Whatever happened to…?

Cesar, a handyman, fixes a humming in Larry's office. After years of resistance, Larry agrees to do a Seinfeld reunion special when he realizes that giving Cheryl a major role might get her to take him back; Larry has another run-in with Susie after he supposedly saves her life by identifying that she has Lyme disease. Lin gets tickets for Larry, but only after Larry says they're for him, after originally requesting tickets for his shucker. Farha is the man! The surrogate changes her mind and gives the baby to the couple.

Tournament Spotlight

Two hands later, Mike Griffen leveraged his short stack against Ilya Dyment's big blind. Five cards later, a Broadway board led to a chop and a resigned, "That's okay. I'll take it," from Griffen. A flop of JT brought disappointment on the turn with a Q, followed by an early exit by Griffen with a river J. Joanne Capritta was next to rejoin the fast-paced, all-in action.

In a hand that would prove to be an indicator of things to come, the table folded around to Ryan D'Angelo on the button. After a bit of thought, Gunter mucked. On the very next hand, Gunter strikes again in what appears to be a "steam reraise" by forcing Mona Harb into a decision for all of her chips. After much thought, Harb calls for her tournament life with KJs vs. Back to D'Angelo who announces an all-in bet. Cheryl is annoyed at Larry looking at her bra. Cheryl wants to fire Maria because she does not wear a bra.

Larry tells her that she should wear a bra, and buys her a few bras of different sizes, because he does not know what size she is. Larry looks at Susie's bra. She is angry when she sees him doing so on one of their CCTV cameras, which Jeff and Susie had installed because they suspect their maid of stealing from them.

Larry is puzzled by his acquaintance having bought a nail used in The Passion of the Christ. Larry tells him that worshipping a man is gay , and that if God had a daughter, more people would be Christians. When Jesus quits without attaching a mezuzah to the door jamb , Larry has to put it up quickly to please his father, who is about to visit.

Larry takes the nail, which is wearing around his neck, and uses it to hammer the mezuzah in place. Larry is puzzled by Jeff and Susie's year-old daughter Sammi believing in the tooth fairy. Larry meets Yoshi, an art dealer. His father is in the same nursing home as Larry's father Nat. Larry is puzzled when Yoshi says that his father was a kamikaze pilot in World War II , to which the dealer says that he grazed the target ship.

The dealer feels dishonored by Larry implying that his father is a coward , and Yoshi later attempts suicide. Larry is confused when Nat's doctor and pharmacist disagree as to which medication is best suited to Nat. Larry accuses one of the home's residents, Ruth, of fixing bingo so that she wins. Larry locks himself out of his car. He calls Jeff to collect him. While waiting for him, A drive-through restaurant refuses to serve Larry due to him not being in a car.

A motorist, Peter Hagen, who is waiting in line, invites Larry into his car so that he can buy food. Jeff arrives and joins them in the car. The next day, Larry and Jeff are called to the police station to provide Peter an alibi. When Richard Lewis needs a kidney transplant , Larry and Jeff debate whether or not to offer him a kidney of theirs.

They each take a test to see if they are compatible to be able to donate a kidney to him. Susie forbids Jeff to donate his, so Larry is set to.

Larry watches a TV news report in which it is stated that Richard's cousin Louis has been shot during a robbery and is in a coma, not expected to survive.

Larry is delighted at the prospect of Louis becoming the kidney donor. Peter is arrested for the crime. While there, Larry swaps smoking jackets with Hefner. Larry frequently visits Louis in hospital. He wants Louis to die as soon as possible, so that he will donate his kidney to Richard.

Larry is annoyed at his newspaper having been stolen from his front garden every day for a week. He and Cheryl hold a Passover Seder for friends and family.

Larry is approached in the street by a man, whom he is initially cold towards because he recognises him as Rick Leftowitz Rob Corddry , the convicted sex offender who has recently moved into the neighborhood. When Rick tells him that he loves Seinfeld and golf and is Jewish, he quickly warms to Rick. He invites Rick to the Seder, which infuriates Cheryl and Susie.

