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I guess they think they can get a few more hands per hour if the dealer just places cards, instead of actually dealing them. Mike, thanks for the report. The distance from a school can be increased to feet under certain circumstances. Beyond that, California is completely ambiguous because there is no State law that would serve to explicitly prohibit players from gambling online, operators would be doing something illegal under California State Law but lower levels of Government than the State itself could enact Legislation making such an act illegal. Though Murphy's business ties to a Chicago labor leader with mob connections caught investigators' attention, it was other Nii-Jii investors' backgrounds that were more problematic, Apesanahkwat said. Archived from the original PDF on December 16,

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Illinois has made several attempts at online gambling regulation and expansion, although these have all fallen short of realization for one reason or another, and the state legislature is still in the works without an end in sight.

How strictly the codes are enforced for Internet Gambling is unknown, but the laws are not ambiguous. Iowa has perhaps the strictest apparent laws on Online Gambling out there. Other than regulated forms of Gambling, it is a crime to, "Make any bet," pursuant to Iowa law, and the penalties can range all the way up to a Felony dependent exclusively on the amounts involved.

Furthermore, any monies garnered from online gambling are subject to seizure, as are any monies with any other illegal form of gambling in the State.

It is unknown how frequently these laws are enforced. Kentucky law makes it illegal to, "Advance Gambling Activity," which is something that would apply to operators, rather than players. Kentucky law does not seem to prescribe a penalty for the mere act of gambling as a player whatsoever. This says it all, "Whoever commits the crime of Gambling by Computer shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars, or imprisoned for not more than six months, or both.

While unlawful gambling is considered criminal in Maine, there do not appear to be any penalties associated with the act of merely being a player gambling online. An absence of any penalties effectively makes the act not illegal. Pursuant to Maryland Law, both the use of a, "Gambling Device," and the possession of a Gambling Device are crimes that can result in various fines and even up to two years in prison for playing a gaming device. This State is an interesting one because it has a plethora of laws in place to prevent gambling for operators.

One should also keep in mind that the law prohibits gambling in a public place explicitly. One of the most striking Sections to me:. Essentially states that individuals doing any form of gambling and winning five or more dollars except State authorized gambling under Chapter 23K could be fined double the amount of the money that was won gambling. As online gambling would fall under the purview of, "Illegal Gambling," under Michigan law. While an individual who, "Makes a bet," has committed a Misdemeanor pursuant to State Law, it does not seem to carry any penalties.

Minnesota proscribes a number of penalties for, "Gross Misdemeanors," in the next section of the law, but none of those would seem to apply to online players:.

Other than specifically permitted forms of gambling in Missouri, any other form of gambling is a Misdemeanor:. This state defines gambling as risking, "Something of value," on any game that has an element of chance and any form of gambling not specifically permitted by the State is illegal. Section also provides that it is not a defense to contend that the gambling is conducted outside of the State in a jurisdiction in which gambling is permitted.

Finally, Section calls for forfeiture of any monies used for the purpose of illegal gambling to the State. Besides that, the offers are likely better at other online casinos.

Other forms of online wagering are addressed by Other than modes of gambling specifically authorized by the State, Because the State has no legal means of Online Gambling specifically permitted, any form of online gambling is illegal.

New Jersey is one of the few States to have fully legal online casinos which fall under the Licensing and Regulation of the State. While any gambling activity not specifically authorized by the State is unlawful:. Any specific crimes outlined in the New Jersey code focus on operators rather than players. In fact, any provisions under 2C 37 seem to specifically absolve mere players from any wrongdoing.

Unless specifically authorized by the State, all forms of gambling are illegal and are a Misdemeanor. New York defines illegal gambling broadly enough that it would cover any form of gambling not specifically permitted by the State, but a careful perusal of the laws therewith associated focus entirely on online gambling operators as opposed to players:.

New York currently has a Bill before the Senate that might specifically allow certain interactive Poker games to be characterized as games of skill, but it is hard to tell whether or not that Bill will see a vote by the end of the current Legislative Session:. North Carolina defines gambling as, "Any game of chance," and a person participating in such other than those specifically permitted by the State is guilty of a Class II Misdemeanor:.

