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What type of start-ups have you invested in and how have the investments fared for you so far? Looks like he's still got it. Thanks a lot for allowing me to interview you. There must be lots of stress when playing six figure pots on a regular basis. Poker Players - Streaming Live Online. I just reopened my FTP account yesterday and have been trying to run up a bankroll.

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Biggest "aha" moment in your development as a poker player? Originally Posted by friedfish. Mostly I just want to tell you you're pretty great, and I want to hear a story Originally Posted by Effneasy. Originally Posted by oscillator. Well, I'm not a HS pro yet but I'm jumping in. On a scale of How complex a game would you define: RaptorCaptor, Can you really read peoples souls?

Also have you ever got so tilted where you berated someone? BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Page 1 of Raptor "A stranger is being shown around a village that he has just become part of. Send a private message to raptor Find More Posts by raptor Find Threads Started by raptor Send a private message to gordo Find More Posts by gordo Find Threads Started by gordo Raptor How do I get myself to do the things that I know are best for me yet can't motivate myself to do due to lazyness?

Send a private message to TheBob. Find More Posts by TheBob. Find Threads Started by TheBob. Raptor Favorite moment in poker? Send a private message to Shane Stewart. Find More Posts by Shane Stewart. Find Threads Started by Shane Stewart. Raptor What's the most degen thing you think you've ever done in your life?

Send a private message to theskillzdatklls. Find More Posts by theskillzdatklls. Find Threads Started by theskillzdatklls. Send a private message to WorldBoFree. Originally Posted by gordo16 Was it hard for you to put poker on the back-burner in your life?

Originally Posted by gordo16 What are the two happiest moments in your life? Raptor Does Koda like New York? Send a private message to Ansky. Find More Posts by Ansky. Find Threads Started by Ansky. Originally Posted by Shane Stewart Favorite moment in poker? Raptor Hopefully not stepping out of line here but just let me know and I'll delete otherwise. Originally Posted by theskillzdatklls What's the most degen thing you think you've ever done in your life?

Raptor best adjustment heads up nl vrs opponent who 3 bets a polarized range? Send a private message to friedfish. Find More Posts by friedfish. Find Threads Started by friedfish. Originally Posted by Ansky Do you see yourself at some point soon being completely removed from poker? Originally Posted by Shane Stewart Hopefully not stepping out of line here but just let me know and I'll delete otherwise.

World Series of Poker Quizzes There are questions on this topic. Last updated Sep 27 After berating amateurs for playing hands like King-eight, Phil himself was knocked out on that hand. It was Moneymaker's first live tournament. He won it all in , along with a million dollar first prize.

It has been said that the greatest poker feat ever was achieved by Harrington in and , by making 2 final tables in a row, defeating record fields of and people. Scotty Nguyen is one of the more fun and colorful players in the game today. His win in makes him a very respected player. He calls himself the greatest poker player to ever live. What is the home country of this very expressive player on the poker table?

Humberto Brenes is one of the most successful poker tour players, and one of the many examples of the fact that poker is a game loved worldwide.

Along with being a poker player, Brenes is a successful businessman and holds an engineering degree. William Pappaconstantinou or Billy Pappas as he is better known has been winning major foosball championships since On the Wikipedia page entitled "List of world table football champions" his name is listed seven times.

This was Pappas' first time playing the main event. He was crippled in a coin-flip with Martin Jacobson when he called Jacobson's all-in. Jacobson held pocket fives 5s5c and Pappas held AdJh. A five hit on the flop ending the suspense pretty quickly. The board was Qs6c5d7c2d. The hand did not knock Pappas out but it crippled him and van Hoof finished him off on the next hand when Pappas' pocket sevens could not out run van Hoof's pocket jacks.

Although David Benefield first made it big as a high stakes online cash game grinder, he soon found the life to be somewhat empty and has since moved on to pursue advanced degrees in business and language. He is now only a part time poker player. In fact he missed the ME because he was studying Chinese in Beijing at the time.

Benefield entered Day 7 of the ME in 27th place out of 27 players but was able to skillfully play his short stack throughout the day and entered the final table in 8th place.