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Mystery Shopper Jobs in North Dakota

Montana is one of the least populous states in the country. Barely , resident live in the largest city, Billings. Perhaps it is not surprising, therefore, that there are no Fortune companies in the state. The company operates out of its Bozeman office and works on projects worldwide, including building subway tunnels in San Francisco and building dams all across the country. Berkshire Hathaway, known as the primary investment vehicle of famed investor Warren Buffett, is based in Omaha.

It also owns four casinos in Macau and one in Singapore. The company distributes wholesale groceries to roughly 5, stores and supermarkets all over the United States. While in most states the largest company is publicly traded, in 15 states, including New Mexico, the largest company is privately held. The company recently opened Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana, which doubles as a farm and an entertainment park.

Verizon was recently ranked as one of the 10 companies with the worst customer service in the country. In an effort to simplify customer experiences, the company recently announced it would do away with long-term contracts. With many Americans blaming the big banks for the financial crisis and recession and resenting them for the massive bailouts they received, the more than two centuries old bank is still trying to improve its reputation.

The development of the Bakken Shale in precipitated a surge in natural gas production in North Dakota. While MDU Resources Group, an energy distribution company, benefited from the statewide boom, the company was among the largest North Dakota-based companies by revenue prior to the boom.

Cincinnati-based supermarket chain Kroger is one of 23 Fortune companies based in Ohio. It is also the largest. It also employs , people worldwide. The company is currently experimenting with online ordering. The company is currently experimenting with online ordering, hoping to further expand its business. Not surprisingly, most of the largest companies in resource-rich Oklahoma are energy and mining enterprises. It is operating in 40 states and has more than locations. Of the three Fortune companies headquartered in Oregon, Nike is by far the largest.

The company employs about 14, people nationwide. Given its diminutive size, it is somewhat surprising that Rhode Island has any large public corporations at all, let alone one like CVS Health, which is one of the biggest enterprises — public or private — in the world. The Woonsocket-based pharmacy chain has locations in nearly every state, as well as roughly , employees. Domtar is the only Fortune company in South Carolina.

The Fort Mill-based paper manufacturer has been in business since , though it was not officially named Domtar until It is probably no coincidence, then, that POET is based in South Dakota, which is among the top 10 corn producers and the sixth-largest ethanol producer in the country.

Memphis, Tennessee, is home to FedEx, the third largest shipping company in the U. The company delivers nearly 4 million packages every day, and employs roughly , people. Texas is home to 54 Fortune companies, including Exxon Mobil, the second largest public company in the nation. The company, as it is known today, was formed in November with the merger of Exxon and Mobil. The company was the target of public outrage in when, one of its tankers, the Exxon Valdez, hit a reef in Alaskan waters and spilled 11 million gallons of crude oil into Prince WIlliam Sound.

The oil contaminated over 1, miles of coastline and, between fines and cleanup expenses, cost the company billions of dollars.

Last year marked the 25th anniversary of the disaster. Huntsman started as a small polystyrene plastics packaging company. Now, the holding company controls a range of chemical manufacturing businesses around the world. The coffee company has production and distribution centers in Waterbury — its headquarters — as well as Windsor and Williston.

According to an Associated Press article, Keurig Green Mountain employs between and people in Waterbury, although the number will likely decrease, as the company announced in August it would lay off several hundred workers. Virginia-based Freddie Mac and sister company Fannie Mae were the largest mortgage providers in the country, and were viewed by many as the safest.

However, the company may be recovering. Freddie financed more than , new home purchases in the last 12 months alone. Headquartered in Issaquah, Costco is a membership-based wholesale grocer. Eight years ago the company announced its egg supply would be entirely cage-free. It is currently at the center of controversy as it has yet to fulfill its promise.

Costco employs an estimated , people, most of which work full-time. Milwaukee-based Johnson Controls currently supplies batteries and climate-control equipment for buildings, as well as interior parts for vehicles.

This year may be the last time Johnson Controls is the largest of the five Milwaukee-based Fortune companies. Like just a few other states, there are no Fortune companies based in Wyoming.

Based in Torrington, the lumber company was founded in the early part of the 20th century. Now, Bloedorn Lumber supplies a range of building materials to hardware stores throughout Wyoming, as well as nearby Nebraska.

The largest companies in the United States are almost all concentrated in major metropolitan areas. Nearly one in 10 Fortune companies are headquartered in New York City. The five largest cities in the U. Still, there are plenty of major U. Wal-Mart, the largest company in the world, is based in Bentonville, Arkansas, a town with a population of barely 40, people. While these companies are the largest in their home states, they are not necessarily among the largest in the nation.

Exxon Mobil, the largest company in Texas and the second-largest in the U. That is roughly 4, times the annual sales of Bloedorn Lumber, the business generating the most revenue in Wyoming. Going public confers some important benefits for large companies, including providing additional revenue streams and increasing visibility.

