Translation of "Gambling" in Spanish

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English Gross revenues from gambling on the internet amounted to EUR billion in English Market surveillance is also key, when it comes to online gambling. English I believe that we need an EU response to the challenge of the global online gambling market. English galvanization galvanized metal sheeting galvanizer galvanizing galvanometer galvanoplasty gam gambit gamble gambler gambling gambling competition based on soccer results gambol game game bird game fishing game of chance game over game plan game point game reserve Moreover, bab.

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Phrases Speak like a native Useful phrases translated from English into 28 languages. Gambling on the Internet has caused serious financial problems to individuals. Los miembros del Equipo de Terapia del juego opera tanto en el Reino Unido como a nivel internacional.

Gambling involves a risk of addiction. Public safety during the tourist season Gambling prevention. Gambling is what made America great. Did a little digging on Hover Gambling.

Gambling 's fun, but limited. Gambling debts, mad-dog killer. Gambling is a vice that appears still today to be largely hidden. Gambling is a contemporary form of addiction. Gambling - culture and sport. Juegos de azar - Cultura y deporte. Gambling Association en lo sucesivo denominada RGA. After 57 years, the Federal Law of Gambling and Raffles is finally regulated. Beautiful Ant, you're a dream. I'm in love with that word since it adds to my spanish vocabulary, however I prefer not to use it so that the lower level Spanish reader may understand it better.

Thanks Again, I look forward to being of service should you ever need help. Apostar is to bet. Your sentence is probably just fine the way it is, but if you added one of these words, you would leave no doubt. Thank you Padredeocho for your suggestion. I will take it into consideration. Esuri - Huelva York. Spain - Western Andalusian Spanish. De acuerdo con Julian. Sorguinha , Sep 7,