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Transaction Management Module gives control over pending transactions and supports a number of transaction related reports. PokerStars Review Editor's rating: How will he find your casino? Many poker books and old poker resources have referenced Turbo Texas Hold'em as essential software. It is also easy to sort cash games, multi table tournaments, and sit n go tournaments on Poker. It keeps track of all the cash games and tournaments running and displays the relevant details so players can see which games are available for them to join.

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Try all available demo versions, especially back office demo. If managing players, tables and finance is not easy and clear for you, you will not be an effective room manager. In addition, find out all possible info on online poker software reliability and security — QA, bug fixes terms and timelines, reviews, RNG certification, etc.

There are more than one way to earn from online casino or poker. Very few countries allow real money online gambling without getting an expensive license long procedure. Obvious way to avoid it are:. The biggest mistake of all online gaming newbies is the underestimating of marketing role and costs. Consider budget and role of all common tools:. How will he find your casino? What must he find during his first visit? How will you make him come back and pay?

How many players and how many payments should you get to return your investments in software and marketing? Check all your tables and tournaments options, and make your poker website software ready for the launch in a moment. Our poker platform includes the following features and functionalities: Distributed and Clustered Approach allows distributing the system load among different hardware servers and scaling the system per requirements.

Integrated Poker Lobby which is always full of various options across all variants and game types. Different Gaming Modes including both real money and play money options across all the genres. Multi-Platform Client Technologies which enable us to implement online poker software in web-based Flash and downloadable Win32 versions. Also we offer to our partners modern Mobile Solutions Android, iPhone.

Multi-Language Support includes localization of web-site and gaming client. Multiple Marketing Tools such as custom bonus settings and offers. These tools give you the ability to attract new players and encourage current users. Game Management Tools are one of the most important elements in the gaming system.

These tools present on the Back-Office and enable you to manage poker tables and tournaments effectively. The game management tools integrated into the poker software include in particular: Accounting System stores and displays financial and analytical information for the whole lifetime of your online poker system. All reports can be exported to excel and other easy read formats. Administrators and Permission Management Functions adds support of multiple administrators with permission system to allocate their responsibilities.

This hierarchy based rights management system allows you to give only that much access as needed to a particular user. Transaction Management Module gives control over pending transactions and supports a number of transaction related reports. The following features are included in basic version of the system: In English, Poker Tracker is useful as a tool that you can use to examine your game by looking directly at your history of how you play. Most players are able to use this information and find leaks in their game, which is why PT is so useful.

A free trial copy is available at their website, which enables you to import 1, hand histories before requiring you to register. Unfortunately most of them use general purpose algorithms to perform the odds calculations.

This generic approach doesn't take advantage of the full range of possible optimizations. To fill the gap, there is PokerStove, a texas hold'em poker calculator which can fully enumerate complex preflop situations about times faster than next fastest tool available. I personally have Poker Stove installed on my computer and it's the piece of poker software I use most frequently, next to Poker Tracker.

It's very useful for analyzing hand vs hand situations, as well as ranges of hands vs other hands, which is something that is very useful for the advanced player to analyze. Many poker books and old poker resources have referenced Turbo Texas Hold'em as essential software.

That said, TTH from my own experience is terribly out of date and no longer modern enough to be realistically used by serious players.

DD Tournament Poker however, is becoming a good replacement in the types of features that it can offer. DD is very good for beginners and also has enough features to help experienced players as well.

It features a range of opponent profiles to choose from, different types of tournament structures to practice, free online practice arenas so that you can play against other users in public or private tournaments and one of my favorite features, a home game tournament manager. A full review of this software package will be available soon.

They then used this information to build a client program that enabled you to see the statistics of each player sitting at your table. Recently, Poker Edge ran into problems however, as their software was considered an unfair advantage by the people at Party.

This meant that anyone using PE was given a warning, then banned from Party Poker's servers. As such, we recommend against using this particular piece of poker software. You can still read a full review however.

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