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Far Cry 5's story is a real let-down, but the action still makes for a solid co-op experience. Be sure to check them fire Fire Crystals though, if you are not maxxed out in Fire Arrows. Although it does a lot less damage than a full length sword, the knife doesn't hinder Garrett's movement so he can still run at the same speed with it in hand. It features three new missions, and improvements to the original It's time for me to retrieve The Eye and bring it to Constantine. Garrett has access to some of the most innovative gear in any stealth game.

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The undead are rumored to be damaged by sudden flashes of bright light. You will be able to obtain some of the Keepers' special Glyph powers. Only to open doors and destroy stone statues using your blackjack. Opponents who are blinded will snap out of it if you attack them.

Try making a fast getaway instead. This is true; do not attack someone who is flashed or who is choking on vines or they will break out of their status and attack you. Some equipment can be retrieved for reuse, for example, broadhead arrows that stick into wood. Broadhead arrows are usually lost if you miss, but if an arrow shooting guard attacks you and misses, you can retrieve his arrows if you survive the fight. Open books can be read. Closed books can only be dropped or thrown.

Gleaming books are valuable loot. Gleaming anything is loot. Shoot water arrows into moss puddles to make them grow bigger. This is a new and neat trick you rarely use. Shoot fire arrows into oil puddles to ignite them. Another rarely used trick. Most opponents will avoid walking through burning oil puddles. You can block off passages with them. It's better to save your oil for use on guards on stairs instead. The undead will avoid walking through holy water puddles.

You can use holy water to block off passages. Undead are also stupid enough to charge you if you stand behind a holy water puddle. Only if you have nothing else better to do, like stealing stuff from work. Opponents who slip on oil slicks might fall off cliffs, down stairs, or over railings.

Thanks to the new DX2 engine. Shoot a moss arrow at an opponent's face to make him choke. Mentioned this in the moss arrow description. Avoid fighting more than one opponent at a time. Even one opponent is too much - you will almost always wind up damaged, so avoid fihghting if possible. Try dropping heavy objects on your opponents' heads. Haven't tried this yet, but the heaviest object you can drop is a large metal gear once in the game.

Shoot an unaware human opponent in the head or chest to kill him in one hit. You can use the climbing gloves to scale sheer vertical surfaces made of stones or bricks. Mentioned in the climbing gloves description. Shallow water is transparent and can be entered. Deep water is opaque and will kill you if you enter it. Garret apparently forgot how to swim. You can backstab with the dagger by sneaking behind an unaware opponent.

Do this rarely and only if you really hate that guy. Shaman, Priests, and Elders can't cast spells without their wands. Ally with the factions and you'll rarely see them cast any spell. Shaman, Priests, and Elders will sometimes cast helpful spells on their allies which you can intercept. Useful if you aren't so busy staying alive or dodging. If opponents start to fight each other, they will be too distracted to fight you. Very true, use this as an opportunity to run.

Hammer Priests can bless their allies, allowing them to do more damage and hurt undead. A description of the Hammerite spell. Keeper Elders can cast spells which turn their allies invisible. A description of the Keepr spell. Pagan Shaman can cast spells which speed their allies up. A description of the Pagans' spell. Just because a zombie is lying on the ground doesn't mean it's dead.

You can still hear it breathing, so don't go near. Hammer Haunts are undead Hammerites whose burial site was desecrated. Not like we care. The Keeper Enforcers are a group of stealthy warriors, modified by glyphs to have special abilities.

Like the ability to cast spells without wands. Denock an arrow by jumping PC while having nothing selected in the weapon menu. For Xbox guys, release the Right trigger slowly. Stealth Tips Wall flattening and crouching both darken your Light Gem, making you harder to see. Crouching is more versatile, but you'll need to use both equally to avoid enemies.

When your Light Gem is very dark, you are nearly impossible to see. Until someone touches you. When you draw a fire arrow, your Light Gem will get very bright. Opponents can see you easily. Mentioned in the fire arrow description. Run only when your opponents' backs are turned, as it makes you harder to see and hear. You'll also be running away from the nuisance.

Running brightens your Light Gem, making you easier to see. It also makes your footsteps louder. Speed is sometimes more important than stealth. If there is hard cover between you and your opponent, they won't be able to see you. Verified to be true; works even if your light gem is completely lit. Be sure to hide your opponents' bodies, or they may get discovered.

Always find a corner to dump it in; the best place is in deep water just like the Mafia. The fire arrow is a damaging weapon, but it makes a lot of noise, which will draw attention. Observe your enemies carefully to determine their patrol routes and other behaviors.

Remember what we said about overlayed patrol routes. Watch and listen to your enemies to determine whether they are suspicious of your presence. Enemies use the same lines of dialogue; learn them and you know the enemy. The more suspicious your opponents are, the more likely they are to search for you. Stay quiet and hidden and they'll give up. Your opponents will search for you if they get suspicious. Avoid them, and they might not catch you.

