Captains' Party & Registration For 3rd Annual Lake Allatoona Poker Run

I'll chime in with more info as it gets closer. You must clean up after your pet. I check 5 times every time I take the boat out! Progressive International Minneapolis Motorcycle Show. I did get caught once on the south side of Lopez Island, by myself, where the water went from calm to probably 8' in a matter of minutes. There are several stories about getting caught in bad weather. The Reinard Family Owner.

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Our waitress was being trained, but everyone on staff was happy to help her and she was honestly doing a great job regardless. Outside of the horrible tornado weather, I really enjoyed my stay at this KOA and if we're ever headed this way again I'm sure this would be our preference.

I do think there's some room for improvement like the hookups, leveling of the RV spots a little better, and a few aesthetic updates, but overall it's a good spot, it gets the job done, and I loved the staff. Stopped here for one night Very friendly and welcoming and the Chuckwagon Resturant offered real home cooking! I enjoyed chicken fried steak and potatoes with milk gravy The manager was rude they scheduled me for June by mistake when I requested it for July and would not correct it or refund my money!

So it cost me almost Will never camp here! Easy to get to off the Interstate. Quiet, the grounds are groomed and well kept up. Barnyard Zoo is the cutest. Lake is beautiful and the people are very nice and accommodating. Had trouble with the satellite because of the trees but I am sure there are sites that don't have that problem. This is definitely a place we will return to. Go see for yourself This was a very nice camp ground.

They were very accommodating. Their breakfast was cooked to perfection. You are made to feel at home here. On a side note, there is no tip line when paying with credit card, but they can manually add it in if you ask! There was a little old town chicken yard with chickens, geese, and beautiful turkeys. My daughter and I enjoyed watching them play and get feed.

We came in very cold mid January. But th bathrooms were kept warm and clean. I loved the little wash clothes that were offered in the bathroom. It was a nice touch. Although on the highway, we did not hear any road noise when staying in our travel trailer. They made sure to invite us back which we definitely plan on doing! If your staying here is an RV it would be fine. The location is really close to the freeway though. The staff is friendly. The bathrooms are clean.

There are cute chickens, geese and a turkey. You can walk in the back of the property to see the lake. The sole reason for the two star rating is the spiders in and around Cabin 1. There are too many! I walked into the web by the door knocked it down and these spider rebuilt it. The last straw was finding a large black spider hanging out on the bed-frame right near my head!! That was is a early departure without spending the night. Dropped the key in the slot at 8pm and drove away to stay in a spider-free hotel.

This is one of my favourite KOAs. While I am sympathetic to the review below, I am not put off by bugs, so they have my whole hearted support to be fair, I do stay in my trailer. I love the grounds, the creatures who share the space, the staff, and frankly even the weather, even when it's raining. They have a wonderful cafe with excellent food. The lady cooking this evening even modified my grilled cheese without question and seemed pleased by my suggestion even if she wasn't, I appreciate her patience and enthusiasm and are willing to deliver to your site.

They love my giant dog many parks whine about big dogs and the sites are strikingly level. When we stayed last year, we got to rent a canoe for practically nothing, which was a delight.

What is it with this membership chit? Being a devoted boater should be enough: Keep the info coming! Lake Eufala is a good time during the poker runs. The cut is a cool place to hang out down there. Eddie I don't know if you ever get on Offshoreonly but "blown formula" is from there and he has a cool house on the lake that we visit when we go there.

A map will be just fine there. We always have a good time there. I live in Houston and am a little new to the forum-I was sent here by a friend from Donzi. Net and live in houston-putting your boat in the bay or gulf shouldnt be a problem there are just two major factors to be aware of corrosion and hazards to navigation as far as your trailer and your Baja go just make sure you was down any metals surfaces and maybe scrub your deck with soap when you get home - also for a steel trailer just bring it to a drive through carwash and spray the hell out of it-especially around the wheels and brakes --then make sure to flush your engine thoroughlyIm prob not telling you anything you dont know--one trip to the Gulf will not hurt your boatmy engines only get spoiled with fresh water once or twice a year-but I flush them everytime they go in the salt.

Ron are you guys going to that? Might be fun to get some Team Kansas people in on that. Now there's an idea!!! I know a whole crowd of crazies on Grand Lake A lot of people won't touch a boat if they know it's been anywhere near salt water. I'm all for checking out new bodies of water but i'd just go for a ride in someone else's boat before putting mine in the salt water.

Found this after a quick search To flush your engine after use in salt water. Part 2 of storm, 75 mph winds and 5 foot seas. Part 3 of Storm. My nephew in Spokane told me about that storm that came through.

Getting bad advice is unfortunate, taking bad advice is a Serious matter!! Hell of a storm, First thing I would have done seeing that comming is to push off. Nothing good comes from drunken amateur hour on the beach. On a side note

Lake Eufaula Poker Run Offers Fun, Big Cash Prizes