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Apex in Apex settlements will talk about hidden cameras, spies, and other activity alluding to the big brother nature of the Mini Knog government. Also, on the console version, a slightly stronger Shadow Slime that does the same thing. The addition of both artwork and hanging banner collectible items can also earn bragging rights for players diligent enough to collect them all. Fixed workaround delay for placing things on mannequin starts using your items. The Skeleton Merchant throws bones at non-skeleton enemies. Phasesabers are now crafted at a Mythril Anvil. Plantera's battle is pretty much the hardmode equivalent of Queen Bee's battle, except the fact that it's mandatory - both of them are summoned by the player destroying their offspring, are summoned in and fought within the Underground Jungle, have unique battle themes though Queen Bee's is also used for Ocram in the console version , and give similar loot - such as how Queen Bee gives the Bee Gun, and Plantera gives the Wasp Gun, a direct upgrade.

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Obtain your first hammer via crafting or otherwise. Equip your first grappling hook. Build a house in a mushroom biome and have Truffle move in. Discover a large bee's hive deep in the jungle.

There are Some Who Call Him.. Using explosives or your trusty hammer, smash a Shadow Orb or Crimson Heart in the evil parts of your world.

Endgame, Magma planets are still intractably deadly - they're more Lethal Lava than Land and may be the target ot giant meteorites. The Floran PC's reason for leaving their planet? They're sick of their race's Ax Craziness and want to start a new life. Denial of Diagonal Attack: Most melee weapons attack in a set range, but one-handed blades can be aimed while two-handed swords have a fixed attack angle.

Spears can also do this despite being two-handed, at the cost of not having any arc to their attack. Department of Redundancy Department: Beakseed is a fruit in the game. To grow Beakseed crops, you need Beakseed Seeds. Some of the randomly generated weapon names can be this. The Apex government invented a way to make their own people into ape-men. Supposedly this was a tradeoff to make everyone more intelligent.

All of the Miniknog's Squick-y biological experiments are attempts to get their original bodies back while keeping the intelligence. There are three difficulty levels: Finding or buying a gun in the very early game.

Guns give players reach and while melee weapons generally do much more damage at least, until another gun is found they don't require engaging in a melee, allowing players to save on healing items.

Finding a Legendary unique weapon, especially a sword such as the Time Pierce or Asuterosaberu DX, which often do considerably more damage than randomly-generated or crafted swords at the same level.

There is a chance to find powerful randomly generated weapons dropped by boss monsters that may allow the player to simply breeze through the first sector. Changes made to the universe with one character are carried over when you start a new game with a new character.

So it's possible to leave some advanced-level items on a planet with the strong character and pick them up with the new character. The wood-and-cobblestone Hunting Spears that you can craft at the first-tier crafting table. They're cheap to produce in bulk, they do more damage per each one thrown than most weapons in the early game, and their damage increases as you progress through the armor tiers.

They're even effective against bosses! Plus, each monster killed with a Hunting Spear has a higher chance of dropping meat that you can cook and eat to heal yourself. While not exactly the best of ideas , there's nothing outright stopping the player from heading to 'mid-to-end-game' planets first and foremost. With enough luck and dodging skills, it's possible for players to get weapons and armor way above what they should be able to have at that point.

The entire Earth is destroyed in the opening of the game. The Pulse Jump tech. One-handed weapons can be wielded in each hand, so you can have two swords, two guns , or a gun in one hand and a sword in another. If you dig deep enough on a planet, you'll eventually end up falling into a massive sea of lava that instantly kills you. You can tell you're getting close because the background starts to show glowing cracks.

Mission areas can't be mined at all, which forces you to progress the way they're designed. Random dungeons are still fair game. Their furniture includes all kinds of cameras and propaganda posters. Most of which are memes. Your starting multitool takes about 15 seconds to chop down a tree, and that much time to mine out a single block of cobblestone. Your only early means of self-defense is a broken sword , and if you go to any planet with a threat level higher than your armor, monsters kill you quickly.

Once you craft an axe and a copper pick, things go much more smoothly. Humanity is driven away from the planet by a destructive Eldrich Abomination , with the survivors stranded and drifting through space. It's implied that Earth has essentially been destroyed. Now made thoroughly unequivocal in the full game: Earth is consumed by an immense tentacled monstrosity known as The Ruin, and your PC is one of the few able to flee the destruction. Two, one minor, one quite major.