Stay hidden, quiet, and far away. If you get away after being caught, you'll be able to start sneaking again once your opponents give up. You may need to wait for a few minutes before they stop. Knocking your opponents unconscious is more stealthy than killing them. Mentioned in the blackjack description. Objects that move around and collide can make noises that your opponents may investigate. Stay away from large crates and barrels.

Out of noisemaker arrows? Try tossing objects as an improvisational distraction method. Use a small box or candlestick. Water arrows can be used to clean up puddles of blood so that no one will notice them.

Mandatory if you intend to walk the streets in some districts. You can listen at doors to hear what's on the other side. To listen at a door, lean into it. Eavesdrop if you have the opportunity. Closed doors will conduct less sound than open doors. Mentioned in the Sound section of the guide. You can pinch out lit candles by using them.

Larger flames require water arrows to be extinguished. Mentioned in the light section of the guide. When an opponent is searching for you, move quietly between shadows while his back is turned. You get initiated into this during training mode. Opponents may notice if you steal a piece of loot.

Allied factions will penalise you if they notice the theft. Opponents may notice if their allies turn up missing. Only applies to stationary guards if they're gone from a patrol route. Opponents may notice if you put out a light source. Extinguish the light and wait for them to grow unsuspicious. Opponents may notice if you leave doors open. Eavesdrop first, then open the damn door. Metal is the loudest type of flooring.

Use moss arrows to cover up metal surfaces. You suckers forgot about tile flooring. Leaning out to see what's around a corner will cause you to be seen; use the 3rd person camera instead. You can also zoom in and out check your manual about key binds to look ahead for new dangers. Lockpicking Tips Locks come in four different shapes.

The shape of a lock can tell you how many stages it has. All things considered, you won't have much trouble with locks. The material a lock is made of can give you hints about where the sweet spots will be in each stage. This is true, but not very important. Speed up the unlocking process by pressing the attack button when you hear the "sweet spot".

City Tips The City Watch are always on the look out for you. Other city residents don't know who you are. Avoid the City Watch; they are the only ones who cannot be bribed into an allegiance with you. Most city residents will not bother you unless you bother them first. The City Watch are an exception. Don't get caught stealing, picking locks, intruding, and so on, or someone may summon the City Watch.

You can enter empty buildings or KO someone from behind. You can ally with the Pagans, the Hammers, both, or neither. While on the second floor of Porter, look for a display case full of rare and valuable crap donated by the Moiras pirate captain and the widow we cacked at Seaside Manour.

You can't really miss it if you're walking around looting the place. Some tough places are the longer hallways where several guards are patrolling. Always opt to save, then blackjack the sucker when you get close. Since there's no time in Thief, you can opt to move the body as far away from the action as you deem necessary; don't worry, the game will save where you stash the dead body and no one alive will come looking for missing sentries as long as they were moving sentries.

There are two of these display cases on the second floor of Porter. One of them pictured has the curator's special monocles. Francis Orbetti's Taciturn Lady is the only painting in Porter's second floor to hang on this weird angled wall.

This artefact is a bit tougher since it is patrolled by several guards who linger close by. Depending on which way you approach this, you can use a mixture of gas bombs or headshots to confuse and destroy the enemy. Always approach your quarry with caution though, since you do not want to waste too much equipment. The short path will be a bit more violent, but with a little gas you can make it work; the long path allows you to blackjack, but it is rather dangerous as patrol routes often cross over in the long hallways.

Above The short way to the Crown. Above The long way is riddled with twisting halls and annoying guards and bowmen. Once you've looted Porter Hall to your satisfaction and bagged the artefacts and special loot, head to the second floor and look for the map junction near the four-eyed nerd's painting. Above Look for this painting hanging in a second floor hallway of Porter Hall for the best map junction to the Tesero Hall map. Man, what a nerd.

Above This is the view you want when you enter the Tesero Hall map. Depending on how you entered the museum courtyard, you may have an easy time or a nightmarish time clearing it out. If you entered from the spot IGN recommended on the second floor, you can probably get away with blackjacking the guards as they wander aimlessly around.

Don't worry, the courtyard is fairly uninhabited and lets Garrett enter Tesero Hall from the ground floor or the second floor. Headshot a guard then gas bomb the other guys guarding this. Shoot the statue with a broadhead to make it tip the medallion over.

The second floor places players nearer to the curator's office which has a lever to uncover the Eye from its hiding place.

Since you have the ability to leave the museum and use the courtyard to go between floors, go in through the ground floor. Shoot the large statue to drop the Coethe Medallion, the proceed to whack the guards in the main atrium. It was used to give the player aural clues about the NPCs' locations and internal states; to enhance this, vocals were recorded for NPCs. Conversely, sounds generated by objects gave clues to NPCs about the player's location, and NPCs used sound to communicate; a guard's call for help signals other guards within earshot.

