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Canvass for Rent Control in Santa Ana. Clean Dream Act Textbank! Even in flyover country where you can buy nice houses for k all day long, that means having a 50k downpayment. Selecting a Political Party. Not that it matters since bubbles lie within the high, unsustainable prices rather than the quality of lending. We can tolerate differences of opinion in a way that Leftists cannot.

Final St. Peter’s of Bon Secour fish-fry of the year is Oct. 4

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South OC Democratic Club. Feb 21 Wednesday pm, Santa Ana: Feb 22 Thursday 10am-2pm, Costa Mesa: Feb 22 Thursday noon-2pm, Laguna Beach: No More Offshore Oil Rigs!

Feb 22 Thursday 6: Feb Friday-Sunday 9am-5pm, San Diego: Feb 24 Saturday Canvassing for Tacos in Turtle Rock. Feb 25 Sunday pm, Newport Beach: Veterans for Peace Golden Rule Project: Feb 25 Sunday pm, Irvine: Moms Demand Action - CA: Feb 27 Tuesday pm, Huntington Beach: Feb 27 Tuesday pm, Laguna Beach: Laguna Beach Democratic Club: Talking Across the Partisan Divide.

Feb 27 Tuesday 6pm, Irvine: Feb 27 Tuesday pm, Santa Ana: OC Racial Justice Collaborative book club discussion: Feb 28 Wednesday 11am-1pm, Irvine: Feb 28 Wednesday 11am-2pm, Laguna Beach: Feb 28 Wednesday noon-2pm, Irvine: Feb 28 Wednesday 5: Support Our Disneyland Workers: Feb 28 Wednesday pm, Irvine: The Voice of Sojourner Truth.

Mar 1 Thursday 2: Mar 1 Thursday Privatization's Threat to the American Public. Mar 1 Thursday 6: Mar 1 Thursday pm, Orange: Chapman University Young Democrats: Delaine Eastin for Governor Mar 1 Thursday pm, Whittier: Mar 2 Friday pm, Huntington Beach: Mar 3 Saturday 9am, Fullerton: Friends of Josh Newman Opposed to the Recall: Mar 3 Saturday 10am-noon, Anaheim: Immigration Relief for Victims of Crime.

Mar 3 Saturday pm, Santa Ana: Regionalia with John Spiak. Mar 4 Sunday pm, Irvine: Mar 4 Sunday pm, Fullerton: California Women's Society for Democracy in Iran: Women, A Pivotal Force for Change. Mar 5 Monday Mar 5 Monday pm, Fullerton: Mar 5 Monday pm, Irvine: The Intersection Between Faith and Politics. People for Housing OC: A Conversation Among Advocates.

Mar 6 Tuesday 6: Mar 6 Tuesday pm, Irvine: CA Congressional Debate Series: Mar 7 Wednesday pm, Fullerton: Clean Dream Act Textbank! Mar 7 Wednesday pm, Santa Ana: Mar 8 Thursday noon-1pm, Huntington Beach: Mar 8 Thursday pm, Santa Ana: Mar 8 Thursday 6: Latinx Young Democrats of OC: Public education under attack. Mar 10 Saturday 9am-1pm, Orange: Mar 10 Saturday 9am-3pm, Santa Aa: OC National Organization for Women: Girls Know CS Conference. Mar 10 Saturday pm, Irvine: Mar 11 Sunday 11am-3pm, San Clemente: Sacred Activism, Rise Up and Protect.

Mar 11 Sunday pm, Garden Grove: Democratic Socialists of America - OC: Police Brutality Against Women. It's All About Political Engagement. Mar 12 Monday 7pm, Anaheim: Mar 13 Tuesday 1: Can Adversaries Hack Our Elections?

Can We Stop Them? Mar 13 Tuesday 5: Rally Demanding Justice for Shayan Mazroei. Mar 13 Tuesday pm, Santa Ana: Mar 14 Wednesday 5: Mar 14 Wednesday The New Tax Plan: Mar 14 Wednesday pm, Santa Ana: MeToo Beyond the Hashtag. Mar 15 Thursday 6pm, Huntington Beach: Mar 15 Thursday pm, Costa Mesa: Socialist Feminist Meet Up.