North Dakota is an interesting one because gambling other than State-sanctioned gambling is conditionally illegal. The State of Ohio outlaws the public playing of games of chance not otherwise allowed by law, but beyond that, does not proscribe any penalties that would extend themselves to online gambling. A few notable exceptions are engaging in illegal gambling as a substantial source of income or livelihood as well as bookmaking which includes betting with a bookmaker.

Oregon law defines unlawful gambling as any gambling that is not specifically permitted by the State and Unlawful Gambling is a Class A Misdemeanor:. Pennsylvania law prohibits any form of unauthorized gambling, but there appear to only be penalties for operators, not players. Social Games as well as a penalty of thirty 30 days for participants. While this measure is quite draconian, there do not appear to be any specific penalties for players gambling online.

Yet it persisted as a commercial center, forming a symbiosis with its Gulf Coast port, Galveston. Landlocked farmers brought their produce to Houston, using Buffalo Bayou to gain access to Galveston and the Gulf of Mexico. Houston merchants profited from selling staples to farmers and shipping the farmers' produce to Galveston.

The great majority of slaves in Texas came with their owners from the older slave states. Sizable numbers, however, came through the domestic slave trade. New Orleans was the center of this trade in the Deep South, but slave dealers were in Houston. Thousands of enslaved blacks lived near the city before the Civil War. Many of them near the city worked on sugar and cotton plantations, while most of those in the city limits had domestic and artisan jobs. In , the community established a chamber of commerce in part to promote shipping and navigation at the newly created port on Buffalo Bayou.

By , Houston had emerged as a commercial and railroad hub for the export of cotton. By , Houston was the railroad center of Texas. In , after Galveston was struck by a devastating hurricane , efforts to make Houston into a viable deep-water port were accelerated. By , the city's population had reached 78,, almost doubling from a decade before. African Americans formed a large part of the city's population, numbering 23, people, which was nearly one-third of the residents. President Woodrow Wilson opened the deep-water Port of Houston in , seven years after digging began.

By , Houston had become Texas' most populous city and Harris County the most populous county. Census Bureau reported Houston's population as When World War II started, tonnage levels at the port decreased and shipping activities were suspended; however, the war did provide economic benefits for the city.

Petrochemical refineries and manufacturing plants were constructed along the ship channel because of the demand for petroleum and synthetic rubber products by the defense industry during the war. Navy during World War II. Due to the boom in defense jobs, thousands of new workers migrated to the city, both blacks and whites competing for the higher-paying jobs.

President Roosevelt had established a policy of nondiscrimination for defense contractors, and blacks gained some opportunities, especially in shipbuilding, although not without resistance from whites and increasing social tensions that erupted into occasional violence.

Economic gains of blacks who entered defense industries continued in the postwar years. In , the M. Anderson Foundation formed the Texas Medical Center. After the war, Houston's economy reverted to being primarily port-driven. In , the city annexed several unincorporated areas, more than doubling its size.

Houston proper began to spread across the region. In , the availability of air conditioning provided impetus for many companies to relocate to Houston, where wages were lower than those in the North; this resulted in an economic boom and produced a key shift in the city's economy toward the energy sector. Johnson Space Center in This was the stimulus for the development of the city's aerospace industry.

The Astrodome , nicknamed the " Eighth Wonder of the World ", [34] opened in as the world's first indoor domed sports stadium. During the late s, Houston had a population boom as people from the Rust Belt states moved to Texas in large numbers.

With the increase in professional jobs, Houston has become a destination for many college-educated persons, including African Americans in a reverse Great Migration from northern areas. In , Houstonians elected Lee P. Brown as the city's first African American mayor.

The storm cost billions of dollars in damage and killed 20 people in Texas. In August , Houston became a shelter to more than , people from New Orleans, who evacuated from Hurricane Katrina. This was the largest urban evacuation in the history of the United States. During its recent history, Houston has flooded several times from heavy rainfall, which has been becoming increasingly common. On January 31, , the Houston City Council agreed to forgive large water bills thousands of households faced in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, as Houston Public Works found 6, homeowners' water utility bills had at least doubled.