Thief was developed with the Dark Engine , a proprietary game engine. It was written during the game's development, rather than as a separately budgeted project, which led to time constraint issues. Motion capture technology was integrated to allow for realistic character animation. While the renderer was expected to be finished before the game's release date, Barrett left the company in He later performed contract work for the company, and assisted in writing features like hardware support.

However, the renderer was never fully addressed, and was less advanced than others of the time. The Dark Engine was designed to be reusable, and to give programmers the ability to easily integrate their work.

LeBlanc wrote the "Dark Object System", which became the center of this concept. According to Leonard, the object system was a "general database for managing the individual objects in a simulation". The system also managed source data, the game's tangible content such as textures , maps , models and sounds. The object system worked so well that Thief and System Shock 2 used the same executable for most of their development.

Thief was released by Eidos Interactive on November 30, It features three new missions, and improvements to the original The Metal Age " video, among other extras. Larka of Computer Gaming World wrote: I was pleasantly surprised.

Liam McDonald of PC Gamer US called Thief , "a challenging, riveting game that defies easy categorization", and praised the game for its focus on the player's cunning. The game's sound was widely praised. With directional noises and haunting 'background' effects you are plunged into Garrett's shadowy world and left with a pounding heart and twitchy nerves. Thief' s graphics received a mixed reaction, with several negative comparisons to Half-Life and Unreal.

Larka disliked the game's extremely dark areas, which required him to "max out the gamma correction and set [his] monitor to its brightest setting just to see the barest details" but called the graphics "seamless".

The game's use of supernatural and cave-exploring elements received criticism, [10] [71] [74] and several reviewers opined that more realistic, mansion-robbing missions should have been used instead.

Presley believed that the game's undead enemies caused the game to "degenerate into the standard hack 'n' slash, sub- Conan sort of thing that Heretic , Hexen and a million others gave us," and that "it amounts to [ In the United States, the game ' s sales reached 88, copies by April Thief was the first 3D stealth game for a personal computer , and its stealth gameplay innovations influenced later games in the genre.

Thief' s influence has been recognized in other stealth games, such as Assassin's Creed , Hitman , Splinter Cell , and Tenchu. The Dark Project has been declared one of the greatest games of all time by several publications.

Inducting it into its hall of fame, GameSpy writer Rich Carlson wrote: Stealth Assassins and Thief all defined the stealth action genre, it was Thief that displayed "the purest depiction of what it might be like to slip from shadow to shadow" and "largely remains an unsurpassed achievement in gaming. The Dark Project was followed by two sequels, and a fourth game rebooting the series has also been released.

The Metal Age , which received positive reviews when released in March After a troubled development cycle, the game's May release met with positive reviews. After Looking Glass Studios closed its doors, Thief has been supported by community modifications mods. Standalone fan made remake The Dark Mod aims to recreate the 'essence' of Thief in a modern game engine.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Thief computer game. November 30, EU: The Dark Project Manual. The Dark Project ". Retrieved April 13, Retrieved July 28, Archived from the original on Retrieved July 24, Thief The Dark Project ". Examining the Design of Thief: The Dark Project review". Retrieved August 12, PC Gamer UK Archived from the original on November 9, Retrieved August 13, The quietly brilliant 3D action game".

Archived from the original on August 27, Retrieved August 5, Retrieved July 30, I was a kid. No parents, no home.

Running messages and picking pockets to keep my ribs from meeting my spine. One night I saw a man. Folks just passed him by like he wasn't there. I thought he must have something valuable, so I snuck up on him and made a grab. That's not for you. Please, sir, I'm hungry. Don't tell the Hammers, I promise-- [ You have talent, lad.

To see a Keeper is not an easy thing. Especially one who does not wish to be seen. We have a need for those as gifted as yourself. If you've grown tired of how you live, then follow me, and we will show you a different way. I caught up with him just before he vanished into the crowd. It was the beginning of a very long education.

The Keepers were training me to be one of them, but I found Farkus is one of the few merchants willing to risk selling to an independent like me, and his prices are steep. But the other choice is to let one of the so-called "City Wardens" give me orders They'd been after me for years to join one of their stables, but I'm not interested. Maybe they'll get the idea and give up.

More likely they'll just ramp up the threats. Ramirez's "to do" list: Garrett — South Quarter 'independent' thief. Denied cut three times. Sent Quince and Jacow out to shorten him. Evidently these assassins think they have killed you. As long as they continue to think that, they should lead you right back to whoever sent them. Break into his mansion and take what he values most — his wealth. The purse from his belt should make the point.

I was contacted by a woman named Viktoria. She claims to represent a client who was impressed by the way I took care of Ramirez, and now wants me to steal something for him.

The target is a magical sword, owned by a nobleman and collector named Constantine. Little is known about Constantine except that he is an eccentric new face in this city, and mostly keeps to himself. I trust you made it back alive? You've done well, Garrett.

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