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Paul Rodgers shared, "Last year's tour with our friends in Skynyrd was a fantastic time for all. Thank you again and wishing you all the best in your continued success. A great CD to start your collection or a definite 'must have' to complete it! There are seventeen tracks.. She was not guilty, however. I'm really looking forward to getting back out there this summer. The timeworn and pedestrian answer is simply "to get to the other side.

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While many vocal groups performed standards from the 40's and 50's, only the Duprees could pull them off the way they did. Includes all tracks from both albums. All original recordings - 25 original classics. Includes 'Till Then', 'Never', and many more.

The Earls featuring Larry Chance This CD is an anthology of the years Covers the Endings from t0 This set includes a bonus CD-Rom with biography, photo gallery and discography. Some tracks accompanied by music, some are acappella.

Includes 10 previously unreleased sides. Includes all your favorites from this time period. Includes favorites from each! Includes previously unreleased material also!

This CD features Tony Passalacqua, one of the great leads of the time! Hear the great tunes! Includes 'You Were Mine' and 31 other tracks. Includes three acappella tracks - and all of your favorites. Includes 'Do You Remember? All tracks are original recordings. All 12 tracks are original recordings. This set contains 42 tracks - all tracks are original recordings. Flamingos fans shouldn't miss this one! What could be better! The Four Epics just as you remember them. Includes 12 page booklet with discography.

From early 1 hits like 'Sherry' to latter-day smash 'Grease', this 2 cd set captures the magic of one of rock'n'roll's early supergroups. Includes everything you think it should!!

Includes all your favorites. Is your favorite listed? Magic" an unreleased track. Complete on CD for the first time.

Features Shirley with the Queens, Flairs and others. Now enjoy that great song plus many others by the Happenings. Includes all of your favortites and more! Includes 'Trying', 'No Regrets' and many many others. Includes 8 previously unreleased tracks. Booklet contains extensive liner notes. Enjoy 24 tracks by this great group. Listen to this and many other great tracks.

Now on CD with excellent sound quality - hear it like it was the first time! A great CD to start your collection or a definite 'must have' to complete it! After Skye and Jax exchanged vows, Jax's supposedly dead lover, Brenda , showed up to congratulate him. She wasn't dead after all, and had stayed away from Port Charles due to her mental illness. Jax later got shot while protecting Brenda and was temporarily paralyzed.

Skye finally met Brenda in person when she found her sitting at Jax's bedside. Upset and jealous at first, Skye was somewhat relieved to learn Brenda was dying and didn't plan to try and win Jax back. Jax didn't feel it was right tying Skye to a crippled husband, so he enlisted Brenda's help in pushing her away.

Hurt, Skye looked into Brenda's prognosis, and discovered that the doctor who had diagnosed Brenda's illness had been paid off by Luis Alcazar to falsely declare Brenda mentally ill. Skye kept the information to herself, but when Jax found out Brenda wasn't dying and Skye knew, he demanded a divorce, wanting to be with Brenda. Skye started drinking again. The night of Jax and Brenda's engagement party, Skye and Alcazar were both thrown out and ended up in bed together at his hotel suite.

When Skye woke up, she heard Brenda arguing with Alcazar in the next room before passing out again. She awoke later to discover Alcazar had been pushed off the balcony to his death. Seeking revenge on Brenda, Skye told the police she saw Brenda kill Alcazar, but her constant state of drunkenness discredited her testimony. Skye later became the prime suspect, but eventually remembered seeing Alexis Davis push Alcazar. Still wanting Jax back, Skye showed up at his wedding with a gun in her purse, prepared to shoot the bride.

She watched in awe as Jax told Brenda at the altar that he couldn't marry her because she'd kissed Sonny the night before. Although Jax didn't return to Skye, he did come to her rescue a few more times. When Tracy Quartermaine came to town to blackmail Skye with the truth that she wasn't a Quartermaine after all, Jax tried to charm Tracy into revealing the proof behind her claim. Skye told the family, and Alan surprised them all by stating that Skye would always be his daughter.

