London synagogue honors Ponzi scammer at Sabbath services

If you make a winning combination, the balloons in that combination will blow up and the balloons below will move into the empty spots. Wilds help you to get longer lines, and bonus symbols will unlock the bonus games of free spins with possibly extra sticky wilds. And thanks to the generosity of our donors several years ago, we installed a gas cook stove so we can cook and have — thank heavens, again — hot coffee during the outage. You can even set the paylines yourself, from 5 to 10 to The Job Fair is an excellent opportunity for job seekers and local employers to connect. This page was last edited on 29 September , at Turn your event into a circus or a carnival with clowns, stilt walkers, jugglers, magicians, face painting, carnival games, cotton candy, and more.

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How better to mark a special day than with a parade? Whether marching down Main Street or around a local racetrack, holding a Cancer Survivors Parade is a great way to involve your community in honoring local cancer survivors, as well as bring much-needed attention to cancer survivorship issues. Your parade can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. Survivors can carry flags or banners.

A local marching band can march and play along your parade route. You can even hold a parade float contest. Survivors make quilt squares that represent their cancer journey, and all the squares are later sewn together to create a Quilt of Hope, which can be displayed at your cancer center. Host a swing dance, complete with a local swing band and swing dancers.

Provide some basic swing dance lessons, and then crank up the music so everyone can show off their new moves. Host a casino-themed event where guests can take their turn at the roulette wheel or play slots, poker, or blackjack. Give out tokens for play that can later be redeemed for prizes. Check out our Merchandise Catalog for prize ideas.

Hold a candle-lighting ceremony or candle procession to honor cancer survivors. This is a great theme for events held at churches or synagogues. Let your guests sit back and relax at a spa-themed event. You can hold your event at a local spa, or create a spa atmosphere at your cancer center. Play soothing music, turn down the lighting, and let guests enjoy spa treatment demos. Offer makeovers and skin care and makeup tips.

You can even have someone on hand to talk about massage therapy or the importance of relaxation for cancer survivors. See our Speakers Bureau Roster for help finding a topical keynote speaker. Maybe even encourage participants to come dressed up as their future selves. Guest speakers can talk about treatment advances and offer a glimpse into the future of cancer survivorship. A Red Carpet Celebration. With this event theme, the survivors are the stars.

Hold an awards banquet complete with a red carpet entrance, valet parking, and paparazzi on hand to take photos. You can even encourage participants to dress up as their favorite celebrity.

Give out awards to survivors, caregivers, and even medical staff. Some ideas include youngest survivor, best celebrity costume, most years of cancer survivorship, and hardest working nurse. Everyone can channel their inner Gloria Gaynor at this disco-themed event.

Break out the disco ball, the bell-bottoms, and your best John Travolta moves. Set the mood with French-inspired decorations, music, and food. Have your volunteers wear berets and refer to guests as madame or monsieur. Enlist a mime artist to provide entertainment. Get your body moving with a physical fitness event. Encourage celebrants to wear workout gear so they can participate in a group Zumba, yoga, Pilates, or kickboxing class.

Invite a guest speaker to offer tips on exercise and healthy living during and after cancer treatment. Check out this blog post for more ideas. Joining Hands in the Fight Against Cancer. Create a mural of handprints labeled with names, years of survivorship, and handwritten messages of encouragement, which can later be displayed in your hospital or treatment center.

Host a talent show where survivors, caregivers, and medical staff can register to perform. Video the event to give to attendees as a memento. Host a garden or floral-themed event. An ideal location would be your local botanical gardens or a garden on hospital grounds. You can also plant trees or dedicate a garden to honor survivors. Give out flower seed packets as souvenirs. Set sail on a grand adventure with this pirate-themed event. Have guests don their best swashbuckling garb and hand out treasure maps leading guests to food tables, information booths, craft tables, and hidden prizes.

Get guests giggling with clowns, a humorous speaker, a local improv troupe, laughter yoga, or anything else you can think of that will tickle their funny bones. Stock up on wacky masks, oversized sunglasses, wild wigs, and other novelty accessories to use as props for a photoshoot. Your guests can look back at their silly photos and remember the fun they had at your event. Decorate your venue to look like an island — tiki torches, coconuts, inflatable palm trees, a bonfire.

Scavenger hunts, relay races, obstacle courses, limbo, and hula hoop contests are all great ideas. Hold your event at an art museum, host an art therapy workshop, or set up craft stations at your event space. You could even turn your venue into an art gallery and display artwork and photography created by survivors.

Hold your event at a baseball field or attend a local ballgame where survivors are recognized. Request to honor survivors by walking the bases. Have kids in Little League uniforms serving popcorn, peanuts, and cotton candy. You could even invite a professional baseball player or team mascot to participate and take pictures with survivors. This theme can be easily modified to fit with various other sports. All you need for this theme is ice cream. You can host a homemade ice cream contest, set up a create-your-own sundae bar, or cater in treats from a local scoop shop.

A barbershop quartet would provide the cherry on top for this old-fashioned ice cream social. Include performances by local musicians, set up a karaoke stage, or host a workshop on music therapy.

