California Counties

Burial will follow at Mt. He and Henry and Alex's cousin John Applegate enjoyed playing the fiddle together. To this union three children were born. Surviving in addition to his wife of thirty years, his son, Bryan W. Even if you drive something else, you can tag along, if you may be upgrading to a Cruiser before long.

Trinidad State Beach Park

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CA 18 - siskiyou county. CA 17 - redding. CA 16 - humboldt county. CA 15 - chico. CA 14 - mendocino. CA 13 - yuba-sutter. CA 12 - gold country. CA 11 - SAC. CA 10 - stockton. CA 9 - modesto. CA 8 - inland empire. CA 7 - merced. CA 6 - fresno. CA 4 - sf bay area. CA 3 - monterey bay. CA 2 - hanford-corcoran. CA 1 - san luis obispo. CA B - santa maria. CA C - bakersfield. CA D - santa barbara. CA E - ventura county. CA F - los angeles. CA G - orange county.

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No dues, no meetings, no officers. We currently have about 35 General and Associate members. Money we raise from our events, we donate back to local charities and to help keep trail access. Emphasis is on fun, and we have plenty of that. It may not be quite right for the hardcore rock crawler, but ideal for mild custom, or even stock rig owners who just want to play in the hills. Misfits 4WD Club We are all so cal based club who promotes responsible but fun wheeling.

If you are a weekend wheeler, or working on that jeep project, Misfits Jeep Club has a spot for you. We leave no jeeper behind. High Sierra scenery is one of their most sought after experiences. They enjoy all types of off-road adventures from the desert to the mountains and from the beach to the snow.

Every member needs a sponsor. Prospective members must attend at least three 3 events and four 4 meetings. Stock to hardcore trail rigs are all welcome here. Same with the trail runs, scenic to hardcore is all good. Stocker to Rocker brought in on a trailer or a daily driver is all good with us. We have been four wheeling with all the above and then some and have always had a great time.

Riverside Rough Riders A family-oriented four wheel drive club, the Ruff Riders have no limitations regarding vehicle types. Activities take place in the Riverside, California area. San Diego 4 Wheelers The main function of this California club is to promote and participate in safe and responsible off-highway four wheel drive family oriented activities, and to educate the public on how to properly use and conserve our lands.

San Diego Jeep Club The San Diego Jeep Club experience offers the notion of having fun and good times with our membership as we take our Jeeps into the backcountry here in California and beyond. Here at SDJC, we have trail guides that will keep your adrenaline pumping while boosting your confidence on the trail when either behind the wheel of your Jeep or sitting shotgun with a map in your hands.

San Luis Obispo County 4WD Club Out of Cayucos, CA this organization exists in order to bring together members for fun, family-oriented activities and enjoyment of our natural surroundings. Santa Maria 4-Wheelers This California club was organized to promote the sport of 4-wheeling. The club plans day and weekend treks and social and recreational events which are family oriented. Membership is open year-round, and anyone who owns a 4WD vehicle is encouraged to join. In addition, we also welcome singles, people with all levels of four-wheeling experience, and people with all types of off-road vehicles.

Some custom models include the Midnight Star, Patriot. The types of wheeling we enjoy include, rock crawling, sand dunes and day trips to the local four wheel drive and off road areas. Sierra Treasure Hunters A family-oriented club who enjoy the lore, history and natural beauty of the California Sierra Nevada Mountains and surrounding areas.

Club events range from basic runs that can be completed with virtually stock vehicles, to advanced runs requiring suspension upgrades and lockers. Everyone is invited to join, no matter what Land Cruiser model you drive — from all terrain to mall terrain.

Even if you drive something else, you can tag along, if you may be upgrading to a Cruiser before long. Membership is open to anybody with a 4 wheel drive vehicle and a desire to use it how it was intended, in the dirt. They usually have several runs planned each month that range in difficulty from easy for stock 4 wheel drives to extreme for highly modified rock crawlers. This club has no membership dues or specific hierarchy of leadership.

Membership is open to all types of vehicles. They have regular meetings in the Bay Area. Waywegos A California club dedicated to the sport of offroading, through social, educational and recreational activities; enjoying and protecting national resources, and enjoying family outdoor living.

Wine County Rock Crawlers The Wine Country Rock Crawlers is a 4X4 club made up of a small group of rock crawling four wheelers who want to have fun and contribute to the improvement of off-road activities. We enjoy getting together, whether it be for a fun potluck dinner meeting, or a three-day run over the Rubicon.

Out of Monrovia, California. Also, larger than stock tires will help. They ride local trails that are primarily oriented to short-wheel-base vehicles Rubicon, Barrett Lake, and Fordyce Creek. California Jeep Cooperative Despite the name, all types of 4wd vehicles are welcome. They share and participate in all aspects of Off-Road vehicle ownership in California and around the West. Located in the Sacramento area.

Club Challenge A short wheel base club that is family and singles oriented. They are primarily based in Colusa, Yuba, Sutter, and Butte counties. They have monthly meetings and monthly runs or activities.

They are mostly into extreme rockcrawling, however they also like to play in the snow. This Northern California club follows the Tread Lightly ideals and is always looking for members that share the same idea. Some even like to tackle places like the Rubicon. Vehicles are currently Scouts, Jeeps, and Broncos. They are predominantly a full size vehicle club.

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