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In India, for example, a suitable solid state fermentation process has been developed to enhance the biological composition and nutrition value of sawdust using Pleurotus sajor-caju springerlink. Cellulose made from sawdust can possibly be used as feed if it is carefully derived and finely ground. Among the wood flour products shown in Table 1 feed extender is mentioned.

In times of need this has been added to normal feed, it is partially digestable. For human consumption wood meal can be used as an extender in cereal flours; in addition, spruce meal can be used to coat baking trays to prevent the dough from sticking. For smoking often sawdust is being used. Sawmill by-products have not only been used directly and indirectly for the production of food stuffs but have, for centuries, also been used to help conserve them and to improve their taste.

Smoking is a traditional method of food conservation for meat and fish. This is usually done by smouldering of hardwoods such as beech, oak and maple or juniper in the form of sawings, shavings or split wood. The smoke has a germicidal and drying effect on the food. Depending on the temperature it can be categorized as cold, warm or hot smoke. Oak wood chips from wood barrel production are used to improve the taste of red wine during fermentation in steel containers.

Just as wooden barrels are toasted so too are the chips. This makes them an important factor in the development of aromatic substances in red wine which determine its taste and color. An interesting use of sawmill by-products in construction is demonstrated by wall form units made of low-density cement-bonded wood fiber composite.

This material is lightweight with an adequate carrying capacity, porous, thermal insolating and very durable. It does not rot nor decay. It is vermine, termite and insect proof and does not support fungus growth. It is accepted as environmentally friendly and does not contain nor emit any toxic elements. If its sugar content is too high, it can be reduced by first subjecting the sawdust to fermentation.

One possibility for using sawings and sawdust for environmental protection purposes is to mix it with materials which are to be composted, e. In the composting of sewage sludge wooden particles serve as structural material.

Its main function is to help adjust the water content of the rotting mixture to an optimal value and to increase the volume and stability of the pores. Not only living trees but also chipped wood can care for clean air and water! A mixture of wood chips and compost can be used as biofilter to treat odorous air. A Japanese company is offering a fast fermentation system for sewage sludge using wood chips as a kind of catalyst.

To reduce the consumption of water and the production of sewage sludge sawdust toilets can be helpful. Wood residues can be used for soil amelioration. Researchers in Iowa U. As the wood decomposes, bacteria transform the nitrates into nitrogen gas. Lab tests have shown that all nitrates could be effectively removed if the water is held within the system long enough. Pellets containing a mixture of solid wood, ash, and charcoal residues impregnated with nutrients could be developed to increase the cation exchange capacity and thereby the efficiency of the application of mineral fertilizers.

So waste from wood processing and burning facilities could be be used to reduce leaching of nutrients into the groundwater and to stabilize the chemical soil conditions in long term. An indirect way of environmental protection is if sawdust substitutes for sphagnum peat in horticultural applications example 1 , example 2.

Because of the very high standards which have to be met in the production of wood flour products, the raw material must be carefully selected and processed according to strict guidelines. A fundamental factor with regard to the quality of wood flour is the original tree species; the size and form of the grit also plays a role although with decreasing size the influence of the species and the form becomes less relevant. Other important properties include the degree of purity, moisture and resin content, colour, type of chemical reaction, ash content and the iodine-potassium-starchgrade.

A more extensive publication on this topic you can download: In John M. Harkin from the Forest Products Laboratory of the U. Fan status is reported to the Controller module. The following are the number of Fan Control modules depending on Fan Control Module that plugs into a connector on the Fan Module.

You can control Redundancy settings via the Web based UI. Adding a Second Resource Module into a Platinum VX Frame When a second Resource module is inserted into a frame that already has an active Resource module, it influences the determination of the new active Resource module for the frame, based on 2 factors: Frame, note the notch at the bottom of the frame that the card should slide into.

Position the Crosspoint Module in the slot and slide into the frame. Then slide them into place. Locate the Crosspoint Module in the frame. Once the extractors have been loosened, grasp the upper and lower extractors and pull outward to slide the module out of the frame. The LEDs will be green for the active crosspoint, and yellow for the secondary crosspoint. If there is only one Crosspoint in the frame, only 1 LED top and bottom will be lit.

