Washington Charitable Gaming

In establishing limitations pursuant to this subsection the commission shall take into account a the nature, character, and scope of the activities of the licensee; b the source of all other income of the licensee; and c the percentage or extent to which income derived from bingo is used for charitable, as distinguished from nonprofit, purposes. Such turkey shoots shall be held in accordance with all other requirements of this chapter, other applicable laws, and rules that may be adopted by the commission. The tickets shall be sold, and accounted for, separately from all other sales of the establishment. Any raffle authorized by the fish and wildlife commission involving hunting big game animals or wild turkeys shall not be subject to any provisions of this chapter other than RCW 9. Gross revenues from all such turkey shoots held by the organization during the calendar year shall not exceed five thousand dollars. Each chance shall be offered directly to a prospective contestant for one dollar or less; 2 The purchaser of each chance shall sign his or her name on the face of the section he or she purchases; 3 The person shooting at the target shall not be a participant in the contest, but shall be a member of the organization conducting the contest; 4 Participation in the contest shall be limited to members of the organization which is conducting the contest and their guests; 5 The target shall contain the following information: If the organization has no business office, the organization shall be deemed to be located in the county of principal residence of its chief executive officer:

Washington Charitable Gaming, Bingo and Raffles

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