When Rae confirmed Tracy's allegations, Skye disowned her mother. Alan later legally adopted the adult Skye as his own child. After bonding with Kristina Corinthos-Davis during her kidnapping, Skye decided she wanted a child of her own.

Devastated to learn that she wouldn't be able to carry a baby to term, Skye became somewhat fixated on Ned and baby Kristina. She became a sort of surrogate mother for Kristina since Alexis was allowed custody. Skye tried to get Alexis out of Kristina's life for good by bringing over Alcazar's lookalike brother, hoping Alexis would freak out.

Alexis didn't react, and Skye became suspicious that she was faking her illness. When she figured out the new Quartermaine butler was really Alexis in disguise, Skye tricked Alexis into revealing everything, including faking her illness, to the judge. Alexis retaliated by getting her brother Stefan to discredit Ned so Alexis would gain custody of Kristina.

When Ned dropped his petition for custody, Skye dumped him and moved back to the lake house she had shared with Jax. Luke Spencer then convinced Skye to help him hide out from the cops at the lake house, and they teamed up to scam the Quartermaines out of money so Luke would have some cash to go on the run with. She tricked Luke and gave Jax one of the cards Luke had stolen from A. Skye was less than thrilled to learn of Jax's new relationship with Sam McCall.

Luke then managed to dupe Sam out of her ownership of the boat. When he used money he'd found hidden on the ship to fund the new casino, Faith Rosco showed up, claiming the money as hers, making her a partner in the casino. When Luke took off right before opening night, Skye was forced to work with Faith by herself.

In order to protect Luke and herself from Faith, Skye had Justus draw up a contract which she made Faith sign it. Luke finally returned to town, and Skye chewed him out for leaving her to deal with opening night. Once she'd revived him, Luke took charge of the chaos and everyone drew numbers for the order they would be rescued by helicopter.

When it was Luke's turn to leave, Skye gave him a passionate kiss goodbye. After the fire was over and they were both safe, they tried to pretend the kiss never happened. Before the fire, Edward had altered his will to make Skye his sole heir despite not being a real Quartermaine. Luke snapped Skye out of it and she vowed to take Tracy on sober. Justus and Tracy persuaded Edward to act senile in order to escape liability for the fire at the hotel. Tracy tried to take advantage of the situation by having Edward committed, but Edward escaped and Skye and Luke hid him at the lake house.

Skye eventually realized she and Luke were not destined to be together, and she moved on with Lorenzo Alcazar. At first, the relationship was casual, but they both began to open up to each other.

When a deadly virus swept Port Charles and Skye fell ill, Lorenzo switched Skye's medical chart with Lulu Spencer 's so Skye would receive one of the few doses of antidote the hospital had. Skye initially resented Lorenzo for risking Lulu's life for hers, but eventually she forgave him and they resumed their relationship.

Later, Skye was given a miracle when she became pregnant with Lorenzo's baby. Realizing the gift she had been given, Skye was determined to protect her child from the violence surrounding Lorenzo. With Robert Scorpio 's help, Skye fled the country so she could have her in peace and live in safety far from Lorenzo's reaches. However, Lorenzo caught up with Skye just as she went into labor.

After the birth of her daughter, Lila Rae, Skye realized she had no right to deny Lila a relationship with her father. To protect that connection, Skye would make some heartbreaking decisions that would drive a deep rift through her family. Inside the Metro Court, Skye's father, Alan, suffered what would prove to be a fatal heart attack. Believing Lorenzo had amnesia, Skye stepped up to temporarily run Lorenzo's organization, putting both her and Lila in a very dangerous situation.

Skye was devastated by Alan's death, and the realization that Lorenzo had lied to her and also that he did not fully trust her. She decided to leave Lorenzo, but he was not going to let her take their daughter. He had Lila spirited out of town and refused to tell Skye where she was. Desperate to protect her daughter from Lorenzo's upbringing, Skye turned to Lorenzo's rival, Sonny Corinthos, and her brother, Jason Morgan for help. While Jason and Skye were anything but close, they were united by their love for Alan and wanting Lorenzo to pay for his role in his death.