Most of Houston is located on the gulf coastal plain , and its vegetation is classified as temperate grassland and forest. Much of the city was built on forested land, marshes, swamp, or prairie and are all still visible in surrounding areas. Houston has four major bayous passing through the city that accept water from the extensive drainage system.

Buffalo Bayou runs through downtown and the Houston Ship Channel , and has three tributaries: The ship channel continues past Galveston and then into the Gulf of Mexico. Houston is a flat marshy area where an extensive drainage system has been built. The adjoining prairie land drains into the city which is prone to flooding. The region's geology developed from river deposits formed from the erosion of the Rocky Mountains.

These sediments consist of a series of sands and clays deposited on decaying organic marine matter, that over time, transformed into oil and natural gas. Beneath the layers of sediment is a water-deposited layer of halite , a rock salt. The porous layers were compressed over time and forced upward. As it pushed upward, the salt dragged surrounding sediments into salt dome formations, often trapping oil and gas that seeped from the surrounding porous sands.

The thick, rich, sometimes black, surface soil is suitable for rice farming in suburban outskirts where the city continues to grow.

No significant historically recorded earthquakes have occurred in Houston, but researchers do not discount the possibility of such quakes having occurred in the deeper past, nor occurring in the future. Land in some areas southeast of Houston is sinking because water has been pumped out of the ground for many years. It may be associated with slip along the faults; however, the slippage is slow and not considered an earthquake, where stationary faults must slip suddenly enough to create seismic waves.

The city experiences very hot, long, and humid summers, and mild winters. While not located in Tornado Alley , like much of northern Texas, spring supercell thunderstorms sometimes bring tornadoes to the area.

Prevailing winds are from the south and southeast during most of the year, which bring heat and moisture from the nearby Gulf of Mexico and Galveston Bay.

The city reaches or surpasses this temperature on an average of Houston has mild winters. Overall, Houston has seen measurable snowfall 38 times between and Houston generally receives ample rainfall, averaging about Many parts of the city have a high risk of localized flooding due to flat topography, [78] ubiquitous low- permeability clay-silt prairie soils, [79] and inadequate infrastructure.

Houston has excessive ozone levels and is routinely ranked among the most ozone-polluted cities in the United States. Houston was incorporated in and adopted a ward system of representation shortly afterward in In addition to Interstate , two additional loop highways encircle the city: Approximately , people live within the Interstate loop, while 1.

Though Houston is the largest city in the United States without formal zoning regulations, it has developed similarly to other Sun Belt cities because the city's land use regulations and legal covenants have played a similar role.

Such restrictions have had mixed results. Though some have blamed the city's low density, urban sprawl , and lack of pedestrian-friendliness on these policies, the city's land use has also been credited with having significant affordable housing, sparing Houston the worst effects of the real estate crisis. Voters rejected efforts to have separate residential and commercial land-use districts in , , and Houston has the fourth-tallest skyline in North America after New York City, Chicago , and Toronto and 36th-tallest in the world as of In the s, Downtown Houston consisted of a collection of midrise office structures.

Downtown was on the threshold of an energy industry—led boom in A succession of skyscrapers was built throughout the s—many by real estate developer Gerald D. It is the tallest structure in Texas, 15th tallest building in the United States, and the 85th-tallest skyscraper in the world, based on highest architectural feature.

Based on highest architectural feature, it is the 17th-tallest in the United States and the 95th-tallest in the world.

Uptown became one of the most prominent instances of an edge city. At the time of construction, it was believed to be the world's tallest skyscraper outside a central business district. The Uptown District is also home to buildings designed by noted architects I. In the late s and early s, a mini-boom of midrise and highrise residential tower construction occurred, with several over 30 stories tall.

The Williams Tower is the tallest building in the US outside a central business district. The Rice University Kinder Institute for Urban Research, a think tank , has described Greater Houston as "one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse metropolitan areas in the country. Houston's multiculturalism, fueled by large waves of immigrants, has been attributed to its relatively low cost of living , strong job market, proximity to Latin America , and role as a hub for refugee resettlement.

