1974(?) Epiphone Casino (pic heavy!)

They have absolutely nothing in common with the Epiphone Riviera's and Casinos that preceded it or any of those same models that followed it. West Coast Idea , vlxerdon , s5tuart and 1 other person like this. Albert King can blow Eddie Van Halen off the stage with his amp on standby The original humbucker pickups, still crankin' Search in titles only Search in Electric Guitars only Search.

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Some were called Casinos, some Rivieras, and a variety of model numbers seem to have been used for what appears to be the identical guitar.

I came across one catalog listing from that era with the same guitar called a "T There's a three year gap in the book, but then in the EA appears to have been replaced by the EA no price listed.

By , no "Electric Acoustic" models are listed, although the September 1, pricelist shows 2 Emperors, a Sheraton, Casino and Riviera, heralding the move out of the dark age of Epi into the modern era of quality-made products.

I don't think those Matsumoku era model numbers meant much. I'm not really a big fan of the EA guitars anyhow. I kind of dig the ET's though. If so, I love mine-- the model number on mine a model is actually T From '72 on it was redesignated as the EA Mine also has a blue Kalamazoo, Michigan label in the body, even though it was actually made in Japan.

The pickups in mine are totally smokin' and the neck is very very nice. They were made by Matsumoku, so there are alot of parts that are interchangeable with some Univox, Lyle, Aria and Sekova models. Obligatory gear list-- forget it, not enough room here Yeah, that's the model. Thanks for the review. Do you know the difference between a EA and EA? Never heard of or seen a EA The hollowbody bass model was the EA All of the solidbody models have an ET model prefix code. All in all, a nice player and definitely a keeper.

And incidentally, one of the fastest necks I've ever played. West Coast Idea , vlxerdon , s5tuart and 1 other person like this. That thing is gorgeous! Groovey , May 17, Namelyguitar and Strat Jacket like this. That is one cool looking guitar If my memory serves me right, it was made by Matsumoku and is a "EA" model I found a '74 Epiphone catalog Could this be your guitar West Coast Idea and Stratoskater like this.

Stratoskater , May 17, The tag inside the body definitely says "Casino". I will try to get a few photos tonight if they turn out. You can actually see the tag blue in color through the F-hole in the first few pix but I can't enlarge it big enough to read the script. Of course, that doesn't mean it wasn't mis-labeled. It sure looks like the EA with gold hardware and a Frequensator installed. Now you have piqued my curiosity.

This was back in the era when Gibson was pumping out junk with the Epi name on it Gibson hardware, but junk. I looked at 3; 2 of the red models, but the wood grain is what really attracted me to this one. It was the only natural finish one there. West Coast Idea likes this. Man this one looks just like yours even up to the tuner holes fromt he originals and the gold grovers replacing them.

Seems the EA replaced the EA which had a bigsby style trem or trap tail piece as options in Strat Jacket likes this.

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