The options are endless. An Elvis impersonator would really shake things up! Leis, palm trees, Hawaiian dancers, and tropical food create the backdrop for this fun celebration. NEWS Woman arrested after allegedly attacking ex-boyfriend's girlfriend with brass knuckles: Occidental Observer Spoiler alert: The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: Paul Craig Roberts Roberts argues that the Holocaust we should be concerned with is the one being pushed by the crazy Zionist neocons who have hijacked our foreign policy.

Unz Review This lengthy article by Ron Unz discusses the history of Holocaust revisionism and the banning of Holocaust denial by many countries. Carolyn Yeager from Carolyn Yeager. Slate The Happy Merchant look-alike lawyer obviously expects to cash in.

New York Times So the creepy porn lawyer dug up some Jewish lady who says she frequented gang rape parties organized by pimp-master Kavanaugh. Are you going with this? Take the kids shooting this weekend. Was the P2 Masonic Order involved?

Brett Cavanaugh, Tom T. Hall, and Mark Dankof: From Russian Faith Romans 1: Duke had Pastor Mark Dankof for the hour.

They discussed the circus surrounding the smear attack against Justice Bruce Kavanaugh. How is it that a woman who a week ago could not remember what happened to her while she lay drunk on a dormitory floor is suddenly sure that Kavanaugh was exposing himself to her? Well, a week of talking to a Jewish lawyer can bring out all sorts of memories, goy. From the Institute for Historical Review An unusual public service ad by the Institute for Historical Review at two San Francisco transit stations has generated wide media attention.

Mark is the director of the California-based Institute for Historical Review IHR , a publishing house that dares to sell books that express points of view that some people consider bad.

On Monday, he admitted in court to stealing the money in Ponzi schemes, many involving members of the same synagogue. David, 49, used his standing within the community to scam his victims by selling them fake investments while he was managing director at wealth management company HBFS Financial Services, The Jewish Chronicle reported Wednesday.

He transferred the money into his own account and used it to fund his lavish lifestyle and gambling addiction. Israel closes Gaza crossing to fuel shipments in response to arson balloons August 2, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman issued the order for the Kerem Shalom crossing on Wednesday after the flying firebombs sparked seven fires. Food, medicine and humanitarian aid will still be permitted to pass into Gaza. Kerem Shalom is the only crossing for commercial goods and the main crossing for humanitarian aid between Israel and Gaza.

The crossing was closed to all but humanitarian aid at the beginning of July, and partially opened last week after the number of incendiary kites and balloons launched toward Israel significantly decreased. That number has risen dramatically in recent days.

The judge, George Daniels, said the legal standard was much tougher than it is for defamation. So I have some sensitivity around why people have concerns and gripe especially when they sort of feel targeted. Why is Israeli 'nation-state' law so much of a big deal? Thu Aug 2, The so-called "Basic Law" gives only Jews the right to self-determination. Political analysts believe the legislation puts another nail in the coffin of peace with the Palestinians and discards any pretense of democracy in Israel.

Backed by its allies, namely Iran and Russia, the Syrian government has stepped up its gains against foreign-backed Takfiri terrorist groups on several fronts. Syrian president praises armed forces for sacrifices in battle against terrorism Wed Aug 1, Israel must explain seizure of Gaza-bound boat Wed Aug 1, The Israeli navy intercepted the vessel al-Awda Return some 60 nautical miles off the coast in international waters on Sunday. The captain was struck on the head by the forces, who had ordered him to sail to the coastline of the Israeli-occupied territories instead, said Torstein Dahle, the head of Ship to Gaza Norway, which had organized the trip.

The ministry said that its diplomatic mission in Israel was trying to secure the release of five Norwegians who were sailing on board the vessel among 22 others. Two Israelis on board were, however, quickly released. Mon Jul 30, Analysts believe that there are many reasons for the American support of an Arab military union styled on a Western alliance like NATO.

In that respect, Trump has squeezed hundreds of billions of dollars out of Arab monarchs for weapons they neither need, nor possess the expertise to use. By inking an arms deal worth over USD billion, Trump has invariably expanded the longstanding military ties between Riyadh and Washington even further.

Israeli navy intercepts Norwegian-flagged Gaza-bound ship Sun Jul 29, Photo by AFP The Israeli navy has intercepted a Norwegian-flagged ship with activists on board as it was approaching the shores of the besieged Gaza Strip to deliver humanitarian relief to the inhabitants of the impoverished enclave.

He said the committee had lost contact with the flotilla members. According to the Freedom Flotilla Coalition, a second boat of the flotilla, the Swedish-flagged Freedom, is expected to arrive in the same area in the next couple of days.

Back in late May , an Israeli raid on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, comprising six civilian ships, killed 10 Turkish activists in high seas and sent the Ankara-Tel Aviv ties into a tailspin.

Yadlin added that Daesh was taking advantage of recent attacks by Israel against the Syrian government positions and was trying to help escalate the situation between Israel and Syria. In its most recent show of sympathy for the adversary groups fighting the Syrian government, Israel sent around buses to southern Syria earlier this week to evacuate members of the so-called White Helmets, a group which Damascus has designated as a terrorist organization.

Israel's Lieberman admits Assad back in charge in Syria