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This is reflected in the brilliant 3D symbols on the reels. Hit 3 or more of he scatter treasure maps the Hidden Treasure bonus feature is activated in which you must pick spots on a map to dig for treasure. There's a variety of lines, line-bets, coins and coin-values to choose from — and many have stakes that start from as little as 0. Pirate Themed Slots Pirates are another one of the many common themes used by online slot machine games. This is just a general observation of the genre though, as a few pirate themed slots do indeed have progressive jackpots! Regis Resorts World Las Vegas. The great news about all these games is that it doesn't cost you much at all to stake your claim for its treasure.

Play in Pirate themed slot games where you are the captain of this slot

What are pirate-themed slots about?

There's also chance to do a good bit of old-fashioned pillaging of other ships for which you can win prizes whilst, as the title suggests, you'll also get chance to win a Jackpot! There's also the chance to take a sail in the fabled Pirate Ship the Hispaniola, where you'll get the chance to meet legendary pirates Jack Hawkins, Long John Silver and Captain Flint as you sail towards Treasure Island, which is the apt name of this slot from Amaya.

On the way you'll get to play bonuses including Stacked Wild Treasure Chests and Scattered Compasses, whilst other bonuses you'll get to play include Pirate Attack in which cannonballs will fire onto the reels, as well as lucrative bonuses in the shape of Island Hop and the Treasure Hunt Bonus as your search for buried treasure reaches its climax.

Amaya have also created another Pirate Adventure for you which is called Pirate Plunder in which you'll get the chance to stake a claim for even more pirate treasure. You'll receive a Captain's Welcome as he invites you to join his crew, and you'll get a share of the booty for finding themed items and other game characters.

The fun really starts though when you get to play the Pirate Ship Bonus and the Treasure Map Bonus — which allow you to plunder as much treasure as you can carry. You can also enjoy a wide variety of pirate weapons if you're a lucky pirate, which is exactly what you will be if you play Lucky Pirate, the online slot from Viaden Gaming.

Having said that, the truly nice thing about slots starring pirates is that these come in all formats: There are classic slots games, slots with video bonus rounds and a few other variations of the classic slot machine, all laden with swashbuckling buccaneers. There are quite a few, matey. Classic slot game lovers will want to check out the three-reels slots Lucky Pirates and Jolly Rogers; just remember to wager max beet for a shot at the top jackpot payout. Those up for something completely different will want to try the Pirates Dice instant win game.

Aside from the Avengers, that is. Simply choose any of the great games from this page by clicking on the name or screenshot. Some pirate themed slots go for a very cartoony look, with 2D ginger bearded pirates with big heads, little bodies, quirky pirates, peg-legs and massive hats. Some have opted for a more serious approach, with real-life looking pirates, and less of the peg-legged, parrot carrying caricatures you seen in the cartoon-style slots.

These pirate themed slots offer top notch graphics, mild violence, and are a very realistic approach to the genre. You also have those slots which you might well say are Pirate of The Caribbean rip-offs. These slots contain a Jack Sparrow lookalike, ghosts of pirates, and a saucy sea-wrench. It is hard to take a slot so seriously, if they are so blatant a rip-off of a successful franchise, although their similarity to the major Disney franchise does lure in players.

Lastly, some have chosen to base themselves in 3D graphics, using imagery which is still somewhat cartoon-like. These pirate themed slots end up looking like they belong in the Monkey Island series of video games. These, most gamers find, are the most genuinely enjoyable pirate themed slots, with the best bonus rounds.

The icons found in pirate slots fit their theme well. So, without a universal bonus round, what can you say about pirate bonuses? You can say that some pirate slots try to incorporate similar themed bonus rounds, such as hunting for treasure using maps, battling off other pirates, capturing ships and playing dice or poker mini-games. What does this mean? In short, very few pirate themed slots offer progressive jackpots.

Almost all of them offer non-progressive jackpots. For a theme that is about the mother of all treasure collections, your jackpots are smaller than slots with totally different themes. This is just a general observation of the genre though, as a few pirate themed slots do indeed have progressive jackpots!

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