Compared with its metropolitan area, the city of Houston's population has a higher proportion of minorities. Individuals from some other race made up At the Census , 1,, people inhabited the city, and the population density was 3, The racial makeup of the city in was In addition, Hispanics made up Houston is recognized worldwide for its energy industry—particularly for oil and natural gas—as well as for biomedical research and aeronautics.

Renewable energy sources—wind and solar—are also growing economic bases in the city. Because of these strengths, Houston is designated as a global city by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network and global management consulting firm A.

Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration. The top three destinations for exports were Mexico , Canada, and Brazil. The Houston area is a leading center for building oilfield equipment. The University of Houston System 's annual impact on the Houston area's economy equates to that of a major corporation: System produces every year who enter the workforce in Houston and throughout the state of Texas. These degree-holders tend to stay in Houston.

After five years, In , the Houston metropolitan area ranked first in Texas and third in the U. In , Houston received top ranking on Kiplinger's Personal Finance Best Cities of list, which ranks cities on their local economy, employment opportunities, reasonable living costs, and quality of life. In , the city was ranked number one for paycheck worth by Forbes and in late May , Houston was identified as America's top city for employment creation. In , Houston was identified as the number one U.

Bureau of Statistics after it was not only the first major city to regain all the jobs lost in the preceding economic downturn, but also after the crash, more than two jobs were added for every one lost. Economist and vice president of research at the Greater Houston Partnership Patrick Jankowski attributed Houston's success to the ability of the region's real estate and energy industries to learn from historical mistakes.

Furthermore, Jankowski stated that "more than foreign-owned companies relocated, expanded or started new businesses in Houston" between and , and this openness to external business boosted job creation during a period when domestic demand was problematically low. Located in the American South , Houston is a diverse city with a large and growing international community. Many annual events celebrate the diverse cultures of Houston.

The Houston Theater District , located in downtown, is home to nine major performing arts organizations and six performance halls. It is the second-largest concentration of theater seats in a downtown area in the United States.

Bayou Bend is a acre 5. Bayou Bend is the former home of Houston philanthropist Ima Hogg. The museum houses the original Popemobile used by Pope John Paul II in the s along with numerous hearses, embalming displays, and information on famous funerals.

Venues across Houston regularly host local and touring rock, blues, country, dubstep, and Tejano musical acts. While Houston has never been widely known for its music scene, [] Houston hip-hop has become a significant, independent music scene that is influential nationwide.

The Theater District is a block area in the center of downtown Houston that is home to the Bayou Place entertainment complex, restaurants, movies, plazas, and parks. Bayou Place is a large multilevel building containing full-service restaurants, bars, live music, billiards, and Sundance Cinema.

The Bayou Music Center stages live concerts, stage plays, and stand-up comedy. The Space Center has many interactive exhibits including moon rocks , a shuttle simulator, and presentations about the history of NASA's manned space flight program.

Both areas offer a picturesque view of Houston's multicultural makeup. Restaurants, bakeries, traditional-clothing boutiques, and specialty shops can be found in both areas. Sam Houston Park contains restored and reconstructed homes which were originally built between and Of the 10 most populous U. Hines Waterwall Park —located in the Uptown District of the city—serves as a popular tourist attraction and for weddings and various celebrations.

A study by Walk Score ranked Houston the 23rd most walkable of the 50 largest cities in the United States. Houston has sports teams for every major professional league except the National Hockey League. It is the only MLB team to have won pennants in both modern leagues.

They have won two NBA Championships: Aveva Stadium home of the SaberCats is located in south Houston. The city has hosted several major professional and college sporting events, including the annual Houston Open golf tournament. The October event was held using a tweaked version of the — course. The city of Houston has a strong mayoral form of municipal government. Houston's mayor serves as the city's chief administrator, executive officer, and official representative, and is responsible for the general management of the city and for seeing that all laws and ordinances are enforced.

The original city council line-up of 14 members nine district-based and five at-large positions was based on a U. Justice Department mandate which took effect in The city controller is elected independently of the mayor and council. The controller's duties are to certify available funds prior to committing such funds and processing disbursements. The city's fiscal year begins on July 1 and ends on June Chris Brown is the city controller, serving his first term as of January As the result of a referendum in Houston, a mayor is elected for a four-year term, and can be elected to as many as two consecutive terms.

