The Ultimate Guide to Casino Game Strategies

The following table shows the number of stops of each win, what it pays, probability of winning, and house edge. House edge is the way that casinos make money. Many casinos offer additional side bets on their Let It Ride games. Here are the different kinds of roulette tables and which ones you should look for: Gameplay is simplicity itself. Caribbean Stud Poker is a house-banked poker game. If the shooter rolls any other number, a point is set.


Money Wheel

So if the player hand consists of a 6 and a 5, the total is But you ignore the first digit, and you just count the score for that hand as 1. The low house edge mentioned only applies to a bet on the banker hand.

If you bet on the player hand, the house edge is 1. The fewer hands you play, the less you can expect to lose over the long run. Unlike baccarat, the house edge for this game is usually higher than most other games in the casino—between The lower the denomination, the more times it appears. The house edge on that bet is Notice how the house edge for the best bet in this game is more than 10 times higher than the house edge for baccarat?

You also have two logos, which pay out at 40 to 1. The problem is that the odds of winning this bet are only 1. The house edge on those logo wagers are A better strategy might be to find a different game. The big six wheel is just too doggone expensive to play. Also, you should know that this game is also sometimes referred to by other names, like wheel of fortune, lucky wheel, money wheel, etc. Blackjack is a perennial classic. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it also offers some of the best odds in the casino.

A skilled blackjack player can even get an edge over the casino if the conditions are appropriate. The problem is that it requires a certain amount of skill. Blackjack is a simple comparing card game with some similarities to baccarat. These similarities are mostly on the surface though. Each player is dealt a two card hand, and the dealer also gets a two card hand. A hand of blackjack is scored according to how many total points it has. Aces count as either 1 or 11, whichever is better.

Face cards the jack, queen, and king each count as 10 points. All other cards are scored according to their rank. Players play versus the dealer, not against each other. The dealer always acts last. The goal is to get closer to 21 than the dealer or to avoid busting when the dealer busts.

A blackjack hand busts when its total reaches 22 or higher. Players get to decide, based on their total, whether or not to take additional cards. They also have occasional side bets to choose from, like insurance. They also have the opportunity to make some more exotic decisions, like splitting an initial hand into two hands, or doubling down, which means taking one more card and doubling the amount of their initial bet.

You can further reduce the house edge and even get an edge over the casino by counting cards and raising the size of your bets when the deck is in your favor. Caribbean Stud Poker is a house-banked poker game. Then they each get 5 cards. The dealer also gets a 5 card hand. The first decision a player makes is whether to fold or raise.

If he folds, he forfeits his card and the ante bet. If he raises, then he has to place an additional wager of twice the size of his ante. At this point, the dealer turns over her cards. The raise is considered a push and is returned to the player, but with no winnings. If the dealer has a better poker hand, the player loses both the ante and the raise.

If the player has the better hand, then the ante is paid off at even money. The game will have a pay table posted with the possible hands and their payoffs. The player gets his money back but no winnings. The progressive side bet is paid off if the player has the appropriate poker hand, regardless of whether or not the dealer ties.

The house edge for Caribbean Stud Poker is 2. You should always raise if you have a pair or higher. You should raise with your ace king if the dealer has a 2 through queen showing that matches one of your cards. This makes it less likely that the dealer will have a pair or higher.

You should also raise if the dealer has an ace or king showing if you have a queen or jack in your hand, because that reduces the chances that the dealer has a straight. Casino War is a comparing card game similar to baccarat, blackjack, and Caribbean Stud Poker. The biggest difference is that casino war might be the simplest casino gambling game ever devised. It should be easy to see how the house gets an edge in a game with these kinds of rules. Oh, and the game also has an option where you can bet on a tie.

You should always go to war and never bet on a tie. The house edge for the standard version of the game, when you follow this strategy, is around 2. Some casinos offer a bonus payout if you win after a tie. The strategy remains the same in such games, but the house edge goes down. Casino war is a fast game. Unfortunately, a lot of players are intimidated by the complexity of the game. The basics work like this. A round starts with a player rolling the dice. The basic wager is on whether or not the player succeeds when shooting the dice.

If you bet on pass, then you win even money if the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 on the come out roll. You lose if the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or If the shooter rolls any other number, a point is set.

Suppose the shooter rolls a 5. She keeps shooting until she rolls a 5 again, or until she rolls a 7. If she rolls the 5 first, you win your pass bet.

If she rolls a 7 before rolling the point, then you lose the pass bet. You can also bet on the shooter to lose. Where you really get the opportunity to improve the math of the game in your favor is by taking the odds bet.

Once a point has been set, you can place an odds bet of equal to a multiple of your original wager. The amount of the potential multiple is determined by the casino. That has the net effect of reducing the house edge on the total amount of money you have in play. Find a casino which allows large odds bets, and you can play a game with an effective house edge of less 0.

You can find more details about the basics of playing craps here , and you can find additional tips for playing craps here. You choose a bunch of numbers, and if they match the numbers that are drawn by the casino, you win a big payout. The problem is that the odds of getting a number of matches are small—much smaller than you probably think. Still, compared to a state-run lottery, keno is a relative bargain.

You fill out a card and choose a set of number between 1 and Then the casino randomly draws 20 numbers. Depending on how many numbers you get right, you get a payout. Keno is a completely random game. Let It Ride is another house-banked poker game. You get a five card hand, then you get the opportunity to remove some of your bets as your cards are dealt. You start by making three bets, all of the same amount. Then the dealer deals a community card, which is shared by all the players at the table.

Now you have the option again of pulling back another one of your bets. You can also let this bet ride. Finally, the dealer deals a 2nd community card, which you use to complete your five card hand.

You get a payout based on what kind of hand you wound up with. Unlike many casino games, Let It Ride has a strategy which affects the house edge.

One factor to keep in mind when setting your bet sizes is the maximum aggregate payout. At some casinos, the total amount you can win is capped. The house edge on Let It Ride, if you use the above strategy and the above pay table, is about 3.

Still, it is interesting to be able to use some strategy at a game besides blackjack. Many casinos offer additional side bets on their Let It Ride games. The house edge on side bets in casino card games is always notoriously high, and Let It Ride is no exception.

If you decide to give Let It Ride a try, just skip the side bets. You play with a 53 card deck—the standard deck with a single joker. That joker can be used as an ace to complete any straight, flush, or straight flush, including a royal flush.

You and the dealer both get seven card hands. The five card hand always has to be higher in value than the two card hand.

Both hands are compared. If you lose both hands, then the dealer wins. The house edge for Pai Gow Poker, if you play with the correct strategy which can be found on this page , is 2. But poker is a game of skill. The best place to start with poker is to tighten up your starting hand requirements and bet more aggressively.

Roulette is one of those games where no amount of skillful decision-making can affect your outcome mathematically. In fact, the only decision you can make in roulette is at which table to play. In many casinos, you only have one type of table to choose from anyway, so the point is moot. American roulette is the most common game available in United States casinos.

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