The following connector types are available on the module: Ethernet 1 and 2 must be on separate subnets. The Platinum VX frame comes with two power supplies. The indicator light will be red if the power supply is present but not connected. It will be be green if power is functioning properly. With the access panel closed Figure Similarly, when removing the cable from the output on the frame, release the locking mechanism and then pull the cable out.

If you see a red light, it indicates the power supply is not connected or switched on. If you see a green light, it indicates the power supply is functioning properly. This is to help identify the power supply plug that goes in. Copy or it can be programmed to change to indicate the source that was formerly on the program output before the transition set to Swap.

These 2 SFP Relay bypass modules are provided on the SFP input side Slots and , to avoid program output interruption in the event the frame loses power. Database functions are provided from within the Platinum VX via the built in database editor. However, you still need Magellan CSS Navigator if you want to include your Platinum VX as part of a routing system with other devices and for other advanced functions.

You can also use certain Imagine Communications legacy control panels to control your Platinum If you would like to use a legacy control panel, you need to set it up such that there is an Edge in between your control panel and your Platinum VX. Enhanced salvos must be published to the applicable device before they can be executed. Magellan CCS Navigator is needed to define salvos and to publish.

You must publish via Navigator, where Salvos have been defined. Create a Salvo by doing the following: Click New, enter a Name for the Salvo 4. Select Enhanced Salvo if desired. Click Publish to Devices for Magellan panels. On legacy control panels, map the basic salvos onto buttons and download the configuration to the panel. The home page displays a dashboard from where you can configure, view, and monitor different elements of your system.

You can control the editable parameters by entering values, selecting options from drop down lists, or in some cases by dragging a slider to the appropriate value. The top right corner of the screen updates to indicate the row the parameters are for. Select the parameter you want to change. See Module Details on page Under Outputs, the Output Port Type column displays information for: Input Parameters on page See CQS Parameters on page If a passive splitter is present on the input side of the module, set this to Small mVpp.

Specific parameters displayed correspond to the type of SFP. When higher than 86 C, the submodule shuts down.

Frame specific components and their parameters can be viewed by clicking the Open Frame link. Open Frame option to access Frame parameters The following parameters provide a control interface to the Platinum VX frame. These parameters are divided into different menu groups Ensure you set Save Ethernet 2 to Yes to save changes made here. Take Policy Specify switch behavior if a new command received when current transition is still in progress.

Select the frozen video type Field 1, Field 2. For more details, see Advanced Setting on page parameters. Whether the fault is active Also see System Fault Descriptions on page The following are possible system faults: The Configuration Dashboard is then displayed. You can do the following: Database Foundry on page Click Set to change. Options are Standalone or System. Ensure Standalone is selected for the first release of the Platinum VX. Select this option to use Name Indices.

Unchecking this grays out the Name Index field. Enter a name for the Source or Destination. By default, Sr or Ds. Limited to 8 characters. For example, if you previously defined Sr1-Sr5, and you want to add a new source right after Sr1 rather than after Sr5 , use the Insert option to do so.

If you use Add in this case, Sr6 will be placed after Sr5. Use the Update option to modify details for a previously created Source or Destination. Select the appropriate checkbox to modify that section. In case of the Platinum VX, device types are built-in, and you can just select the appropriate one from the Device Type drop down list when adding see Add on page , inserting see Insert on page , or updating see Update on page a source or destination.

Restrict sets can be defined in any of the following formats: In the Destinations tab, define the list of logical destinations that the restrict set applies to by selecting from the available logical destinations in the database and clicking Add.

Once the dialog closes the new restrict set will appear in the list of restrict sets. Click the Save button to save changes, and then click Publish. Click the Autogenerate button to generate categories and indexes for all sources and destinations. This is the easiest way to do it, and you can then edit or tweak as required. Click Save when done, and then click the Publish button to publish changes to the database. To upgrade the firmware: You will get a message confirming the upgrade.

Upload and Upgrade progress will be displayed on the right 5. Click the Upgrade button. Click the Activate button to activate the new firmware 5.

A message will be displayed confirming that firmware activation is in progress.

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