FTB Presents Sky Factory 3-1.10.2-3.0.15

This can explain the bug where networks don't revalidate certain parts in the network after reconstruction due to other parts clashing with them. Ender quarry special dimension now allows sun light to prevent chunk corruption. Views View Edit History. The title of the written book. Leather armor can be colored, and all items can have custom display names and lore. Armor is a type of item which is wearable by the player, i. An item in the inventory, includes the Slot tag - slots are numbered 0 to 26, inclusive.

Configuration Changes

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Allowed Chiseled Armor to work with Galacticraft. Added the Ring of the Flying Squid. Disabled creative ender pearl code that was not behaving properly. Disabled sky lighting in deep dark. Changed the recipe for the Angel Ring. Tweaked deep dark generation so it gives less ores. Chunks generated by the ender quarry should now have proper sky lighting values. Ender quarry special dimension now allows sun light to prevent chunk corruption.

Added minor crash protection to the Quantum Quarry's world gen. Added a null check to prevent a crash related to Transfer Nodes. Fixed incorrect localization for Golden Lasso creatures. Fixed a Crafter crash with unusual recipes. Fixed flying rings not working on servers.

Fixed various problems with energy transfer. Fixed a crash when Mekanism isn't loaded. Fixed the mod not loading when SonarCore is present. Animal Nets were acting funky when in Creative mode, so now if you use a net it just creates a new net with your captured chicken. Feather Pulp Feather Pad Added new recipes: Finished other upgrades for machines If you hid the old placeholder items in jei Updated the inventory system Hatchery eggs can be turned back into normal eggs.

All Tile entities now have sided inventories, extract from bottoms, insert from top and sides. You can fill the fertilizer mixer and generator from your hands without going into the inventory now. Just right click with a bucket. Updated most blocks to now have JEI support with its custom recipes. Applied proper icons and registering of the tile entities for jei.

Fixed a crash related to the fertilizer mixer and its tile entity. Crashes happened on world reloading. Fixed the fertilizer mixer not accepting manure, but you still can't place a hopper underneath it and pull from the output slots. The mod now avoids chunk updates when updating redstone writer signal. This also reduces the number of neighbours that get triggered to the absolute minimum.

Made the list get and head operators throw out-of-bounds error and add safe variant. Previously, the 'get' operator would simply return the default value of the value type if the index was out of bounds. This caused too many issues, in cases where the list type was 'any' for example. Some implementations were done using hashCode, which could result in clashes for non-equal objects. This could lead to non-equal objects being evicted from collections such as sets. This can explain the bug where networks don't revalidate certain parts in the network after reconstruction due to other parts clashing with them.

Fixed parts not being removed from network when alternatively broken. Fixed collidable components crashing when the part container was not found. Fixed part GUIs not being openable after the network regained power. Fixed a crash when retrieving a non-existing entity value client-side. Fixed variable stored contents sometimes not being synced with network. Fixed format errors on some logic programmer symbols.

Fixed an infinite loop when Delayer capacity is set to 0. Fixed a crash when reading entity inventories in the nether.

Fixed a client crash when reconnecting cables using a wrench. Fixed the Squeezer inventory hash not resetting when height was updated. This fixes the problem where IT item transfer was sometimes delayed for insertion into the Squeezer. Fixed an incorrect offhand handling when wrenching. Fixed the generator animation not stopping when finished. Fixed display panels causing unnecessary chunk rerenders. This fixes randomly inactivated parts. Fixed a crash when interfaces inventory tiles were incorrectly being removed.

They are now grouped with villagers on mob radar. These effects are added to the default effect under the Potion tag if present. In addition the color can be overridden with the CustomPotionColor tag. Leather armor can be colored, and all items can have custom display names and lore. Various tooltips can also be hidden. Both book and quill and written book use the tag tag to store information about the book.

Only written books store the title , author , and generation of the book; pages is stored in both varieties. Heads of the player variety can be associated with a specific username to take on the skin of that player when placed. The hand-held item is also updated with the new skin. Within this section, the "owner" of a head means the player whose head it is a copy of, and a player whose inventory contains a head is called the "holder".

Fireworks use the tag tag to store information about their effects. Armor stands and spawn eggs may contain potential entity data. Debug sticks use the NBT to save the block state to edit for each block. Version of the player NBT structure.

Is increased with every new snapshot and release. The dimension the player is in. Other values are interpreted as 0. The game mode of the player. The Score displayed upon death. The selected hotbar slot of the player. Data of the item currently being held by the player, excluding the Slot tag.

The coordinates of the player's bed. These tags are only removed if the player attempts to respawn with no valid bed to spawn at at these coordinates. They are unaffected by breaking beds at these coordinates, and are unaffected by the player's death.

The number of ticks the player had been in bed. The value of the hunger bar; 20 is full. The level shown on the XP bar. The total amount of XP the player has collected over time; used for the Score upon death. The seed used for the next enchantment in enchantment tables. Each compound tag in this list is an item in the player's inventory.

An item in the inventory, includes the Slot tag. See Item Structure below. Each compound tag in this list is an item in the player's slot ender chest inventory.

An item in the inventory, includes the Slot tag - slots are numbered 0 to 26, inclusive. The abilities this player has. The walking speed, always 0. The flying speed, always 0. The root entity that the player is riding.

The NBT data of the root vehicle. The entity that is on the player's left shoulder. Will always display as a parrot. The entity that is on the player's right shoulder. Contains a JSON object detailing recipes the player has unlocked. See Recipe Book Data values. Number of items stacked in this inventory slot. Any item can be stacked, including tools, armor, and vehicles. Range is to Values of 1 are not displayed in-game.

Values below 1 are displayed in red. The inventory slot the item is in. If not specified, Minecraft changes the item to stone when loading the chunk or summoning the item.

Additional information about the item, discussed more in the subsections of the item structure section. This tag is optional for most items. The damage value for this item. The only blocks this item may break when used by a player in adventure mode. Determines which blocks that blocks with this tag can be placed against in adventure mode. Block entity NBT tags which are applied when this block is placed.

See Block Entity Format. Excludes x, y, z, and id tags. Contains enchantments on this item that affect the way the item works. The name of the enchantment. The level of the enchantment, where 1 is level 1. Contains enchantments for enchanted books. A stored enchantment, identical structure to each enchantment in Enchantments. Number of enchantment levels to add to the base level cost when repairing, combining, or renaming this item with an Anvil. Contains Attribute Modifiers on this item which modify Attributes of the wearer or holder if the item is not in the hand or armor slots, it will have no effect.

A single Attribute Modifier. The name of the Attribute this Modifier is to act upon. Slot the item must be in for the modifier to take effect. See Attribute Modifiers for info. Amount of change from the modifier. Uppermost bits of the modifier's UUID. Lowermost bits of the modifier's UUID. The custom potion effects status effects this potion or tipped arrow has. A potion getting its effects from this tag will be named "Water Bottle".

A tipped arrow will be named "Arrow of Splashing". One of these for each effect. The numeric ID of the effect. The amplifier of the effect, with level I having value 0. Negative levels are discussed here. Optional, and defaults to level I.

The duration of the effect in ticks. Values 0 or lower are treated as 1. Optional, and defaults to 1 tick. Optional, and defaults to false. Due to a bug, it has no effect on splash potions.

Optional, and defaults to true. The name of the default potion effect. This name differs from the status effect name. For example, the value for an "Instant Health II" potion is "minecraft:

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