Mar 15 Thursday pm, Newport Beach: Laura Oatman's Issues Series: Mar 15 Thursday pm, Santa Ana: Women's Empowerment and Discussion Group.

Mar 15 Thursday Indivisible OC 48 All Hands. Mar 16 Friday pm, Irvine: Mar 17 Saturday 9: Mar 17 Saturday Vigil and March Against the Death Penalty. Mar 17 Saturday pm, Santa Ana: Mar 17 Saturday 1: Mar 18 Sunday pm, Santa Ana: OC Racial Justice Collaborative: A New Hispanic Heritage Tradition. Mar 19 Monday 6: Mar 20 Tuesday 5: Mar 20 Tuesday 7: Mar 21 Wednesday 5: Mar 21 Wednesday pm, Santa Ana: Mar 22 Thursday 6: Mar 24 Saturday 8am-3pm, Anaheim: Womxn of Color Conference: Mar 24 Saturday 8: Mar 24 Saturday am, San Clemente: Mar 24 Saturday 9: Mar 24 Saturday 10am-noon, Irvine: Mar 24 Saturday 10am March For Our Lives.

Mar 24 Saturday noonpm, Anaheim: The Decolonizing Mental Health Festival. Mar 25 Sunday Mar 26 Monday pm, Costa Mesa: CA48 Candidate Town Hall.

Mar 27 Tuesday am, Santa Ana: Stand Up to the OC Supervisors. Mar 27 Tuesday 6pm, Irvine: Mar 27 Tuesday 6: League of Women Voters of Orange Coast: Solutions for the Homeless. Mar 27 Tuesday pm, Santa Ana: Win Local with Petition Campaigns: Mar 28 Wednesday pm, Irvine: Mar 28 Wednesday pm, Santa Ana: Mar 29 Thursday noon-1pm, Newport Beach: Mar 29 Thursday pm, Newport Beach: Give a Blue Wave Mimi's Donors. Mar 29 Thursday 5: Mar 29 Thursday Mar 29 Thursday 6: Mar 30 Friday Mar 31 Saturday am, Irvine: Farrah's Irvine Listening Tour: Khan for Irvine City Council Mar 31 Saturday 10am-noon, Orange: Mar 31 Saturday 10am-4pm, Santa Ana: Building Power through Grassroots Organizing Part 2.

Apr 2 Monday Housing is a Human Right: Apr 3 Tuesday pm, Irvine: Apr 4 Wednesday 6: Apr 4 Wednesday pm, Santa Ana: Apr 5 Thursday 8am Apr 5 Thursday Stand up for OC Lives! Apr 5 Thursday 6: Apr 5 Thursday pm, Garden Grove: Apr 6 Friday 6: Electoral Politics Committee Meeting. Apr 7 2 nd Saturday 10am, Santa Ana: OC Peace Coalition Meeting. Apr 7 Saturday 5: Apr 9 Monday pm, Orange: People on the Move: An Exploration of Global Displacement.

Apr 9 Monday 5pm, Los Alamitos: Residents Defend Sanctuary and Immigrant Rights. Apr 9 Monday Displacement in the West Bank: A Conversation with Eid Suleman. Apr 9 Monday 6: Apr 9 Monday pm, Irvine: Students for Justice in Palestine Gaza Now. Apr 10 Tuesday Celebrate Equal Pay Day Luncheon.

Apr 10 Tuesday 5: Progressives of South OC. Apr 11 Wednesday pm, Orange: Apr 12 Thursday pm, Santa Ana: Apr 12 Thursday 5: Democratic Women of South OC. Apr 12 Thursday 6pm, Huntington Beach: Human Flow Documentary Screening. Apr 12 Thursday pm, To be provided: High Level Social Media Training. Apr 14 Saturday 9: Apr 14 Saturday Apr 14 Saturday 3pm, Irvine: Apr 15 Sunday 10am-1pm, Anaheim: Apr 15 Sunday noon-5pm, Santa Ana: Finding Compassion Despite Our Differences.

