Lessons from a failed Supernova Elite attempt

In June, around the time of but apparently unrelated to the Amaya purchase of Rational Group , PokerStars officials began discussing reviewing their VIP program to see if they should perhaps shave a little off the top tiers in order to give more to lower-level players. The time now is Did they ever write anything to you to express that you are valuable to them? I got sne on stars in past starting 50nl fr for a few months before moving up to so its about the same hands as that. Send a private message to TonnaMunz.

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More leaks than BP! Send a private message to m1sha. Find More Posts by m1sha. Find Threads Started by m1sha. Originally Posted by krazykarter With all of the doomsday talk about how people aren't playing as much as they used to, and PS chasing away all the regs, it's good to see that more people have made SNE this year than last year.

Send a private message to Thrash Find More Posts by Thrash Find Threads Started by Thrash Batting cleanup TeamOI Posts: Send a private message to jdawg Find More Posts by jdawg Find Threads Started by jdawg Find More Posts by sqwerty Find Threads Started by sqwerty Send a private message to daddyrnac.

Find More Posts by daddyrnac. Find Threads Started by daddyrnac. Send a private message to acbarone. Find More Posts by acbarone. Find Threads Started by acbarone. Originally Posted by pmarrsouth Wow 6M! Send a private message to pokerpan1. Find More Posts by pokerpan1. Find Threads Started by pokerpan1. Send a private message to TonnaMunz. Find More Posts by TonnaMunz. Find Threads Started by TonnaMunz. Send a private message to micros. Find More Posts by micros.

Find Threads Started by micros. Originally Posted by PokerStars Gareth I am hoping that it will be possible to provide the story behind this incredible achievement. Send a private message to mumpfmampf. Find More Posts by mumpfmampf. Find Threads Started by mumpfmampf. Did they ever write anything to you to express that you are valuable to them? For example congratulate you on your VPP results? No, they never wrote me anything. It is very sad. My daily plan is 20, VPP but I am always trying to go for more.

Poker Players - Streaming Live Online. The overwhelming pace that ensued hurt both my strategy decisions and my game selection. Things weren't looking too good and it was only January. To fix my negative win rate, I cut down some tables, but found it very hard to play less than twelve without getting antsy.

I became a winner again, but at those much lower levels the number of hands necessary for Supernova Elite is significantly higher. I was starting to get behind pace and began to ramp up the tables again and went back to breaking even. One more vacation and I was significantly behind pace. Pokerstars' exit from the US market in April officially ended my run at Supernova Elite , but the attempt had been all but dead since early March. Most runs end like mine, with a whimper and not a bang,.

While my endeavor was a pretty weak attempt compared to the legendary tales of starting halfway through the year with meager bankrolls told in poker forums, there are plenty of things for a prospective Supernova Elite to take away from my experience. It is essential to be sure that you are a long term winning player in the conditions that you will be playing under. This is very obvious, but I still got it wrong, and I'm guessing I'm not alone.

Winning over , hands isn't enough. Winning over , hands that you played two hours at a time during peak hours doesn't count either. Nor does being a winner in the game six months ago. Play hours of poker for a few consecutive months to test your abilities and resolve. That does not apply for those who play very high stakes or games that generate VPPs at a very high rate, such as SNGs.

Being a solid winning player is a transferable skill that you can bring with you to other sites or live poker rooms.

The VIP Program exists in one place and there is no guarantee that it will always be there. If you make Supernova Elite this year, there is a good chance you won't want to do it again the next year, so your time might be better spent becoming a better poker player. If you still think Supernova Elite is a good fit for you, I would consult this checklist to see if you have the following necessities be honest with yourself — I wasn't about the last two: Not all poker rooms are made equal and the best VIP program is at Pokerstars.

There are more poker pros at pokerstars than any other room simply because PokerStars knows how to reward their regular players. We hate spam too!

My SNE attempt