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The club welcomes any and all forms of cycling, from road to mountain to BMX to those just looking for a fun activity. The German Club is a cultural club on campus that focuses on the culture of the German speaking countries: Not only do students have the MPL to help explore their available poker options, they also have the website www. These nights also serve as a way to meet other student players and find more regular games. Home News Poker Events.

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Students looking for that little speck of relaxation turn to their favorite pastimes, among them poker. If you're a student looking for poker action, whether it's a break from your tough schedule, a regular weekly event, or looking at going pro, the University of Michigan certainly has the right game for you.

Many students at the University of Michigan are spending their time developing their poker skills by participating in as many poker outlets they can find around campus. The school has plenty of poker options this year, thanks in large part to the help of the Michigan Poker League, a school-sponsored organization. The club was created just a year ago, and yet has already built its membership to well over members.

Meetings for the club are held in the form of poker tournaments, where members discuss poker strategy as well as club ideas. James Egerer, president of the MPL, is even looking into holding what he calls a "No-Fold'em Hold'em" event, in which members would play a regular tournament; however, after each hand is completed the table would redeal the exact hands to each player and play with the cards face-up, so players at the table can see and discuss how well, or poorly, each hand was played.

The MPL also has its own website, located at www. The MPL really sets a standard when it comes to campus poker clubs. Not only do they run weekly tournaments, but they've also tried reaching out into the community for other poker opportunities. They are currently looking at collaborating with the Ann Arbor Poker Club, and have even been offered other venues to hold their meetings and tournaments off campus.

However, the club has decided to put its members first, holding most of their events on campus at The Michigan League and the Michigan Union, as members without transportation would otherwise not be able to attend. Not only do students have the MPL to help explore their available poker options, they also have the website www.

The website aims at offering "a comprehensive list of Michigan poker clubs, Michigan poker groups, Michigan poker tournaments, Michigan poker home games and Michigan poker rooms," and succeeds!

The website also lists casino tournament schedules, poker surplus items and poker strategy. If you're looking for poker information and live in Michigan, this website is a must. The website isn't connected to the school or to students, and events listed there are all off-campus events; some could be many miles outside of Ann Arbor. So whether you're interested in an inexpensive home game, or a regular cash tournament, the Poker in Michigan website has just what you're looking for.

U of M students looking for casino action also have plenty of options, although most are a bit of a drive from the campus. Students interested in other free bar events can check the website lonestarfreepoker. Students looking to hone their poker skills should not take these events lightly, as they serve as a great and inexpensive way to practice one's game before investing the big bucks.

Students looking for a nice profit won't have too hard of a time finding a soft, local game around the UT-Austin campus. These nights also serve as a way to meet other student players and find more regular games. For those students who need a taste of casino action, there's always the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino, located a little less than four hours from Austin. While the drive may be staggering to some, students willing to make the trip will find a solid poker room, filled with 16 poker tables and regular action.

The poker room serves as a great excuse to plan a weekend trip, and is certainly a trip worth making once a semester or so. While UT-Austin might not offer a specific club for poker, students still have plenty of poker action at hand.

Although most of the local action certainly won't make a student rich and the nearest casino is a distance away, students can still easily find ways to enjoy the game. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

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