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There should not be any competition when it comes to charitable events. And like a game of poker, the person with the best hand at the end will be deemed the winner. No registered users viewing this page. In the classic game of poker, each player is dealt five cards. Control point Course Map.

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Ok here is the list! This is the first place I am posting the list before anywhere else. If you have any updates please feel free to post below.

For up to date changes you can visit the event calendar at Swampcat Racing. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? Posted January 5, edited. For up to date changes you can visit the event calendar at Swampcat Racing Edited March 3, by swampcat Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted January 13, Posted January 20, Posted March 3, Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Register a new account. This takes the component of chance out of the scenario and puts in an element of skill. This should help avoid any issues with gambling regulations.

Simply place a deck of cards on a board and have the participant throw for the last card. Same rules apply for purchasing additional cards after first card throw and throwing a duplicate card. Determine money making activities you will have at your event. Pre-pay tickets, half and half raffle, liquor raffle, merchandise sales, food, drink, award prizes, entertainment, etc. A participant can purchase a ticket at a chance to win half of whatever ending dollar amount is remaining at the conclusion of the contest.

It is important to keep all money generated from half and half in the bowl with the tickets, separate from other monies collected during the day so an accurate count can be determined at the conclusion of the raffle.

After the winner of the raffle is determined through a random ticket pull half of the money collected goes to the winning raffle ticket purchaser and the other half to the host. A participant can purchase a ticket at a chance to win a liquor basket. Typically a liquor basket consist of an ice chest, liquor, beer, beef jerky, chips, pretzels, peanuts and merchandise advertising your organization or charity. It is encouraged to have more than one liquor basket to raffle with a variety of products.

This will encourage more participants and generate more money. A participant can purchase a ticket which will make them eligible for the admission, food and door prizes. A prepay ticket should consist of two parts. One half should consist of the details concerning the event; event name, location, date and time. The buyer should keep this half of the ticket for a reminder of these details and use it for admission to the event.

The other half should consist of the purchasers name and phone number. This volunteer should keep this part of the ticket to place in the raffle bowl for poor prizes. Ticket purchasers should not have to be present to collect door prizes. You can use this desirable door prize to push ticket sales. To list a few examples: Some people will have no plans of going to the event but want to contribute to your charity.

This is a way to encourage their contribution. Buy a ticket for a chance to win this door prize. This will create extra revenue for the event. Some poker runs give an award for the worst hand. Use this item to push ticket sales. Entry fees make you eligible for the poker run, admission, a meal and door prizes. If you want additional food and drink there should be an additional charge.

If you sell pre-pay tickets this will tell give you an estimation of how much food and drink to have. Try to have something that the majority likes to eat. Their equipment also comes to good use for making announcements and hosting the auction. This location is usually a motorcycle shop. You could have three stops, pulling a card at registration, at each of the three stops and the end location.

From there choose a time where poker run, door prizes and raffle winners are announced then hold your auction. Too large of a group is difficult to navigate through traffic and can be dangerous.

This person can also check for any broken down motorcyclist participating in your event. Get commitment from volunteers. The more help the better. Have contact phone numbers for each volunteer and a task list for the day of the event. Follow through and make it happen.

Be persistent because problems will arise throughout the planning and hosting of a poker run. Remember to make your decision based on having an enjoyable charitable event people will want to attend the next year. If someone donated, food, drinks, ice, door prizes or auction items thank them for their support. If someone volunteered with any aspect of the event thank them for their support. A thank you will go a long way and they will remember that next time you host an event.

You can thank most supporters with a letter and larger supporters with a plaque. Timeline for a poker run: Begin auction after announcements of winners.

See the files below for examples of our paper work. These are only tips on how to organize a motorcycle poker run. You are urged to seek the advice of an attorney to make certain your overall circumstances and planning efforts.

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