Apr 15 Sunday Apr 15 Sunday 2pm, Irvine: Democrats of Greater Irvine Monthly Meeting. Apr 15 Sunday 5: Apr 15 Sunday pm, Fullerton: Apr 16 Monday 6: Apr 17 Tuesday 5: Newport Beach Women's Democratic Club. Apr 17 Tuesday 7: Cousins Club of OC: Josef Avesar " Surviving Peace ". Apr 18 Wednesday 6: Apr 18 Wednesday 7pm, PBS: So Cal Sustaining CA: Apr 19 Thursday 3: Moms Demand Action Rally: Dana Rohrabacher-Enough Is Enough! Apr 19 Thursday 7pm, Irvine: Homelessness in Orange County: The Demographics, Causes, Costs and Solutions.

Apr 19 Thursday pm, Irvine: Apr 20 Friday 8am-5pm, Santa Ana: Apr 20 Friday 8: Emerging Issues and Practical Solutions. Apr 20 Friday 8am-9pm, Anaheim: Challenging Islamophobia With My Vote. Apr 20 Friday 11am, Irvine: Apr 21 Saturday am, Costa Mesa: Apr 21 Saturday 9: Eating, Drinking, and Living for Our Planet. Apr 21 Saturday pm, Santa Ana: Apr 21 Saturday 1: Freedom from Religion Foundation v. Apr 22 Sunday 5pm, Orange: Apr 23 Monday Apr 23 Monday 5pm, Orange: Apr 23 Monday pm, Irvine: Apr 24 Tuesday 10am, Irvine: Apr 24 Tuesday pm, Irvine: Global Partners for Sustainability: Soil, Seeds, and Sovereignty Film Screening and discussion.

Apr 24 Tuesday pm, Fullerton: Apr 25 Wednesday 9: California Alliance for Retired Americans: Apr 25 Wednesday 11am-1pm, Irvine: OC - Homelessness in the OC: Apr 25 Wednesday 7: Apr 27 Friday 10am-1pm, Fullerton: Symposium on Homelessness in OC.

Apr 28 Saturday 10am, Anaheim: Apr 28 Saturday 10am-noon, Santa Ana: Apr 28 Saturday pm, Buena Park: A Performance by the Children of Childs-pace. Apr 28 Saturday pm, Irvine: Apr 28 Saturday pm, Costa Mesa: Apr 29 Sunday 1: Apr 29 Sunday 11am-3pm, Santa Ana: Apr 30 Monday noon, Orange: Democratic Foundation of OC: Apr 30 Monday 6: May 1 Tuesday 8am-noon, Anaheim: May 1 Tuesday 4pm, Santa Ana: May 1 Tuesday 5: May 1 Tuesday May 1 Tuesday 7pm, Los Alamitos: May 2 Wednesday pm, Laguna Niguel: May 2 Wednesday pm, Irvine: May 3 Thursday 7am, Newport Beach: May 3 Thursday 8am May 3 Thursday 6: May 5 Saturday 9am-1pm, Huntington Beach: Blue Wave Flip the House Canvass.

May 5 Saturday 10am-2pm, Costa Mesa: CA Voter Registration Walk. May 5 Saturday pm, Santa Ana: May 6 Sunday 2: OC Alliance for Just Change: May 6 Sunday 11am-noon, Huntington Beach: May 7 Monday pm, Anaheim: May 7 Monday 5: May 7 Monday pm, Irvine: May 7 Monday 6: Development and Displacement in Orange County. May 9 Wednesday 6: Indivisible CA39 Members' Meeting.

May 9 Wednesday pm, Santa Ana: May 11 Friday May 11 Friday pm, Irvine: May 12 Saturday 10am, Orange: OC Poverty Alleviation Coalition volunteer orientation.

May 12 Sunday Saturday 7: May 12 Saturday May 12 Saturday 6: Where Did We Go Wrong? May 14 Monday 9pm, Santa Ana: May 15 Tuesday 6: May 15 Tuesday 7: May 17 Thursday 7: V3 Series 5 - Community Reporting. May 18 Friday May 19 Saturday 7am-noon, Huntington Beach: May 19 Saturday 9: May 19 Saturday 10am-1pm, Yorba Linda: May 19 Saturday 1: May 19 Saturday pm, Santa Ana: Canvass for Rent Control in Santa Ana.