Skye pretended to reconcile with Lorenzo until he brought Lila home. On the eve that Lorenzo intended to take Skye and Lila out of the country to start their new chapter as a family, Skye let Jason into their home. She was singing Lila a lullaby in another room while Jason shot and killed Lorenzo. Then Skye took her daughter and left town.

In March , Skye returned to gain access to Lorenzo's funds so she could give Lila the life Skye believes she deserves. She helped Kristina come to terms with her abusive boyfriend and apologize to Ethan for having set him up. She then enlisted Jax's help in getting Lorenzo's money in Barcelona. While abroad, the two reconnect and Skye admitted that she hoped for a second chance with him.

Jax told her he wanted to try to save his failing marriage to Carly, and focus on his daughter. After a break they reformed in Now available in stores and online! Monday, April 18, It's fair to say Paul McCartney has had a few tributes in his time, and there's news that another one is on the way.

The Sun reports McCartney is making a new album featuring covers of his own solo material and Wings tracks. It's partly a family affair, as Paul's son, James, will be on the record doing a song with The Cure. They all went into a studio in Sussex and hung out together. Sir Paul is thrilled about it. The backing tracks were all recorded by Paul McCartney's touring band. Not to mention, a major force in the most important band of all time, The Beatles. What they are only just waking up to is that there may never be another like him.

He will be returning to the UK in April of to play 10 exclusive Solo shows. He is one of the most revered vocalists and songwriters in rock music. Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday 19th November A songwriter and self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Rodgers has written, recorded, produced and released 30 albums since It felt special then and still does. After a five-year skyrocketing run of success, Free would disband in and Paul Rodgers would go on to form and front another legendary rock band, Bad Company.

There will be an artist pre-sale from http: Ticket bundles will be available as follows. Click here to go to the official merchandise page. Los Angeles, CA — August 3, — The original members of legendary rock band Bad Company have announced they will extend their North American tour with four new dates confirmed for October, followed by five new dates in Japan. The exclusive tour run of Japan will be the first time in over three decades the original members have performed together there.

In addition, the band has announced the production of a new documentary titled "Movin' On. Selling over 90 million records during his career, Paul Rodgers is and has been one of the most sought-after and recognizable vocalists in rock music.

An exclusive iTunes deluxe version of the album, featuring bonus recordings, is also available. Alongside the UK release earlier this year, the original members of Bad Company reunited for their first concert tour of the UK in over three decades. The highly anticipated tour run culminated with a sold-out show at Wembley Arena. Currently, "Movin' On" film crews are chronicling the band and crew during their daily activities on tour in addition to filming each nights show.

The project has been described as a film where the tour itself is the star. Official Bad Company iPhone and Android apps are now available and the "Movin' On " tour video blog will be hosted exclusively in the smartphone apps and on the official Bad Company website at www.

Features within the app allow fans to interact with each other at the venues on the concert tour, see concert video clips and a backstage look into the tour itself. Stay tuned to www. Be sure to check out the official Bad Company community at http: Film crews will follow the band and their crew during their daily tour activities and will film each nights show.

The Rogue HD video director describes the project as a film where the tour itself is the star, which means the cities, the venues and the fans are as much a part of the tour as the band themselves. The new Bad Company official iPhone and Android apps are now available at http: Fans can interact with other fans at the venues within the app, see concert video clips and a backstage look into the tour itself. Twitter; OfficialBadCo Community; http: We are happy to announce that Abbey Road Live will be recording all the Bad Company shows on the US leg of our tour and making the recordings available immediately after each show!

These are limited-edition, collectible CDs that will sell out fast. They are fully mixed and mastered, not to be confused with a "sound board" feed. The quality is amazing! The good news is that they are on pre-sale as of NOW at this link: And make sure to "friend" Abbey Road Live for all the latest news and updates on the recordings: We are giving away a signed autograph poster and a pair of tickets to our July 17th performance at the Pacific Amphitheatre, OC Fair.

