SARS Capital Gains Tax Calculator

Thanks for your comments. In most cases, the effectively connected pension distribution will be fully taxable in the United States, so you must enter it on line 17b. Oh great, thanks so much for the prompt and clear response. Include a statement showing the full amount you received and the amount you received as a nominee. Sponsored by RSAWeb rss. With regards to this statement: Return to FAQs 8.

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In case of a returned direct debit Lottoland may reject the acceptance of further payments. Lottoland is entitled to transfer claims against a Player, including possible additional but appropriate fees to a collection agency. Any third party bank and payment processing charges and fees are borne by the Player and Lottoland is entitled to debit the Player Account accordingly. This also applies to foreign exchange charges. The Player has to state their player number with all bank transfers.

In case a payment to Lottoland from a Player Account of a Player is ceased, interrupted, returned or for any other reasons not finalised or in case that such payment is cancelled afterwards or theft or fraud is obvious in this regard, Lottoland shall be entitled to debit the relevant amounts including possibly existing additional fees imposed to Lottoland.

The Player can directly withdraw funds that constituted Winnings under the My Transactions section. In order to mitigate money laundering and fraud, funds from unspent deposits can only be withdrawn by contacting Customer Support. Under no circumstances will a Player be able to withdraw any bonus funds in their Player Account. A Player can only withdraw funds to a bank account in the name of the Player Account holder.

The credited amount deposited by the Player and the payable credit balance on the Player Account respectively are held in a bank account in the name of Lottoland and are not subject to any particular escrow or mechanisms for protection in the event of insolvency.

This does not apply to Players residing in the United Kingdom, where Player funds are held in a separate account. All Player Funds of UK resident Players will be held in accounts separate from business accounts but they would form part of the assets of the business in the event of insolvency. These accounts may include bank accounts, investment accounts and other accounts.

Lottoland is entitled to debit the Player Account with appropriate expenses which refer to the costs incurred by Lottoland because of the execution of assignments from a Player or the execution of an order. Winnings are tax-free or non-taxable in many countries. The Player is primarily responsible for correct payment of taxes, duties and levies. Lottoland shall be entitled to deem a Player Account as inactive if more than one year has passed since the last stake transaction of the Player.

Lottoland will notify the Player once their account is deemed as inactive. Lottoland is entitled to use the account balance at their discretion including, and not exclusive of, a donation to a charitable organisation.

UK Players only A Player Account still deemed as inactive 28 days after the notification incurs a monthly administrative fee of 5. Lottoland is entitled to deduct this monthly administrative fee in its sole discretion until there is a new stake transaction on the Player Account. The monthly administrative fee only applies to Player Accounts with a balance.

Rights of Lottoland 5. Lottoland shall be entitled to suspend the relevant Player Accounts and Players from the use of the Website with immediate effect, if Lottoland believes that a Player does not meet the requirements named in these Terms and Conditions.

In addition, Lottoland shall be entitled to suspend the relevant Player Accounts and Players from the use of the Website, if Lottoland believes that: During the period of any suspension of a Player Account the Player will be prevented from accessing or using their Player Account; in addition, Lottoland may investigate the event that gave rise to the suspension and Lottoland will be entitled but shall not be obliged to require that the relevant Player provides all such identification documents as Lottoland reasonably requires.

Should Lottoland determine that such a breach has not occurred, the suspension of the Player Account will be brought to an end. If Lottoland terminates a Player's use of the Website for any other reason, Lottoland will notify the relevant Player by email using the email address provided to Lottoland. Players may inform themselves with respect to Winnings on their Player Accounts on the Website. Information about Winnings can be provided in any currency.

Lottoland is authorised to in its sole discretion authorise EU Lotto to void the relevant Bets or Instant Win Games, if any of the following occur: Lottoland is only obliged to credit Winnings to a Player Account or comply with instructions from a player to pay Winnings into a bank account in accordance with clause 4. For Winnings in any Prize Category or Instant Win Game, EU Lotto may require additional documents such as certified copies of a proof of identity and address, regardless of whether such proof was provided to Lottoland previously.

All requested and required documents must be provided by the Player no later than 12 weeks after the date of the draw of the relevant Game or the Winnings shall be forfeit. Other Rights Lottoland reserves the right, i.

Lottoland may withhold payment of Winnings until any such matter has been solved entirely. Website, Links and Banners 8. Lottoland reserves the right to make changes or corrections to, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the Website and the content or services or products available through it.

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Players are permitted to print and download extracts from this Website only for their personal reference, and only provided that i.