As of some councilmembers who served two terms and won a final term will have served eight years in office, whereas a freshman councilmember who won a position in can serve up to two additional terms under the previous term limit law — a select few will have at least 10 years of incumbency once their term expires.

Houston is considered to be a politically divided city whose balance of power often sways between Republicans and Democrats. Much of the city's wealthier areas vote Republican while the city's working class and minority areas vote Democratic. Houston had homicides in and homicides in Officials predicted there would be homicides in Instead, there was no increase in Houston's homicide rate between and Houston's murder rate ranked 46th of U.

This trend toward lower rates of violent crime in Houston includes the murder rate, though it had seen a four-year uptick that lasted through Houston's violent crime rate is 8. However, from to , violent crime is still down 12 percent in Houston. Houston is a significant hub for trafficking of cocaine , cannabis , heroin, MDMA , and methamphetamine due to its size and proximity to major illegal drug exporting nations.

In the early s, Houston, Pasadena and several coastal towns were the site of the Houston mass murders , which at the time were the deadliest case of serial killing in American history.

Seventeen school districts exist within the city of Houston. There are also many charter schools that are run separately from school districts. In addition, some public school districts also have their own charter schools. The Houston area encompasses more than private schools, [] [] [] many of which are accredited by Texas Private School Accreditation Commission recognized agencies.

The Houston Area independent schools offer education from a variety of different religious as well as secular viewpoints. Four distinct state universities are located in Houston. Texas Southern University was the first state university in Houston, founded in Several private institutions of higher learning are located within the city.

Rice University , the most selective university in Texas and one of the most selective in the United States, [] is a private, secular institution with a high level of research activity. Switch tops in a game. As people gather to watch, they join in the game. When the action really gets going, one cheat switches a crooked top "put" favored or "take" favored in and out of the game as required. As the game winds down, they swith the fair top back in, and can leave it to one of the suckers as a souvenir.

Another modern one I saw on eBay, August Put four Spin well, 40 seconds over glass surface". Take Two — The player will take two antes out of the pot.

Mexican , made currently. Colo-Top Company, Denver Colo. N -- Nothing happens. This unique 8-sided version adds excitement with each spin. Perfectly balanced and weighing in at 24 grams, it is designed to spin perfectly for beginners and pros spinners alike.

WW I replica commemorative. Per seller on eBay Feb. This offensive was to become known officially as the First Battle of the Somme. Here is another of Guss Parkin's creations: Two more of his tops here. New with key ring container. Saw on eBay Feb. These spinners are hand machined by my husband Jim from solid brass stock.

The letters and numbers are then hand stamped onto each of the 6 sides of the piece. Each spinner comes with a free spun aluminum storage container color may vary that can be attached to a keychain.

Printed rules are provided. Made by Graham in Australia. Six sides in this order: Seller says, in Dec , "It has been hand made, not machine made, of brass. There is an emphasis on balance for a great spin, it is tough and has a personality of its own. The dimensions are approximately 30mm long and 15mm wide at widest point.

I live on a bush property with a small solar power system and make the spinners myself. I spend quite sometime hand sanding them to get the balance just right and am very proud of them! Lots of good wishes, Graham. He started with a cap nut. With sandpaper he got a nice point to spin.

In the hole he screwed or stuck the handle. Good thinking — nice result. Also called vintage and listed many times by the same seller. Called by the eBay seller: Dealer said in part: This piece has light patina on the brass, and a greenish verdigris on the inside. Same seller, also called vintage with many listings. Antique gambling device called a "Put and Take".

This is the worst put and take I have ever seen. For one thing, it won't spin, ever. Purported to be vintage. Advertised on eBay Feb. Unaligned letters are unusual. The "Rocky Top" spinners have serifs to the "T" and "P," which the ones pictured here do not have. Some of the sides read: P1, T1, P2, PA. Characters askew at an angle. Non-magnetic, probably made of aluminum. The six sides in order: Not sure if it is modern or not.