No Transportation is included. Click here to enter! Los Angeles, CA — July 7, — Legendary rock icon Paul Rodgers has announced that during his concert tours this year, both Solo and Bad Company, he will be donating rare personal stage items, autographed memorabilia and collectables for a nightly draw. Plus Rodgers and his wife, Cynthia, will match all monies raised. We are on a mission to set up this music program across the U. The Kids Rock Free campaign provides free and low-cost music lessons to students age and has serviced over 12, kids.

Rodgers has dedicated himself to the program since , donating his time, talent and finances. In an effort to expand the program nationwide and to help kids across the United States experience music at a very low cost or for free, the push is on to raise additional funding to make that experience a reality. Two random drawings will be held each night, and the winner s will take home one or two items. Rodgers and his wife, Cynthia, will match all donations made during the fund-raising drive.

Terms, help and other details can be found online at www. Recently released in the U. More than 12, children have experienced the joy of creating music through the Kids Rock Free music education program. The lessons are provide to any and all kids at no or low cost. Guitar, keyboard, drums and voice are currently offered. More than kids are wait-listed to participate in the KRF program. The classes are taught by experienced teachers from the area.

More donations are needed to increase the number of sessions offered, expand the variety and depth of classes and complete the build-out the much needed rooms within the center to accommodate the constant and ever-growing demand for the Kids Rock Free Program. For more information, please visit: The Fender Center for Music Education is a non-profit center dedicated to the music education of children.

The 33,square-foot building is located at N. Main Street, in Corona, Calif. Run by the Fender Museum of Music and the Arts Foundation, a c 3 corporation, the board is made up of civic leaders, elected officials, and business leaders from the Riverside County and Orange Country regions. The main focus of the Center is to provide music education to children at a no or low cost.

Music education has been drastically reduced due to money constraints in the public education system. The Fender Center endeavors to bridge that gap by providing an innovative and caring environment for children to explore the world of music performance. Numerous studies have shown that children, who incorporate music into their education, perform better in math and science by a staggering 30 percent.

Additionally, children attain a higher degree of personal confidence and a greater sense of accomplish compared to non-music students. The Fender Center conducts events throughout the year to bring musical experiences to the general public and raise funds to continue the important work of music education.

FM Studio is available for commercial use and audio recording. Additional information can be obtained at www. Order your copy now at: Do you have photos of Paul and the band from recent Bad Company shows? Please be sure to include the name of venue, the date the photo was taken, and your full name for photo credit. To find out where to listen or to listen online, visit: The uptake both at the shows and online was phenomenal and, as a result, the run of CDs has been extended.

Get your copies now at http: The highest new entry, at No. Released tocoincide with U. Click here to read the original article. Please stay tuned for details. These CD sets are presented in deluxe 3 disc digipaks and are strictly limited edition!! To ensure you get these ultimate souvenirs of your Bad Company concert, we urge you to order your copies now,.

To get your hands on them, either for collection after the concert or home delivery, simply visit the Concert Live website www. If you are not coming to the live shows, but would still like to get a live CD from the tour, you can pre-order and choose to have it delivered to your front door.

Paul Rodgers has written and released many a hit, both with his band's Free and Bad Company, and now, thanks to a new compilation album, you can get all those classic tunes on one CD. It all comes out on March 29th, but the CD will only be available overseas.

Learn more at PaulRodgers. The band had not played together in 10 years. This free MP3 download from Bad Company is only available for two weeks at the link below. Make sure you download it before it's too late! If you need help on how to download a free MP3, click here.

With the recent news that more service personnel have fallen in Afghanistan, taking the total killed to over since operations begain in the country in October , we encourage fans to buy the CD or MP3 of "We Will Remember Them" as ALL money raised from the sale of the single will go to Help 4 Heroes and The Royal British Legion.

Fans can help when they purchase the latest issue of 22nd Century Rock http: To learn more click on http: Be sure to tune in for this very special broadcast. Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. The show is in 3 segments, each an hour long.

You can skip to the beginning of each segment. Tickets available at www. Featuring 17 hit songs! Paul with Michael Bolton.