The first boss, the appropriately-named Erchius Horror. It's a giant crystal with a single red organic eye that's responsible for creating the mutated miners in the level.

The Ruin, seen in the intro destroying Earth , which was barely sealed away aeons ago and serves as the Final Boss. And it's the size of a planet. Tame examples they might be, but some of the biomes and sub-biomes that the planets can possess are definitely this.

It is possible, for example, to come across a planet extremely mutated due to the insanely high levels of radiation, which are extremely weakening: Or perhaps you're digging downwards and suddenly find that the rocks you were mining were suddenly gone and now you're digging through chunks of flesh.

Midnight biomes are perhaps the best example: What's more, they are full of humanoid, pitch-black shadows which appear to be sentient they build shrines, at least , but will not react to whatever the player does, and will instead watch, their bright green eyes their only defining feature.

The background of these planets also contributes to the mood, and can best be described as a collection of differently shaped spikes stacked over each other.

Some randomly-generated melee weapons can be enhanced with either poison , fire , electricity , or ice. Poison and fire inflict their respective status effect on enemies to sap their health for several seconds after a hit, electricity adds a projectile attack in the form of a short-ranged pulse of electricity that damage other enemy units nearby rather than the one who was struck, and ice slows down the affected baddie. The Novakids are humanoid beings made of star matter.

The Snugget Novakid racial pet is a small bunny-like animal that's also made of star matter. Everything's Better with Penguins: In the Outpost, one sells fake licenses for ship upgrades. Also in the Outpost, at the Beak Easy bar, you can see multiple penguins holding guns much larger than they are Everything Trying to Kill You: Early game feels a lot like this—no materials, no armor, a broken sword for a weapon You're gonna be seeing that respawn screen quite a few times.

A product of their carnivorous nature, Florans see a lot of things as possible dinner. Apex Facility items are just the start. Fantasy Counterpart Culture Hylotl society is Japan, both in its traditional philosophy and in its modern cities. The Avians are Mayincatec. Apex society under the Miniknog is fairly Soviet in nature, and the name generator for Apex PCs favors Russian or Russian-sounding names. The "Beautiful Ape Painting" currently removed from the game is basically Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" but with a female Apex instead, covered in grey fur.

Suffice to say, nobody finds it particularly attractive. Fantastic Fruits and Vegetables: Some of the alien crops can be bizarre.

Oculemons are pretty much eyeball fruit. Automatoes are metallic-looking tomatoes that contain screws.

Boneboo plants have bones for their stems. Diodia tastes like copper. Avesmingo has different flavours in one fruit. Neonmelons have glowing seeds. In the backstory, there are mentions of repeated wars between the Florans and the Hylotl, which has led to great animosity between their species. In game, the two races have universally disparaging comments for each other, an occasionally found piece of Floran decor is spike-mounted Hylotl skulls, and the Hylotl Impervium weapons are named "Stemcutter", "Rootcutter", "Plantpounder", "Vinehacker", etc.

Glitch villagers also tend to not care for Hylotls. While they're not as hostile to Hylotls as Florans can be, they are very mistrusting of them and tend love to make fun of them. Before the backstory overhaul in version 1. The new Earth faction, the Terrene Protectorate , is much more inclusive and much less militaristic. Occasus fulfills the human supremacist role after they were added in version 1.

To the point that they want to kill all non-human life in the universe. Glitch furniture lasts up to ten times longer than that of your species. Being birds, Avians have a focus on feathers to varying degrees. In the late game, this develops. Ferozium-based armor and staves from the Manipulator Table focus on energy, Violium weapons and armor from the Separator Table focus on health, while Aegisalt weapons and armor from the Accelerator Table form a middle ground, focusing on ranged attacks and energy regeneration.

One of the random lore books you can pick up from a glitch society is a book written like this, depicting a detective looking for malfunctioning self-aware glitches in a murder case. The detective's dark secret is that he himself was self-aware, but he deliberately fits in with society in order to help other self-aware glitch stay safe. Chili peppers, and any dish made with them, set you on fire for a few seconds when you eat them their flavor text claims that the humans don't consider this "hot".

Of especial note is the appropriately-named Hot Hot Hotpot , among whose ingredients is lava. Besides the ordinary flamethrower, there's the Dragonhead Pistol, which is a gun shaped like a dragon's head that dramatically opens its mouth as it charges up fireballs, and the Firestorm's Fury, a broadsword that has a built-in flamethrower as its secondary attack.

