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Each of our communities is built by people passionate about a focused topic. Now you have a flush draw. Some players prefer smaller sites because the games or looser or the promotions more lucrative. We were able to eventually increase membership, put funding back in place and give the FWE a new lease on life. Odds of getting aces in PLO? Where is the talent? Nitin Mukesh 72 3.

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Each of our communities is built by people passionate about a focused topic. Experts like you can vote on posts, so the most helpful answers are easy to find. Earn reputation and additional privileges for posts others find helpful. Crossing the road in London - Did I have 'right of way'?

Thrown under the bus by direct manager. How to save my job? What do Democrats have to gain, politically, by preventing Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court? As a referee, is it okay to ask for references to be removed? How to communicate to my mother that I find it hurtful when she cooks for everyone except me who is vegan?

Police forcing me to install Jingwang spyware app, how to minimize impact? Make them sum to 10, code-golf integer 7 answers asked 9 hours ago by Arnauld on codegolf. Top developer doing more home office than allowed human-resources software-development company-policy 19 answers asked 2 days ago by Bob Xplosion on workplace.

What is the etiquette for asking whether someone has a special diet etiquette eating 7 answers asked 13 hours ago by Houbie on interpersonal. What damage type vulnerability makes sense for disease-based Zombies rather than being undead? Does America not lead the world in mass shootings? Circuit to Breadboard resistors diodes logic-gates breadboard 2 answers asked 6 hours ago by CloudZeta on electronics.

Salaried Employee Being Dinged For Tardiness manager work-time salaried-pay scheduling 7 answers asked 5 hours ago by Frankie Rose on workplace. Nitin Mukesh 72 3. Is it proper to tip the folks who manage the table list?

But is it appropriate to tip the folks who manage the player lists for tables? If so, how much? What is minimum raise when starting a new round of betting in NLHE? Generally speaking what is the minimum raise amount after a new card is dealt in No-Limit Texas Hold 'em?

Samuel Neff 4. I have not seen or heard anything about him since the espn special in the Monaco Classic where he took down J. Lynch in the final table in January Bill Linson 6 1. Do you guys believe online poker room is a scam? Please help me to figure out this one. Thanks in advance, any inputs will help. Why is short-stacker pot committed in this instance? From Analytical No Limit Holdem: Why exactly does our opponent have reason to "put his money into the pot with almost any hand", leaving us with almost no fold equity?

Did I play QQ correctly in this situation? Villain sees like a good player. Hero is struggling played an earlier hand very poorly and seat has been very cold. Poker bankroll management in cash game [closed] A player has a bankroll of Rs. Playing cash games is his only profession Shivam Shukla 4 1.

Whats your move on this hand? PokerStars Android - Cards History I'm a professional software developer and usually play on my android phone. Unfortunately there seems to be no HUD software for the pokerstars app on android.

As a result, I plan on creating such an I'm using Equilabs Equity Trainer at the moment, been using it for a few days to get a better understanding of equity and how it affects my decision making on the tables. In particular I go through I was light on a hand, namely six dollars short. I took six chips out of the pot agreed to by the players and lost the hand. I gave the winner six dollars cash representing my short in the hand Michael W Boyle 4 1.

Who win this hand and why? Is my hand live At the table in a heads up, I bet, he pushes all in. Are my cards still live? Jason Gold 11 2. Following an example from MIT Poker Course slides can be found here, example starts at p9 , where the odds are calculated from a drawing flush hand.

In the example, the situation is the following: Rules following a raise, then a shove for slightly more? Player A under the gun calls Complete all-in rules of fixed-limit hold-em I have been having a hard time finding the full rules of fixed-limit poker pertaining to all-ins. For example, Scenario 1: What is a double belly buster? I heard this term while playing poker live, it skipped my mind back then but now i'm wondering what it means.

Profitable players crazy all ins Question: What is the correlation between lifetime profitability and luck? Can luck last for many thousands of hands? Have you noticed profitable players going all in with weak hands and winning?

But what i am looking for is the specific calculation methodology or pseudocode. Additionally my understanding itself of Nash equilibrium is this Siddharth Chabra 21 2.

Is speech final in Poker? We were playing poker with a few friends. Once we were heads up, I went all-in. The other player said he's all-in. But didn't move any chips forward. Right after that, he said: Is it because the turn is the 4th card on the board Probability of tie [duplicate] what is the probability of tie and how to calculate it? How to determjne winning percentage.

Playing omaha showing players hands. Would it be usefull for training purposes? I am starting to program an omaha software to help users and myself to improve their skills. I wonder if it would be usefull that my trainer system allows to play offline showing the hands of all Would this pot have been a split or would my buddy or I won it all.

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