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How many player's do you have: Everybody gets about bb's deep at the beginning, rebuy is also bb of course. You'd need at least: Learn from online pros. Craig D Pair Jan 22, Overkill for sure, but whatever floats yer boat. In addition, sets that contain more T chips than T chips are typically not as flexible for meeting future expansion requirements, and can also make the latter stages of a tournament somewhat unwieldy.

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What's worked for me based on suggestions from others here is to change the blinds as follows: Craig D Pair Jan 21, Poker Zombie Straight Flush Jan 21, I don't even try to respond to these anymore Paging doctor BGinGA , assistance needed in the breakdown room - stat! I like starting stacks for T5, and starting stacks for T10, You'd need at least: This structure has worked well for me: It gives the limp-every-hand players an extra level before they start destroying their stacks.

Downside for my set-up is it delays the 1st break by 1 level due to color-up reasons. This gets a few players a bit anxious with "when do we get a break" questions and in-chair pee-pee dances, but nothing broken or stained so far. You can easily cover 10 players with T10K stacks with just chips, but it sounds as if you guys like lots of chips in your starting stacks.

For a player T tourney set using chips to maximum value, I'd do something like this: Overkill for sure, but whatever floats yer boat. Personally, I'd go with this BB structure: With 10 players and minute levels, the event will typically end no later than L15 4 hours including breaks. Using minute levels pushes it out to about 5 hours plus breaks.

Virtus Sitting Out Jan 22, Thanks for all the responses, I really appreciate it. After looking at all of your scenarios and advice I think I'm going with the following breakdown: Now I just need my samples to hurry up and get here so I can decide on which chips I want, the Milanos and Majestics should be here today!

Hopefully the ceramics won't be far behind. Thanks again for the help, keep the advice coming if anyone has anything else to add. Noteworthy to mention that coloring up using chips of the next higher denomination T25 chips with T, T's with Ts, etc.

There is never a need to have more T chips than T25 chips in a set. In addition, sets that contain more T chips than T chips are typically not as flexible for meeting future expansion requirements, and can also make the latter stages of a tournament somewhat unwieldy. T chips are not as valuable as T chips, because they become obsolete and unnecessary quicker due to the 2x jump to the next denomination.

In both instances, the monies spent on unnecessary chips is usually better directed towards obtaining additional and more valuable higher denominations -- T and T chips, in your case. My line of thinking was actually the exact opposite of this. With this breakdown if you have most of the Ts in play how do you go about coloring up the T25s when players don't have enough to trade for a T or T?

I used this as a general guideline, and it worked great! I also found this nice little chart. January 3rd, , 8: I know this is old but does anyone else have some input on this subject? August 31st, , 1: Still looking for input! Any thoughts are appreciated. August 31st, , 3: Specifically related to op inquiry or just in general regarding a typical stack distribution? Regardless, long winded word spew comming I haven't played a home game in ages but the pub game I go to when I'm home is pretty much no more than a home game at the pub lol.

There we use a 15k starting stack, if I recall the chip breakdown is like Obviously given we get about 50x people in those games on avg they have a lot of chips and later in the game bring in grey and pink chips for 10k and 25k respectively. I'd probably be inclined to do a 5k chip stack with 20 min blinds unless you want them to run quickly in which case 3k with 10 min blinds would be a good go.

I mean the structure is a big key in defining the length of a game as well so it comes down to if you want it to be a quick game or a slow game that could take a couple of hours. When I was at Cherokee and played some of their stt satties they were actually pretty decently structured, I might have those structures around somewhere if they had them on the website back when I was reviewing all their structures but not sure. So can see how the different stacks and blind levels increases the length of a game which is a key factor in determing the structure for a game is how long you want it to take.

You are going to see that you will need to have chips in play for quite a few levels during the early stages so you would want to have a fair amount of chips in play and then chips in play as well either to start with or once you do some chipping up at a point in the game although no one ever typically does a chipup in a home game i guess.

So if you have a piece set broke down such as the following: Then I would likely use red as the chip and white as the chip and either green or blue depending on which you use for the 25 chip as a 1k or maybe 2k chip. So a breakdown for a 5k starting stack: Having fewer chips on the table also helps speed up the game as well since its easier to count out 4 red chips for a bet than someone who might decide to bet 16 25 chips if they have them for the same bet.

All as clear as mud hopefully in regards to my take on the subject, and to expand on the answer I could give which was "It depends". August 31st, , Originally Posted by dakota-xx. Purchasing too many colors of poker chips can actually harm your ability to host a poker tournament -- you might not have enough chips in any one color to issue to all your players. October 16th, , 6: There is this now which provides a lot of information: Organize A Home Game.

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AK easy come chips easy go chips thoughts? July 11th, 6: AAA66 vs cool distribution. March 28th, 5: Suggestions for chip distribution.

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