The dealer who sold it to me had nine of them, calls them vintage, but I wonder. Shapeways Put and Take. Made on a 3D printer! I ordered one July , and it just arrived in a 12" x 12" x 12" box. It is one of the most awful Put and Takes I have ever seen -- about 1 inch long and 3 grams weight. It looks so large and nice in the picture.

It is white and spins well. Sides are labeled "take all," "take half," "all put," and "put half" for the classic gambling game of chance. Shapeways Put and Take Dice. I also sell "put and take" tops. I also sell several put-and-take spinners. Can be used as a D8 die, or labeled with options for the game "put and take" or "toma todo. Shap e ways again: It comes in brass, stainless steel or plastic. Sides are labeled as follows: The star can be used as an extra rule, for example, all take, take one from everyone one, everyone takes one from you, take half, put half, etc.

Come up with your own new rules to make the game more fun. Seller calls it vintage. Looks like one edition of the "Rocky Top" spinner. Dealer wasn't too helpful with details. I had no idea what it entailed. I was turned off by the big size of the item: Put and Take hidden in walking cane. Seller says, "Wonderful walking stick cane with a hidden secret, bakelite handle decorated with a white metal 4 leafs-clover Put and Take "hidden" in pencil.

This is really a unique gambling item! Inside the pencil there are 3 tiny heavy dice. Said to be a print ad. Click here and here for more pictures of such items. Steel Ball Table Co. The top of the machine says "Test Your Skill For. Uner that, in a circle, is the name of the game: Push down on lever and release. I can make out these sections: It looks like there are beads on a wire, below -- to keep score? I see there is no auctomatic coin payout. Not sure how it would work.

Click here for a larger picture. Note the plungers and the spinning reels. The box talks about spinning for points. Anyway, it looks neat. Apparently you put the finger of one hand through the loop and quickly push down that yellow piece with the other hand, and the blue piece is pushed out spinning. Besides of being used for playing different table games, it can also be used as a traditional spinning top with launcher. This six-sided put and take is made of painted solid wood with water-transfer decal numbers on sides, tinplate "neck" and twisted wire launcher.

I bought the set of cards. I'd appreciate it if someone would tell me about the card game, how it is played, number of cards. Only three of the designs have words on them: The other six have just pictures, no words.

Click here to see all 9 different cards and their common back. Click here for a bigger picture and instructions. Put and Take advertising sign. Taped to the back of the sign is the profit chart per set of "tickets" on a spindle. The player would have to unwrap the ticket to see the results. Kind of bold for a store owner to put up a sign like that. Pull tabs, spindle tickets and punch boards would be illegal in most places.

Note it says "Put or Take. The token is 32 mm, rated R very rare. It is cataloged here. Hand-held pump -- spinning disk. Hand-held pump -- spinning disks. Brand of kn ife. The actual knife is pictured in the row below. Picture to the left is label on back of store display of the "Put and Take Brand" pocket knives.

This is the knife referred to in the row above. The seller, in Australia, described it as, "vintage folding knife It describes Put and Take as the "biggest game in the country," and "when it rolls over and stops, you do what it says. I won the auction. It's a 16 page boooklet, including the covers. Ironically, it is very relevant for today.

It notes how some call "profit" a dirty word and want confiscatory taxes. On the last page the booklet asks, "where is the money going to come from for the operation and expansion of business?

From profits, of course. So who's kidding who? Never saw one before. Dealer described it as: The Birdseye Maple tray is made of one piece of wood with nice graining and a raised edge that keeps the top from spinning off.

Both pieces are in good used condition, the top spins nicely and has no breaks and only a few small dings to the brass, the tray has some expected minor scratching and scuffing. Electric Put and Take game. It actually works, with a "D" battery which I removed. You press down on the little red knob at the lower righrt to get the two "rotors" wheels to spin -- the "number rotor" numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 and the "color rotor" put, take and take all.

There are instructions printed on the inside of the top of the box. Radio Shack , Ft. Comes with large felt layout and instructions. Works very well, excellent. Uses two "D" batteries. This piece features tin construction with colorful litho throughout showing flags of the world, roulette wheel numbers, a world globe, Put And Take markings, and more.