The Creature Capture Pods allow players to capture monsters while in their infant forms, then train them to fight for them. The Apex scientists shout this as a battle cry. The Avian race, with a Mesoamerican Feather Motif. Money in Starbound comes in the form of "Pixels", which are used to create objects from 3D printers or used to craft items at various work stations.

The Hardcore option, upon character creation, will drop everything and keep the character dead when killed. The Hylotl race complete with under the sea cities. Fish out of Water: Naturally, the PC is one for being forced to evacuate from Earth. For the Hylotl, their very first quest is titled this trope. Free Sample Plot Coupon: After recovering five of the six Artifacts, Esther reveals that the sixth was always in her possession, and places it in the gate to the Ark so you can access it.

Frying Pan of Doom: As a random weapon model , with its own damage type. One of the key features of this game is the ability to easily make mods for it. This was one of the key goals of the game's designers Luminescent plant life is far from uncommon in the alien biomes of the game, and is often put to practical use as a source of lighting. Bioluminescence biomes are full of glowing plants, alongside glowing rocks and glowing critters.

You can harvest the local flora's "glow fibre" to create glowsticks and glowing furniture to light up your own nights, some of which just consist of potting glowing bushes, flowers and vines to use as nightlamps. Slime biomes are full of glowing slime pods.

Florans illuminate their homes with glowing plants that give off a muted green light, instead of using more conventional methods of illumination. Their chief reason for doing this is because, being intelligent plants themselves, they have a profound fear of fire.

The ocean floors are lit by glowing "oshrooms", or ocean mushrooms. In the full version, the player wakes up at the Protectorate Academy, having overslept and running late for their graduation. Many prisons have a release control somewhere. If triggered by the player, the cells will open and the inmates will Zerg Rush the guards. Other prisons already start out with the prisoners having escaped and taken over the facility.

Lush, rolling hills with weak enemies, plenty of basic supplies, and an abandoned mine guaranteed. Garden sub-biomes on other worlds are a mixed case; the terrain remains hospitable, but those same formerly weak enemies are leveled to be as nasty as the rest of the planet. Grievous Harm with a Body: The player character can find a Ball of Gnomes in underground gnome biomes to use as a throwing weapon.

The Broken Broadsword is the very first weapon you receive. It's entirely likely you sold it the moment you got a better weapon. If so, you just threw away any chance of getting the Protector's Broadsword, one of the most powerful melee weapons in the game. The game in no way indicates that it's worth keeping, other than a vague description that states "A very nice sword in very poor condition. The Ancient Alphabet codex is tauntingly available in the Treasured Trophies shop, but to get it you need to trade two halves of a "translation wheel," the collection of which is a fairly opaque process.

To access them, you first must locate the hidden doors they're locked behind, and then you must track down the two hidden triggers to open the doors. Nothing in the game suggests that you need to search those specific missions, nor which of the many, many incidental switches, consoles, and valves scattered around those missions are the triggers that open the doors.

You just have to scour every corner of every mission to see if there is a door, and then painstakingly flip every switch and activate every console and then go back to the door to see if one of the lights has lit up. Desert planets may have this mini-biome, with reeds, palm trees, and various pools of glowing water that grants recovery as long as you're swimming in it.

The water itself can be drained and harvested with an upgraded Matter Manipulator for bottling or even building your own spring. With a factory capable of producing mechs to ride.

Hunting the Most Dangerous Game: The "Floran Party" mission. You're invited to a Floran Party. This being Florans , it's a party where they get to hunt you down and you have to escape. Health is regenerated for a time while the player is well-fed. The early beta versions all have "Koala" in their version names, and said Koala gets angrier each version. Furious Koala and v. A later stage of beta introduced Giraffe that gets happier with each update.

Cannibalism is pretty typical at funeral rituals. An unintentional example would be Moontants dropping Raw Steak. Since Moontants once used to be Human until mutated by the Erchius Horror, it can count in a Squicky way.

Florans, or at the very least the Floran PC, which isn't surprising, considering their sheer bloodthirstiness. In any case, when asked about a hunting trophy stand, the PC will fondly reminisce about the time they bludgeoned their prey to death with a trophy stand before setting it up proper, and when commenting on their own flag, they comment they'd gladly stab someone with the flagpole.

Several from the speech bubble test video. Each starter kit for characters has one. Due to the way lighting works, they are one of the only ways for a character to light up the surrounding area without placing any item.