May 19 Saturday May 20 Sunday Homeless in Orange County: What Are the Solutions? May 20 Sunday pm, Irvine: Friends of OC Detainees: May 20 Sunday 1: Democrats of Greater Irvine: May 20 Sunday pm, Tustin: Democratic Socialists of America reading group: Last day to register to vote in the Statewide Direct Primary Election. May 21 Monday 7: We are Sanctuary - Ramadan Community Iftar. May 22 Tuesday pm, Costa Mesa: May 22 Tuesday pm, Anaheim: May 22 Tuesday 7pm, Laguna Beach: May 23 Wednesday 11am May 23 Wednesday 2pm, Santa Ana: May 23 Wednesday 6pm, Irvine: Combating Homelessness in Orange County.

May 24 Thursday World Affairs Council OC: Students Demand Action OC: Vigil for Santa Fe School Shooting. May 26 Saturday pm, Santa Ana: May 29 Tuesday 7am-noon, Huntington Beach: May 29 Tuesday 10am-noon, Irvine: May 29 Tuesday pm, Irvine: May 29 Tuesday pm, Santa Ana: Costa Mesa Democratic Club: Free Film about Gaza: May 31 Thursday Building the Road to Resilience. Wear Orange for gun violence awareness. Jun 2 Saturday pm, Santa Ana: Green Party of OC: Farrah Khan Community ChoiceEnergy.

Jun 3 Sunday 4: Poor People's Campaign Monthly Meeting. Democrats of North OC: Are You Ready to Run? Primary Review and DemParty Primer. Reflections of Personal Experience with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Wage Justice Workshop - Training.

Exodus documentary about Syrian Refugees. OC Rapod Response Network: Know Your Rights Workshop. Jun 13 Wednesday 6: Sierra Club Rio Hondon Chapter: Electing Environmentally Friendly Legislators.

New Jun 15 Friday pm, Costa Mesa: Jun 16 Saturday 8: Build the Blue Bench: Campaign Training for Democrats. Jun 16 Saturday 10am-4pm, Anaheim: New Jun 17 Sunday pm, Irvine: Democrats of Greater Irvine Unity Party. New Jun 18 Monday Democratic Women of South OC: Jun 19 Tuesday New Jun 20 Wednesday pm, Irvine: It's Time to Retire Mimi Walters.

New Jun 21 Thursday pm, Newport Beach: Rally and Press Conference: No Hate in OC! Summer of the People Protest for a Living Wage. New Jun 24 Sunday New Jun 24 Sunday 1: The First People of Orange County. New Jun 24 Sunday pm, Costa Mesa: Our Revolution Costa Mesa planning meeting. New Jun 24 Sunday pm, Irvine: New Jun 25 Monday New Jun 26 Tuesday 3: Day of Action - StandWithMuslims. New Jun 27 Wednesday 11am New Jun 27 Wednesday pm, Irvine: New Jun 28 Thursday noon, Irvine: New Jun 28 Thursday 5: New Jun 28 Thursday pm, Anaheim: New Jun 28 Thursday 6pm, Irvine: New Jun 29 Friday noon-7pm, Santa Ana: Liberation of Detained "Immigrant" Children.

New Jun 29 Friday Legos for Liberation of Families. New Jun 29 Friday 6: Democratic Socialists of America OC: New Jun 30 Saturday 10am-noon, Santa Ana: Global Goals, Local Leaders. New Jun 30 Saturday pm, Santa Ana: New Jun 30 Saturday 5pm, Irvine: New Jul 1 Sunday 7am-3pm, Huntington Beach: Arlington West with Veterans For Peace. New Jul 3 Tuesday 11am Stop Disney Poverty rally and march. New Jul 4 Wednesday New Jul 5 Thursdays pm, Irvine: Democrats of Greater Irvine phone-banking.

New Jul 6 Friday New Jul 7 Saturday 10am-noon, Anaheim: New Jul 7 Saturday New Jul 7 Saturday pm, Santa Ana: Libertarian Socialist Caucus Meeting. New Jul 7 Saturday 3pm, Santa Ana: OC Racial Justice Collaborative. New Jul 8 Sunday pm, Anaheim: Jul 9 Monday 9: Rally for OC Students Candidates. New Jul 9 Monday pm, Tustin: New Jul 11 Wednesday pm, Santa Ana: New Jul 12 Thursday am, Santa Ana: New Jul 12 Thursday 3: New Jul 12 Thursday pm, Fullerton: Evening of Civil Discourse and Political Debate.