Larry accuses another guest, a cosmetic surgeon named Mark, of stealing his paper. Mark leaves early due to being paged by his hospital to attend an emergency. Larry and Jeff befriend the head of a kidney-transplant consortium in an attempt to get Richard Lewis to the top of the hospital waiting list; Jeff and Susie invite Larry and Cheryl to spend the weekend at their ski lodge; Larry learns something about Jeff's penis.

Larry pays off a debt and contemplates how to invest money from a debt paid. He also suspects his bookie of eating Jeff's dog, Oscar.

Larry travels to Arizona to find his birth parents and becomes a Christian, transforming his entire demeanor, and donates his kidney to Richard Lewis. Larry dies and goes to heaven, but manages to get in a fight with his guardian angels played by Dustin Hoffman and Sacha Baron Cohen and meets his mother played by Bea Arthur and is subsequently sent back into his body.

Cheryl talks Larry into taking in the Blacks, a New Orleans family displaced by a hurricane; Larry invents an excuse for missing a party which quickly catches on. The Davids and the Blacks move into a new house; Larry has a wing of a museum named after him but is upstaged by an anonymous donor.

Larry takes a sex-stained bedsheet to the dry-cleaners and finds that his Yankees jersey has been picked up by someone else. The Davids try to get Loretta's kids into an exclusive school with the Greens' daughter Sammy. Marty Funkhouser's mom has also recently died, and Larry steals flowers and perfume from her roadside memorial.

Larry regrets getting Richard Lewis ' girlfriend Cha Cha Tia Carrere a job near the office bathroom; a waiter gets into a doggy-bag dispute; and Larry proves inept at "talking lefty.

Larry attends Ted Danson 's birthday party but is bothered by his chauffeur having to wait outside; a book about freaks, coupled with the chauffeur's incapacity, sets Larry up for a string of ejections involving Danson, John McEnroe , and a group of mourners.

Larry ruins Leon and Loretta's respective job chances via an accidental cellphone swap and a slow toaster. Larry also offends a deaf woman over her dog which looks similar to a rat; and a 'massage-with-happy-ending' gift to Larry's dad causes confusion. When Larry asks her to call him back, she turns to her male seatmate for support. Eventually Cheryl leaves Larry and their mutual friends must choose sides—nearly all of Larry's friends choose Cheryl.

Larry dates Lucy Lawless. Larry offends Auntie Rae after an over-long hug. Jeff's hospital stay for a "snore job" opens up a new opportunity for Larry, who takes full advantage of it. Larry alienates Cheryl by following his therapist's Steve Coogan advice; attempting to win her back, he tries to curry favor with her therapist by staging a mugging attempt.

Marty Funkhouser collects money for a charity under false pretenses. As Jeff's daughter's Bat Mitzvah ceremony approaches, he uses the opportunity to address a malicious rumor. Larry sees Loretta in a new light. With Loretta sick and awaiting the results of a biopsy, Larry attempts to break it off with her before the results come back.

Larry enlists the help of a doctor who's renowned for encouraging cancer patients to remove themselves from bad relationships, to end things with Loretta. Meanwhile, he's repulsed by Richard Lewis ' new girlfriend after he finds out she gave Richard a blowjob in the car.

After years of resistance, Larry agrees to do a Seinfeld reunion special when he realizes that giving Cheryl a major role might get her to take him back; Larry has another run-in with Susie after he supposedly saves her life by identifying that she has Lyme disease.

Larry burns his hand on an airplane hot towel, which affects his bra-unhooking technique and leads to his doctor Philip Baker Hall reluctantly giving Larry his home phone number, which Larry proceeds to accidentally abuse. Meanwhile, he's less than impressed when his expensive anniversary gift to Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen is shunned in favor of Jeff and Susie's daughter Sammy's gift "from the heart", especially when they invite Jeff and Susie—but not him—to the restaurant from which he got the gift.

Christian Slater guest stars. Larry begins dating a disabled woman, Denise, who requires a wheelchair. They plan to attend a Kim Chee Yun recital being held by Larry's friends, but Larry can't contact his new date after Susie throws his BlackBerry into the ocean. Larry and Jerry have problems with their assistant Jillian Bell , who always wears clothes that expose her large stomach.

Larry continuously offends Richard Lewis and inadvertently causes a "miracle" to occur. Larry repeatedly runs into trouble at his golf club when he is blamed for two deaths, protests an unorthodox tipping policy, and forgets to turn off his BlackBerry. He also seeks to correct a spelling mistake on his mother's gravestone, and makes a generous gift to his cousin Andy with unfortunate results.

Larry is forced to embrace his feminine side to cover for Jeff. Cheryl competes for a Seinfeld role. Larry loses his pants at Banana Republic. A law officer has an unusual name. John Schneider and Elisabeth Shue guest star as a couple who make Cheryl an indecent proposal. A bearded Ben Affleck has an uncredited cameo role exiting Banana Republic. At the Seinfeld reunion table read, Larry befriends a 9-year-old who later constantly text-messages him.

Jerry Seinfeld and Marty Funkhouser bond over a joke. Larry regrets lending his pen to Jason Alexander. Jeff Schaffer Andy Ackerman Seinfeld segment. Larry is hopeful that his plan is working when Cheryl invites him over to review the Seinfeld reunion script. But when an attempt to right a wronged Mocha Joe causes Larry to miss the date, Cheryl turns to Jason Alexander for coaching.

Larry has second thoughts about his lawyer and also rethinks a Girl Scout cookie order from a sports team owner's daughter. Leon endures a case of mistaken identity; Larry helps women in abusive relationships; Richard Lewis gets involved with a burlesque performer Jan Anderson. Larry relishes his role as a "social assassin" until it becomes a liability with his friends, on the golf course, and at a Palestinian restaurant.

Larry challenges the rules of dating and rethinks a decision regarding a new workplace neighbor. Meanwhile, Jeff invents an ill-advised excuse to get out of a dining engagement. A failed alibi has trans-national consequences; the Greenes' dog is denied a last meal; Larry confronts poor parking and a buffet-line "chat-and-cut"; the silence vow is broken.

Larry plays the hero in the sky and under ground; Jeff's courtship of Ricky Gervais is sabotaged by a nosy waiter. Larry competes with Rosie O'Donnell for the same woman, explores the nuances of Japanese bows, and refuses lunch with an LA acquaintance. Larry and Jeff weigh an investment opportunity; Wanda Sykes preempts Larry's training schedule; Cheyenne Jackson guest-stars as Larry's personal trainer.

An ice cream truck triggers a painful childhood memory for Larry that impacts a softball title game, a therapist's fees, Bill Buckner's legacy, and his new girlfriend's travel preferences. Larry accuses his neighbor, Michael J. Fox , of harassment; Jeff takes a bullet for Susie; Larry gives a controversial gift to Jennifer's son. Larry shows Jeff his finished script for a musical comedy he has been writing, Fatwa!

Larry rids himself of an inept assistant Carrie Brownstein by suggesting her to Susie. Leon takes it upon himself to become Larry's new assistant. Larry gives his unwanted opinions about a lesbian wedding, causing disastrous results for the couple; and offends Richard Lewis by not being empathetic that his parakeet has died. When Larry goes on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The next day, news breaks that the actual Ayatollah, angered by the impression, has issued a fatwa on Larry.

Larry, having assumed the alias "Buck Dancer" and wearing a disguise a wig and a mustache in public, returns home after living in a hotel due to the fear of the fatwa. Larry argues with the hotel concierge about their policy regarding using tongs to pick up the free cookies in the lobby. Marty Funkhouser brings his nephew Kenny, an All-American pitcher, to Larry's house and Kenny ends up injuring his elbow when trying to open a pickle jar. Kenny becomes frustrated over his injury preventing him from masturbating so Larry suggests they a hire a prostitute a woman Larry previously met at the hotel.

Ted Danson , who has recently divorced his wife Mary Steenburgen , asks for Larry's permission to date Cheryl. Leon hires a security guard for Larry, who is scared for his life. Larry gets help from one of his old lovers, Shara, who puts him in touch with the Consul of Iran, but things go awry. Larry is annoyed at a restaurant manager Rich Fulcher who refuses to tell him the specifics of a "disturbance" in the kitchen, which is the cause of his and Jeff's food to be delayed. Susie is worried about her " little sister " who has gone missing and not returned home.

Larry is given a ticket after he honks his car horn at a police officer who is stopped at a green light. Larry refutes the ticket and goes to court, but loses. Larry seeks advice from Salman Rushdie played by himself about his fatwa situation.

Larry takes his advice and removes his disguise and also becomes attractive to women, because he's "dangerous", and catches the attention from actress Elizabeth Banks.

In therapy, Larry sees Dr. Templeton Bryan Cranston about his fatwa, but Larry finds himself more occupied with how comfortable Dr.

Templeton's chair is versus his own. Larry and Jeff go to Richard Lewis' art opening, where they learn from Marty Funkhouser that his nephew Kenny died from being trampled by bulls after following the prostitute to Spain. Larry remains mum about his involvement with introducing Kenny to the prostitute. Jeff begins an affair with a real estate agent and when Susie confronts him after being told by someone that he was seen with a woman in a car, Jeff claims he's house shopping.

Later, Susie becomes suspicious of Jeff and makes him buy the new home. At Kenny's memorial service, Larry mistakenly believes he sees a fatwa assassin, which causes everyone to run out of the building in the middle of the service.

Larry is tired of having to listen to Sal, the golf club's gate attendant, every time he drives to the security gate. In the golf club restaurant, Larry offends a fellow member, Ken, when he remarks that their child looks a little Asian, despite the parents being non-Asian.

Larry goes on a date with his mail carrier Katie Aselton , but after things go wrong, he wants to "reset" their relationship of homeowner and mailwoman. At the golf club, Larry also "resets" with Sal, which offends him. The club's owner, Mr. Takahashi is made aware of Larry's remarks about Ken's child and tells him to expect a letter about his possible ban from the club.

However, since Larry has soured his relationship with his mail carrier, he doesn't receive any letters. To make amends, Larry invites him to a Revolutionary War reenactment at the golf club. However, things go wrong when Sal starts firing live cannon balls at Larry, triggering Victor's war memories. Larry later discovers Mr.

Takahashi kissing Ken's wife, ending any possible ban from the club. Larry gives relationship advice to both Richard and Marty when they get in trouble with their new girlfriends.

Larry also helps out Jeff, with the idea of sending an "accidental text on purpose" to help mend a problem. However, Larry ends up offending both Rhonda and Marilyn Elizabeth Perkins , Richard and Marty's girlfriends, who give them an ultimatum—Larry or them. Richard and Marty both choose their girlfriends, but Rhonda and Marilyn become wise to Larry's plan including the "accidental text on purpose" and end their relationships.

Larry and Leon go to a hot yoga class, where Larry is kicked out for not saying "namaste" and Leon gets the phone number of the instructor. In the parking lot, Larry hits a car and leaves a note. Susie informs Larry that one of her friends, Bridget Lauren Graham , is interested in dating him. Larry offends Jeff's mechanic, remarking that he didn't expect him to be black after talking on the phone with him. Larry has a harsh exchange over the phone with the man whose car he hit, and when the man comes to Larry's house, Leon answers the door and the man quickly apologizes and says he'll pay for the damages.

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