Due to the way the game works, flashlights can be dual-wielded, however this has little benefit except intensifying the light. Later, the Matter Manipulator is upgraded with a Scan Mode that also includes a flashlight which doesn't take up a hand or inventory space, but the trade-off here is that you can't use a weapon while holding the Manipulator. The player can craft a lantern on a stick that provides a moderate amount of light surrounding them and freeing up your hands to do something else as this counts as a clothing item.

Later this lantern can be upgraded to a halogen pack that is much brighter, then into a xenon pack that is even brighter. Normally averted, but you can invoke it yourself with the secondary equipment slots, so your aesthetic pleasing gear won't need to never be seen again once armor with better stats come into play.

Each race has its own mech that can be piloted once the tech for them is found and equipped. As of Beta v. Furious Koala, human and Glitch mechs have been implemented. The mech system has been revamped in 1.

Once players fix their ship, they can complete a simple quest that grants them their very own customizable mech. Mechs are mainly used in space encounters also new to 1.

If your heat bar gets too low, the screen becomes progressively whiter until you can't see anything. The Tall Chair is Just a Stupid Accent: There's a high-end sword whose name appears to have been transcribed from Japanese When a player character dies on the surface of a planet, game resumes from the spaceship. See Death Is Not Permanent for more. Among the randomly generated creatures, there are some that turn out to be rather cute. Unfortunately, they're most likely aggressive and will attack you on sight.

It's adorable, it whistles the Starbound theme music with little music notes, and it's also one of the naturally hostile and vicious creatures and attacks those who get near. Kill It with Fire: Florans are not fond of fire at all. Particularly evident when inspecting any fire item while playing as a Floran, as the player will often respond with fear or uneasiness. The Violium Broadsword and Shortsword are straight examples.

The Solus Katana and Protector's Broadsword sometimes appear to be Laser Blades, but they have mundane blades beneath the glowy exteriors. The developers posted links to a few people who got beta a few days before the public beta released. All of them end round the 30 minute mark, which is generally just finishing up the beginning of the tutorial quests.

Leaning on the Fourth Wall: One of the items you can find is a Starbound arcade game. The Ore Detector sends a pulse that detects different ores in the screen you're in, even if they're within the ground.

Janitor crew members don't really do anything. They provide no benefits to the ship, and while they can be brought into battles, anything they can do can be done by any other crew member except better. The Erchius Ghost on moons is supposed to be unharmable and uncapturable by all means, but when it was first introduced players found creative ways to hurt, kill, or even capture it — via lava, using the Pollen Pump weapon, and capture pods.

The devs patched this out rather quickly, however. The pink fleshy aliens in the Erchius Mining Facility mission attack by using their hand to spray their flesh at you. Low Culture, High Tech: The Avians were granted spacefaring technology by an as-yet-unamed Precursor race who neglected to give them the necessary social advancement to properly understand that it wasn't a gift from their god.

For some unexplained reason, untold hundreds of years into the future when the entire galaxy has been colonized by different races, floppy disks continue to circulate. Among them include Earth's last transmission when The Ruin attacked, and a galaxy-wide census revealing that there are just over 15 million Humans left, scattered among the stars, and none of them in a colony larger than 4 people each.

The broken sword you start with can eventually be upgraded to the best weapon in the game. The Florans are a race of carnivorous plant people. If you play as one, they have a fixation with food and eating, and will comment on their desire to eat the subject if you examine certain posters showing other races, especially the Apex. Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: It not made clear precisely how Staff and Wand weapons work. They certainly seem magical, producing effects such as fireballs, energy daggers, portals and various auras, but they may simply be making use of some kind of technology, much like the Avian Temple guardians and the Kluex Avatar.

The Avians buildings and technology strongly resembles Aztec and Mayan structures. The Glitch knights behind the castle gates ride these.

The Glitch were originally built to progress as a society, developing more and more advanced technology while remaining unaware of their nature as technological constructs.

A flaw or literal glitch in the system left the Glitch stuck in the medieval period. In an interesting twist, those simulations which had progressed past the medieval era eventually wound up destroying themselves when their technological progress outstripped their social progress. The Glitch survive because they are incapable of advancing further naturally. Any Glitch that tries to progress the race's technology level is immediately hunted down and executed for "heresy". Something of a downplayed example with the various Avian Grounded villages the ones where the locals don't really pay much attention to religious piety - while other NPC villages may have at most one merchant to buy and sell stuff from, these villages may have up to twenty.