The top piece is designed to hold a single "D" battery with an attached light on the underside of the lid. Spin top battery box and figural airplane pointer moves around the board as light shines through the underside of the marbles. As you twist the battery tower, it is neat the way the light below lights up each marble as it passes by. Click here to look at the inside mechanism.

There is a small light bulb attached to that movable metal bar, which is attached to the battery. Click here to see a close-up of the Put and Take commands on the top of the tin. Also, look closely to see the airplane shaped pointer, which is pointing at Take 1, Ireland, Note the spinning needle on the top of it.

Nine "sides" or commands in this order: Transogram Put'n Take dart game. Per eBay seller in Nov. Box is bent out of shape and had some water damage in one corner. Darts have been colored black and the rubber heads are broke. The 22" board is in good shape and so is the hardware that holds it up. It looks like the darts could be thrown while the target was spinning! Note the "Put and Take" section at the upper-left.

The eBay seller said, "One side of the board features cards for playing poker, black jack, or whatever. Click here to get the app. This machine is working and will pay out nickels properly when the ball enters any of the score holes on the playfield. This put n take is almost completely original and is in excellent condition for its age. The machine actually calculates the correct pay-off when the pin ball falls into the particular "Take" hole.

Take 10, Take 10, Take 80, and Put 5. Many combination games like this one bagatelle, pin ball-like, about 13" x 22" were sold years ago. They would have a glass covering. A spring-like device would shoot marbles inside. The marbles would hopefully land in one of the metal "catches" to score points.

The game shown here is entitled "Happi Time. This one is like the above large bagatelle game. Made by Northwestern Products Co. Louis MO, copyright The picture at the far left is of the box the game comes in. The middle picture is the pinball game. Seller describes it as: Wooden framed glass front. Metal balls inside for launching from springed pin at bottom.

Attached to back is a wire stand for table top play. Item is in great shape! Frame is worn - paint chips, scratches, etc. Check out the photos! Approx 17" tall, 11" wide, 1" deep. It has a wood frame, glass face and measures 17 by 11 inches.

For instance a lot of trout streams are one way or the other unable to sustain a wild population of trout, so they are stocked every spring just before the opening day of the season. Some Hybreds are sterileunable to naturally re producethey have been put in so people can catch them take. Has nothing to do with the Put and Take game. Three simply sweet plush birds nest in their cosey, soft nest. Introduce baby to put-and-take play by placing the little birdies back home in their nest and delight little ears with sweet chime and jingle sounds in each bird.

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Mine are made of French ivory, a type of plastic like celluloid where an imitation ivory grain is printed on the dice. On the standard Put and Take tops there are different rules for "PA" or "AP" -- the spinner can put up one unit or match the pot, or all the players might have to put in chips. Here there is no doubt. One die has on its sides: The other die says: Grain on the dice. From the collection of Marianne Jager. Note the grain on the dice. More grain on ther dice.

Per seller; " These are made of French ivory, a type of plastic like celluloid where an imitation ivory grain is printed on the dice. A web page of mine about distinguishing ivory, bone and celluloid grain: Not always, but usually one die has Ps and Ts on all six sides -- 3 Ps and 3 Ts; that die gives the command to put or take. The second die would normally have numbers it varied, sometimes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 and either a star or the word or letter A, All.

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The players are supposed to pick it up, shake it, and then place it down on the table to see the results. At the start of the game, the dome had been twisted counter-clockwise, locking the contraption secure in the honest position. He would turn the dome to the honest position when he passes it to the next player.

This ploy relies a lot on slight of hand. The box and instructions say: The domed device has on it: Reliable Armature Service, Inc. Zip codes, like , were first used in Telephone area codes started in the s. Put and Take dice with a star. I am always seeing something new. This one has on the numbered die: Put and Take dice.

Dealer says, "They look like they are made of plastic but I've seen other ads that list them as Bakelite. I think they are plastic. These were made by a company called Elk Brand. He said, " I came across a set of Put and take dice in a pendant which I think is brass. I didn't know what they were for years until I found info on Put and Take tops and games on the internet.

I have searched tirelessly but can not find any similar to the ones I have. They belonged to my Grandfather and were mixed in with war medals and other keepsakes. The dice are green stone of some sort with white lettering and the pendant is possibly brass that opens at the top and has a eye for a chain I believe.

