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May 8th, , 3: Originally Posted by A9ofHearts I dunno Find More Posts by AppState' However, I was also a dealer and a poker room manager for a few years, and this is something I absolutely have no tolerance for. I want to see that hand abbreviated IWTSTH is a name for a poker rule that is hotly debated, poorly understood, and at times flat-out abused. Originally Posted by Jblocher1. I've learned, who cares.

At that point each caller has the option of showing his hand or mucking. Therefore asking to see the called hand should be uncontroversial, although occasionally someone will muck a blatant bluff with no hope of winning at showdown.

Seeing a calling hand, however, requires invocation of this rule. This topic is a touchy one for many experienced casino players such as those on the Two Plus Two forums, because they assert that the rule was only intended to detect collusion e. Indeed, long-time players assert that this rule is of fairly recent vintage. The problem comes not when a player invokes this rule to detect collusion, but when she asks to see the hand merely to gather information.

Some players assert that this is such an egregious violation of the spirit of the rule that the appropriate response is to ask to see every one of the asking player's calling hands at showdown in order to annoy that player into repentance. Others advocate a more incremental approach, warning the player of the rule's intent the first time but retaliating after future invocations. The rule has become even more common in online casinos. Nearly all casinos offer a way to view your own hand history, and those hands always include all called and calling players' hands at showdowns.

I dont get upset, but I ask them to just ask me instead of asking the dealer. If you want to know, just ask, and I will show. Yes, streamraise, but it usually seems to be a controversy when a player accustomed to instant hand histories insists on it.

I'm answering the controversy question, not the rudeness question. Most times if it's just one request people don't get PO'd about it. It's when a person continually does it and it's obv why they are doing it. The answer to that question might tell you something. I had two different players get upset by another players request to see their hads. It was the same player but it wasn't based on IWTSTH, in bo0th cases the player asked to see hands these optehr players had shown to their neighbors.

SOSA is so much more understandable, no one should be getting upset about that yet two players were obviously offended by the simple reguest to show the table what they had shown the guy to their left or right. There, it's been 'splained. Originally Posted by DonkeyChip. I wish dealers would just flip the hand over when it's been shown to another player. I don't think anybody should have to ask. BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Page 1 of 8. Send a private message to Ultrazord.

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Originally Posted by Dealer-Guy IMO, the reason people get upset is that SOMEONE who knows who decided asking to see a player's hand, even though the rule exists that not only allows it but requires the hand to be shown, is poor etiquette. Send a private message to pfapfap. Find More Posts by pfapfap. Find Threads Started by pfapfap. Originally Posted by pfapfap It's because online players have difficulty adjusting to the dynamics of live play.

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