Republic but unfortunately she would burn and look like a lobster! She is a mother of two who enjoys spending time with her family at amusement parks and just having some plain old fun.

Deashawn started in the insurance industry on the carrier side over seven years ago writing umbrella policies. He's written so many excess policies, he's able to recite SIC codes in his sleep. Throughout the years he has built relationships with many retailers and wholesalers as a marketing manager.

In his free time, he enjoys watching television, running, and working out. Diane came to BBA when she was in high school and worked just about every job in the office. She continued to work through college and landed in the accounting department which was perfect for her talents. She is extremely well organized and handles all challenges with grace and speed. Eberardo Treto, aka Barney, has been with the company since Always eager to learn, he has explored different positions within the company and is currently an Underwriting Assistant for the Long Island team.

With his humor and knowledge he will be looking forward to working with you. Elie is from Orange, CA. He enjoys going to the gym, and also having a good time in general. He is a hard and dedicated worker who excels in everything he does. Elie is a friendly and helpful person. She has been in the industry for over 6 years and is definitely an insurance fanatic; always looking for better coverage and lower premiums for her agents.

In her past life, she was a bartender and roller derby girl so she knows how to play hard, but works even harder. Most of her time is spent cranking out quotes in the office, but she loves relaxing at the beach or the golf course on the weekends.

New addition to the Scottish Mexican American Family. Jaime is an adventurous dude who enjoys the outdoors. Loves to pop'off a few rounds at the shooting range. Ready to take on any challenge! Loves the phrase "I'd rather be fishing". Jessie has been a part of the Yates team for over 7 years. She enjoys working in our accounting department.

Apparently on her free time she loves to clean her home really? Spending as much time with my family is really important….. Jim has been in the insurance industry for 11 years and has held nearly every position; from underwriting to owning his own firm. Jimmy left his auto claims cubicle to join us here and never looked back. You can find him looking for the best slice of pizza. Johnnie is new to the world of insurance but no stranger to quickly adapting to ever-changing conditions.

His second combat tour to the sand box was short lived but went out with a bang. Four years and thirty surgeries later, he is constantly seeking out new challenges to crush and opportunities to inspire those around him. He enjoys golfing, quoting movies, skydiving, scuba-diving, exercising, volunteering, public speaking and especially his giant schnauzer, Argos. Jon has been an accomplished underwriter for 8. Jon is indeed a Youngster and a Funster!

Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. Choice, not chance, determines your destiny. Josephine started in insurance 10 years ago in the Personal lines and has worked primarily with Scottsdale during that time. In her spare time, she likes to play games on her computer and spend time with her husband and children.

She enjoys visiting the casino in Atlantic City NJ. Josh entered the insurance industry in and worked every position from receptionist to vice president.

He is an insurance nerd, often found late at night to be reviewing insurance forms, regulations, and quotes only to be awakened at 3am by nightmares about deductibles and exclusions. Underwriting and providing superior service are things he is passionate about. So is finding deals on Amazon.

And the Dallas Cowboys. His family even has a dog named Romo. But what he lives for is spending time with his awesome family. From Mexico with love, Juan worked in the food industry, starting as a prep in a fancy Mexican restaurant in Soho, and moving up every position at various high and low end bars and restaurants for 10 years, before moving to the insurance business.

That's why he only offers the best costumer service, and has learned to laugh and take work, not himself seriously. He loves traveling with his wife, motorcycles, food, shoes, and his friends think he's a beer snob. Go ahead, exchange a binder for a beer with him. She enjoys traveling the world and hopes to live abroad part time in Mexico one day soon.

Some of her favorite things do do include taking her Italian Greyhounds for long walks, cooking with her husband while drinking red wine, tackling tough cake recipes, practicing her Spanish, and doing at home Pilates workouts. She also loves binders: Katie was born and raised in Chicago. She spent sometime in Los Angeles before migrating north to San Francisco where she began her insurance career assisting Jon Uyeyama in Kevin is excited to be a new member of the Scottish American family!

He is a very adventurous individual who loves to travel and try foods from all cultures. A die hard broncos fan, he also enjoys playing sports and staying active during his free time. Kiet graduated from Stanford University and then embarked on a career in the finance world before moving to Thomson Reuters, where he was in charge of customer analytics. He runs, a lot and fast, for no particular reason — just like Forrest Gump.

Kiet heads our Vietnamese businesses underwriting team as he speaks it fluently. Kimberlee has been with Yates since Starting as the receptionist, then in 5 short months moved on up to the accounting department. When she is not at work, she enjoys spending time with Family and Friends. It would not be surprising to find her at the local Starbucks she is a coffee fiend! She Loves the color Red and loves a wide Variety of Music.

She started rating policies and worked her way up to be an underwriter. Lisa enjoys coming to work and being part of the personal lines family. Lisa looks forward to a challenge and likes to learn new things.

Lisa is proud of her son Vincent who is the light of her life. Louis is working at Scottish American while simultaneously pursuing a degree in International relations.

Speaking of books, he should really get back to work on that thriller he has been working on for the last couple of years. LuAnn landed in personal lines department after working as a underwriter for another company. Her experience has been an asset to her department handling new business, endorsements and whatever else they need.

LuAnn is a team player and at home the captain of the team to her two girls Madison and Ashley. She enjoys coming to work and is very happy here at Scottish American. Maria is an Underwriting Assistant, joined Yates in as part of the policy issuance support team; however, being the fast learner that she is, she quickly joined the Underwriting Assistant department and is a valuable member of our team.

She enjoys helping our agents in any way she can and is very creative at does servicing all of their policy needs. Matt is new to the industry, but comes in with a great attitude and a willingness to succeed.

When not at work, you can find Matt with his two sons playing disc golf, baseball, spinning records, or just goofing off. An avid sports nut, Matt is a die-hard Giants, Kings, and Niners fan, and is training his boys in the fine art of yelling at the TV so the players and officials can here them. During her 12 years in insurance, Maureen has worn many hats.

Her roles to date include underwriting assistant, compliance, marketing, communications, a stint in IT and advocating for support staff. She is unofficially known as "Gal Friday". Maureen's diverse background and versatility led to her new role in Operations. She is excited to be a part of the team responsible for the fuel that makes the machine run. When she is not working, Maureen enjoys traveling to new places and checking items off her bucket list.

Mike is a truly curious individual and loves to know what others do not. As a result, he can tell you the origin of the Dum Dums mystery flavor and a variety of other useless bits of information-courtesy of the History Channel. An extreme connoisseur of comedy, you can often find him in the audience of one of Hollywood's several comedy clubs.

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