I think it might be too heavy for a bracelet. I would like to try to identify the type of stone the dice are made of and also the type of medal the holder is made of. It belonged to a male so I don't think it was a charm. Put and Take Dice in Charm or Pendant -- another. Wonderful little boxed set: Some of the sides. Heads and Tails Bakelite Dice. Not a put and take, but I couldn't resist not showing it here! Never saw these before. Modern Put and Take dice are in Section 6, above.

Only one die is need to play the game. Can be played as dice, ignoring the Ts and Ps. Can also be played as Put and Take. The item is found at Kevin Cook's dice site. The complicated rules can be found here. Picture taken from Kevin Cook's dice web page here. Go to that page and you can click the thumbnail to see a big picture of it. Here, 3 dice are used: A O and 4 blank sides. Similar to regular Put and Take dice, except all 3 dice are rolled at the same time, and if an O shows up on the yellow die, the player who rolled the dice chooses an opponent another player to put so many chips into the pot..

Click here for the dice rules. Copyright by Haywire Group Inc. Book opens up to 6 dice for 3 games, 2 dice for each game. Picture at left from Kevin Cook's website. Put 1 1 side , Put 2 2 sides , Put 3 1 side , Take all 2 sides. The other die has Pot numbers 1, 2 and 3.

Dealer describes it as, "Not sure of the metal it is made of, maybe lead or zinc plated brass. It is not magnetic. ND stands for Nihil Dabis -- "nothing happens" in latin. Says "Pat Pending" on the two "ends. Says it is 3. I saw this on eBay, August I'm not sure how it is played and what the dice look like. The dealer wasn't very helpful in answering questions. Consists of a 9" tall cardboard sheet with directions and two dice showing various anatomical feature of the donkey and the elephant.

Even if you don't like the game, this deal is worth it for the dice. Cthulhu D ice, modern version of Put and Take. Click here for the instructions to the game, and a listing of the six sides.. The plastic log is nice and big: Roll Out The Barrel game.

Patrick Molloy, a collector from the U. It's size is about 2 inches x 1inch. Click here to see the instructions and British patent number. I just received mine from England. I doubt it is bakelite, though. Looks nice, well-made exceot for the "engravings. These are Put and Take punch boards and punch cards. A typical one would have the player risk not a single amount, but rather risk 1 to 5 pennies.

Each punch would mimic a regular Put and Take game. The player would punch one of the unpunched spots and follow the instructions printed on the punched paper: Click here for a larger picture of the page. This neat little punchboard has a picture of the whole family enjoying a put and take game!.

The seller describes the punchboard as " Unused Here you may lose 5 or 10 cents, but can win between 5 cents and a whole dollar. To play with puchboards like this one, the customer would have to have at least 5 cents because if the punch resulted in a loss for him a "put" , he could lose anywhere from 1-cent to 5-cents. The eBay seller described the item as: Board has rounded corners with light wear along the edges and corners from storage.

Only 4" x 5. Another Put and Take trade stimulator punchboard I own. These were found in bars and general stores. Someone would punch a hole with the key and a slip of paper would push through. The person would either owe the house. Everything fits inside the two peice red plastic case about 2 x 3 inches. It would be left on the counter of a store near the cash register.

When the customer is given change, he is given the opportunity to make a small wager with the change. It is, of course, disguised as a harmless match box so the police and bluenoses will ignore it in plain sight, while those "in the know," or known to the owner, will spot it for gambling.

Actually such disguised punchboards were probably well known, but kept "disguised" so as not to ostentatiously force the sight of them on children and others. I "won" this on eBay. The jar is some 6" tall. In this picture I show the number of pull-tabs I had to pull open before I opened my first "take" pull tab.

At the top of the picture, I show two unopened pull-tabs, and below that is the "take" pull tab. Advertisement for pull tabs, advertisement. Note that half are puts and half are takes. About 9 x 9 inches. Risk penni es, win cigarette packs or Grabow pipes. Related to the two below. You can even have a "Put and Take" musical ringtone! Problem loading the page, Aug Click here to add it to your ringtone for free.

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