Players can get the sense of being in the middle of a busy marketplace when all of them say their "Please buy my stuff! It's downplayed in the sense that these merchants' selection of goods are varied but generally don't have anything particularly rare, though you can help expand their stores through quests. According to NPC dialog, Apex are capable of roaring. Can be written into scripted interface windows. Two examples exist by default Mazebound64 , a first-person maze game, and Beautiful Attempt!

Most monsters and animals are randomly generated and can have a variety of weird body types grafted together. Mucking in the Mud: Slogging through tar pits will stick you with a slowness debuff.

Jumping into liquid slime will cause an even slower debuff. Certain high tier weapons can have explosions after an attack. These can be used for crowd control Or for digging slowly through blocks. The Matter Manipulator's Scan Mode, which is used to record objects for story reasons or to be 3D printed later, also has a built-in flashlight that doesn't take up inventory space and produces more light than anything else early-game.

For the majority of the playable races, the player character themselves have taken to space precisely because they got sick of their race's xenophobia in one way or another. The exceptions are humans who lost their home planet and didn't have a choice , Hylotl an inversion who seek to spread their ways of enlightenment across the stars , and possibly Novakids who are described as mostly only doing things because why not. Mods may change or lift the limitations. Not every item can receive every prefix.

Items have a maximum stack size and usually cannot be stacked past that. Buffs have a maximum duration usually 5 hours When saving a file for the older versions of the game, content added in newer versions will not work because it wasn't there yet. However, here's a small list of things that do work while they shouldn't: There is no minimum limit what maximum health can be. You can even set it to be 0 and watch the character die in one hit from anything.

Armor items can have accessory prefixes. Armor can be equipped in wrong slots e. Set bonuses will not be granted. Armor items can be equipped in accessory slots and vice versa. Bullets can have some of the prefixes. You can equip two pets or two "light pets" instead of one of both kind. Editing the character General character-related information can be edited via the "Character" tab.

Contents and their functions are as following: Format File format version. Health Current and maximum health. Click the according number and input the new value.

Mana Current and maximum mana. Hair style Determines the looks of the character's haircut. Gender Determines the character's gender. Cloth style Controls the appearance of character's default clothes. Colors The set of options determines the colors of character's features and default clothes.

Fishing quests complete The number of quests completed for the Angler. Extra accessory Whether the extra accessory slot for "expert mode" worlds have been unlocked. Editing items The character's possessions are shown across multiple tabs, akin to how they are shown in-game. Managing items Items can be managed in roughly the same way as they can be in Terraria: Items can be moved by clicking the source cell, and then clicking the destination cell.

Item stacks can be destroyed by dropping them off into the "library" section on the bottom of each tab. Adding items The most common way to add items is through use of "library". Editing items Whenever an item slot is clicked, it becomes selected indicated via a border around it.

Click an item to select it and click again if you don't want to move it anywhere Open the "Edit" tab on the right. Pick the desired prefix from the bottom half of the tab. This is due to a couple of factors: The default non-Flash version requires a specific server configuration to run in.

Web browsers can be awkwardly bad at saving interactive web pages for local use. The flash version The flash version of the program uses Adobe Flash Player instead of JavaScript for vast majority of it's functions. It can also be downloaded for offline use.

Set custom stats for items Currently not possible: Mod support "Are there plans to support mod X? Localizations "Will Terrasavr be available in language X? This is due to a couple of reasons: The program was not made with multi-language support in mind and thus includes no mechanisms for displaying multiple possible captions for everything.

The font used by the game "Andy" does not include any non-Latin characters as-is. Picking a different font would disturb the visual consistency with the game.

Software for other games "Could you make an editor for game X? For example, while it would have been nice to make a similar web editor for Starbound, that introduces series of challenges: Starbound's player files are larger, more sophisticated, and contain larger volumes of information due to the nature of the game in comparison, Terraria files are very compact. Presence of "randomized" items means that displaying the information about them requires figuring out and mimicking the algorithms that produce this information behind the scenes.

The game also spots huge quantities of objects that can be picked up, meaning that packing all of the graphics and texts is a similarly if not more challenging task for reference, items displayed in Terrasavr are packed into a pretty monstrous PNG file. The game is still in development, meaning that things may change often, breaking any user-created software. Contact If needed, you can contact me via the following means: