Once all the prizes are gone on the grid multiple people can buy tickets on the same grid it resets and pays all the winners out. It was an amazing experience to visit this website and read the articles and contents. You can thank the weak and greedy politicians for ruining poker, and in my belief, ruining the United States of America in years to come. Yeah, eve-bet is the only one I know of for a fact isn't rigged. Go ahead and check them out, they're a lot of fun. Even if a start-up operation was able to attract thousands of real-money customers to their site — which is a major feat by itself — they would only have simultaneous customers online in the tens or at most low hundreds at peak hours such is the nature of the business ; PokerStars, on the other hand, has around 19, simultaneous cash-game players online on average, and the figure goes way up during peak hours.

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Basics of Online Poker

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Great Job, I greatly appreciate that. Regards, buy virtual number. Many players believe that a near miss situation indicates that the jackpot is just around the corner. This judi domino ceme. Sunday, September 22, Gambling and Scamming - Part 2.

I apologize it took so long to finish this article. GTA V came out and, well, you know how that goes. Last time we talked about scams that people run in EVE. This time we're going to talk about legit gambling websites that are run by members of the EVE community. ISK-gambling sites have a lot in common with their real-money counterparts. Since I live in the US, I'm not legally allowed to use those sites, but One thing the legit gambling websites have in common is they use an in-game corporation to transfer ISK to and from your character to their site.

Later, after you've won, you cashout on the site and the same corporation transfers the money into your wallet. There are people who believe these sites are a scam. They operate like casinos; they use a mathematical edge to generate a profit. I guess if you think playing Blackjack or slot machines in a casino are a "scam," then you would call these sites a scam EVE Bet is a sports betting website. You can bet on Football, Baseball, Soccer, etc.

They use other bookmaking sites to set their odds and just like real-life sports betting, those odds are set when you make your bet, despite the line on the game changing. I'll put a million here or there on a game, if I'm feeling lucky. It operates on the same principle as every other poker site on the internet such as PokerStars or Full Tilt. They have ring games where ISK is converted to tokens one token is , ISK and they have tournaments you buy into by giving ISK in-game to a "banker" who starts the tournament and pays out the winners.

This is my favorite gambling site because the players are mostly bad and I've won several hundred million ISK on the site with limited playtime. Evealopalous has raffles and lotteries. They also have a section called the grid where you purchase squares on a grid that contain money, squares to more expensive grids, or nothing. Once all the prizes are gone on the grid multiple people can buy tickets on the same grid it resets and pays all the winners out.

Somer Blink is a lottery site that has instant lotteries called blinks on ships and high-ticket items. Blink is probably the most addictive site of the bunch. A blink works thusly: Someone starts a blink by choosing the item they want to play for and buying the first ticket.

Most blinks have either eight or sixteen tickets. Once all the tickets are sold, a number is drawn and a winner is chosen. Items can either be converted into Blink credit or contracted to you in Jita. Blink is incredibly well-run, credit is added to your account almost instantly and prizes are contracted within a few minutes. You also have the option of having larger items shipped to any highsec system for free. Poker is a slow game compared to the instant gratification of lotteries. Many people are unwilling to invest an hour to make a couple hundred million ISK of course that all depends on the buy-in for tournaments , I guess.

I love EOH and used to play there a lot as well as bank there but my EVE time is so limited these days and my corp consumes it all. I wish EOH was busier. I should see about scheduling a regular tournament for my corp. They are very accommodating about setting those up. Well, it's a ISK poker game that have been on for Years I remember playing it in , it was a big community site back then.

EOH owns unfortunately you get big dogs like me who rack a few noobs and kill the game for a week. I agree with OP When I started playing eve I found out about EoH and turned my 2m isk from the tutorial into a shitfit drake lacking all the skills in a few hours: It's an older gambling site. IIRC, I played around on there some back in like and they were decently well established by then. Wow that is pretty awesome. If that person reads this please don't gamble it all away. Find a way for the Isk to work for you and use the income to fund whatever projects you want to do in eve.

If you have more then you know what to do with and want to find something to spend it on, I would recommend finding a group that you can help. Newbros, charities, or just friends. All are good choices. Yes they have some winners and some big winners at that, but it is clearly largely rigged in the houses favor. More then it should be. Compare playing that tickets on ships thing on IWI or Eve-bet.

I have pointed this out many times over. IWI never favors anyone, even bankers that gamble. It would be incredibly bad for business and on top of that it adds so much extra drama and BS that it would be probably the dumbest thing in eve history that someone could do because it would jeopardize Trillions of Isk in profit for what? On top of that there is a very good example of a big banker rage gambling over 2T away yes that is literally how much he lost.

Dude wiped out his Isk in days. How would you be risking everything? How would anyone be able to tell if iwi has bots that play for example. Now to be fair while saying that I assume a lot of them are market alts. You could say Small sample and you would be absolutely right. There are tons of people in eve and a lot of people go to IWI.

Tbf, I was a nobody when I won 1. Random is random bro. You much just be luckier on Eve-bet, which is perfectly fine. I had a 6 month slump on IWI and had to limit how much I played. There is no way to know for sure unless you look at the internals on the site and that won't happen due to obvious security reasons.

But I can tell you that I personally have lost to random people and that is a good thing. It shows the site doesn't favor people. As for the bots bit Why would the site lose Isk by intentionally buying up raffle tickets when it could not do it and make more Isk.

The way the site is now allowing people to gamble against each other is more than enough. I can't see why anyone would risk jeopardizing that to try and squeeze more out of it. Some people just don't get that the rake on each raffle is more than enough profit. There is no need for shadiness, just like Casinos make money without "cheating".

And I know first hand that random people both me and my gf have won big jackpots. IWI operates just as any other online casino or betting site. If you calculate the odds, they are always in their favor, because that is the point of the business. Ie, if there is a raffle for a 9 million ship, they will sell 10 entries worth 1 million each.

Anyway, in any serious gambling business, you want to pay ppl out, because that way they will come again. You have your cut always, and it is not worth losing reputation for a short term gains. Im looking forward to see the evidence you have for these claims.

How PokerStars Became #1