New Jul 12 Thursday 7: Democratic Socialsts of America-OC: Mutual Aid Committee Meeting. New Jul 14 Saturday 9: Beach Cleanup and Rally: New Jul 14 Saturday New Jul 14 Saturday pm, Santa Ana: New Jul 15 Sunday 2: New Jul 16 Monday 4: New Jul 16 Monday 6: New Jul 17 Tuesday 6pm, Newport Beach: New Jul 18 Wednesday noon-2pm, Irvine: Lunch with League Speaker: New Jul 18 Wednesday 5: Say NO to Poseidon.

New Jul 18 Wednesday 7: Candlelight vigil to protest corruption in our political system. New Jul 19 Thursday am, Santa Ana: New Jul 19 Thursday 5: New Jul 20 Friday pm, Irvine: New Jul 21 Saturday 10am-noon, Irvine: New Jul 21 Saturday 10am Knock on Doors with Cottie Petrie-Norris! What Remains of a Woman's Right to Choose? New Jul 21 Saturday 2pm, Irvine: New Jul 21 Saturday 6: OC Road To Change: New Jul 22 Sunday 10am-noon, Santa Ana: New Jul 22 Sunday New Jul 22 Sunday 4: Together We Will - OC: Writing Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor.

New Jul 23 Monday 5: New Jul 24 Tuesday New Jul 24 Tuesday 6: New Jul 25 Wednesday 11am New Jul 25 Wednesday pm, Santa Ana: New Jul 25 Wednesday 6: Capo Unified School Board Meeting. New Jul 26 Thursday pm, Westminster: New Jul 26 Thursday 6pm, Irvine: New Jul 27 Friday 1: New Jul 28 Saturday 9am-2pm, Garden Grove: Solidarity Building Soccer Game. New Jul 28 Saturday 10am-noon, Fullerton: Keep Families Together rally.

New Jul 28 Saturday 11am-1pm, Costa Mesa: New Jul 28 Saturday 3: New Jul 28 Saturday pm, Anaheim: New Jul 28 Saturday 5pm, Irvine: New Jul 29 Sunday pm, Buena Park: New Jul 29 Sunday pm, Costa Mesa: New Jul 31 Tuesday 10am-noon, Santa Ana: New Jul 31 Tuesday pm, Irvine: Taste of Irvine Tour. New Jul 31 Tuesday 6: New Jul 31 Tuesday pm, Santa Ana: New Aug 1 Wednesday 7pm, Irvine: Follow up meeting for Indivisible Campaign Plans.

New Aug 2 Thursday 6: New Aug 2 Thursday Democrats of North Orange County: New Aug 4 Saturday pm, Irvine: Community Meeting on Energy Choice. New Aug 4 Saturday New Aug 5 Sunday pm, Buena Park: New Aug 6 Monday 5: Democratic Socialists of America: Wage Justice Committee Meeting.

New Aug 8 Wednesday 5: New Aug 8 Wednesday 6: New Aug 8 Wednesday 7pm, Laguna Woods: Laguna Woods Democratic Club. New Aug 8 Wednesday 7pm, Huntington Beach: New Aug 8 Wednesday pm, Santa Ana: New Aug 9 Thursday 5pm, Newport Beach: New Aug 9 Thursday 6: New Aug 9 Thursday 7: New Aug 10 Friday 5: Women in Politics Cocktail Hour.

New Aug 11 Saturday 9am-2pm, Garden Grove: Anaheim Living Wage Initiative Training. New Aug 11 Saturday 10am-noon, Los Alamitos: New Aug 11 Saturday pm, Huntington Beach: New Aug 11 Saturday Arab American Civic Council: New Aug 11 Saturday pm, Fullerton: New Aug 11 Saturday 6: Celebrate and Defend Sanctuary Block Party. Rent a 4, 6, 8, or 10 passenger Orange County Limousine rentals! And we also offer Hummer limos and party bus rentals!

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