Privacy Policy Lottoland meets all statutory requirements with respect to the personal data of Players. The Privacy Policy shows more details in respect of the use and storage of the personal information. Bets on lotteries EU Lotto will accept Bets placed with it by Lottoland on behalf of the Player, if instructions to place those Bets have been actioned by the Player and those Bets have been placed with it by Lottoland.

Any reference in this section of the Terms and Conditions to a Player shall mean a Player acting through Lottoland as their intermediary.

EU Lotto is not a lottery operator. At least one Bet per Virtual Play Slip has to be filled in. In a Combo Bet, all possible combinations of the selected numbers are considered Normal Bets. Only the first player to choose the NumberShield option for a particular set of numbers will be entitled to the NumberShield. Only one player may enable NumberShield for a particular combination.

Stakes for Duration Bets will be debited by pre-payment at the beginning of the relevant duration for all relevant draws for the selected duration. Depending on the selected EU Lotto game the player may select a renewal period from 1 to 52 weeks. After this Subscription period has elapsed the Bets are renewed automatically for the selected period for withdrawal, if no notice of cancellation was received via the Player Account.

The cancellation of a Subscription must be received by Stakes for following Duration Bets will be debited by pre-payment for every following period for withdrawal.

The period for withdrawal encloses only the next draw date. The deadline for participating in a draw is determined for each respective draw, and will be posted on the Website. Valid Bets will be placed on the next relevant draw that takes place, provided that they are placed before the respective deadline and provided that the Player has not selected something else on purpose. The deadline will be displayed on the Website.

It is up to the Player to ensure that instructions are given to place the Bet before the relevant deadline. For the avoidance of doubt, instructions to place or the apparent placement of a Bet after the start of a specific draw or a draw that has actually occurred will not be valid, irrespective of any automatic confirmation, that may be generated via email or the Website, or irrespective of a wrong deadline displayed on the Website.

If a lottery draw does not take place or no draw result is published or officially announced, all valid Bets on that draw will stand for the rescheduled draw or, if there is none, the next available relevant draw. EU Lotto endeavours to ensure that all the jackpot values for lotteries offered on the Website are correct, but assumes no responsibility for errors contained in such information. EU Lotto estimates the amount of future jackpots using certain assumptions, such as the current or future jackpot being won or rolled over, but is not liable for false assumptions, calculations or forecasts.

Instead of using financial instruments to guarantee the payout of the jackpots and Winnings offered on the Website, EU Lotto may also purchase actual entries into underlying lotteries on behalf of the Player. EU Lotto may require winners for such entries to collect prizes directly from the Underlying Lottery Operator. In the event that Winnings for such entries incur any taxes, duties or levies, these are to be borne by the Player.

Under no circumstances EU Lotto shall have any obligation to pay the Player an amount an Underlying Lottery Operator may fail to pay the Player in connection with any Winnings for such entries. Winnings for Bets on lotteries EU Lotto calculates the Winnings for each Bet. EU Lotto calculates the Winnings in a Type A Prize Category on the basis of the amount of aggregate stakes published by the Underlying Lottery Operator as well as the distribution to that Jackpot Prize Category or on the basis of the jackpot published on the Website of the Underlying Lottery Operator for that Prize Category of the relevant draw of the Underlying Lottery.

Step 1 — Calculation of the number of shares: Allowed costs after 1 October If so, please enter it here: R You can enter a value if it was published in the Government Gazette outside of those dates e. South African-listed shares or participatory interests in collective investment schemes. There are two basic requirements which must be met before a home may be considered a primary residence, namely: Ok, then no need to calculate Capital Gains Tax! A wide meaning is given to the term "disposal".

The following are some examples of events that are disposals: The sale of an asset Donation of an asset The loss or destruction of an asset Change of use - from business use to personal. Certain assets for example personal-use assets do not attract CGT. Maybe your asset is one of the below: Boats not exceeding ten metres in length and aircraft having an empty mass of kilograms or less which are personal-use assets.

There are several different factors to explore, including where you are playing, whether you played online, tax on interest, and tax if you gift money to friends or family. However, there are some nations where winners are charged tax. Get details on their specific tax rates in the table below:. Lottery prizes won in Canada are paid tax-free. Players may then face further taxes, depending on the state where they bought their ticket. S Virgin Islands, Washington State and Wyoming — do not charge state tax on lottery winnings, there is a state withholding everywhere else.

South African lottery prizes are not taxable, so anyone who wins a big jackpot on a game such as South Africa Lotto, South Africa Powerball or South Africa Pick 3 will not face deductions on their initial lump sum.