For this reason, the vast majority of the largest companies in each state are public. The largest company in all but 13 states is publicly traded. Patio Rooms - Garden View are located on the ground floor of both towers with views and direct access to our gardens. All include a patio furnished with a table and chairs or a hammock. Patio Rooms - Pool View are located on the ground floor of both towers with views and direct access to our courtyard and swimming pools. Ocean View rooms are located in both towers and offer views of the ocean and beachfront from our east and west facing tower rooms.

Ocean Front rooms are located in both towers on floors two and up. These rooms offer breathtaking, unobstructed views of the ocean and beachfront from our north facing tower rooms. Breezes offers three unique wedding packages. The Endless Love package is complimentary and includes everything you need to make your big day truly unforgettable. For an even more magical celebration, Breezes offer the Timeless Love and Eternal Love upgraded wedding packages for an additional fee.

Try to make it, as we do not get to see many of you through out the year Always fun to watch the kids grow Our Cousin, Eunabelle Passed Away Eunabelle Densmore Brewster passed away yesterday Tuesday morning from dementia. Here is the link to her obituary. Congrats to Eric, Jack and family!!

Eric is the head coach and son, Jack is a star player at wide receiver Jack caught a 75 yard touchdown pass vs West Lyon last Saturday. It was an end around, pass Here is a link of the Television channels that will be broadcasting the game.

I see it is on Dish and DirecTV and some cable networks Welcome Elliot James Tryon!! Mike and Cindy are celebrating grandchild No. Elliot checked in at 6 lbs. Elliot arrived on November 12th. Jack Trudo, son of Shonna and Eric, is playing receiver and I think safety? Rumor has it that Bryce has a broken thumb. Union is a 2A team and they play Cascade on Friday. Van Meter is a 1A team and they play Denver Sam, son of Tammi and grandson of Jerry and Jerilyn, is a starting wide receiver for Vinton.

I think Sam is a sophomore Jack is a senior and Bryce is a junior Good Luck To All Gaylord is retiring from his administration search business, called G. For the past 16 years, GT has been helping educational systems and organizations find quality leaders for administrative positions. Congrats to GT for so many years of serving education in Iowa!!

So we only had 7 players and all over So a nice job. They will have more of these over the winter. Big Fundraiser for the school. If I get a chance, I will post some questions. His son, Jack, is having a great season.

If they win, they play the winner of Denver vs South Hamilton Congrats to Eric and Jack!! Quick Trip Out West With a few smaller places besides Only touristy place was Dodge City Great Time, but it rained, everyday.

Many in our family have boycotted NFL stuff Man, they lose The Tryons, they have lost some die hard football fans. He defeats Hulse, Eric's River Dawgs finish 3rd. At this moment, Team Stevens leads , but the action will go until Sunday Night The Rays are the 5th seed and Team Stevens, 6th.

The baby is due November Pictured is Courtney and Kelsie. Gotta Love More Tryon Grandkids!! Congrats To Josh L. If you did not catch it, the Abilene Christian Wildcats won their first game in their new stadium!! They defeated Houston Baptist Josh is the offensive coordinator. Abilene Christian is now a division 1 team.

They opened their season with games at New Mexico and Colorado State. Both of them were in Bowl games last year. The Wildcats compete in the Southland Conference. Josh is RT's son in law and is married to Mandy. Last year he was head coach at UNK. Maybe it is still archived? There were 3 Tryon Teams entered. Never knew 18 holes could take hours? Remember when we walked and pulled our clubs? We could play 18 holes in 3 hours Prizes galore on every hole Food galore on every hole and Laughs galore on every hole He drove from North Dakota, but he seemed to have left his golf game behind.

Beautiful Day and so much fun There were 33 teams participating Photos by RT and Janet. A Game For The Ages!! Numerous Tryons were present.

Dave's pre-dawn Tailgate was a huge success!! The Highwayman bought 10 tickets and spent 10 days in Iowa getting ready for the game Here are a few pictures.

Fingers crossed on good weather!! Cassidi's birthday and school starts for the girls!! Our sixth and eight graders!! Cassi is modeling her new, one piece outfit, complete with guinea pig socks, LED ear rings and fancy shoes with lights Alexis went to Mall Of America with friends a week ago!

He went with his buddy, Rich Anyway, it was a big success One For The Thumb Cassidi Gwen's broke her thumb She was getting ready for the State Fair competition and two days before performing, she went to the doctor and x-rays said it was broken. She has a cast for 8 weeks She fell off the balance beam and nearly broke her other hand School starts this week and Thursday is her 12th birthday Yesterday, Cassi, Gwen and Alexis went to the fair Cassi's Infinity Gym finished second in the All-around Most say they would have won it if Cassi was performing..

Cass got a first place last year, but this is a different level Click Photos To Enlarge. Sap Of The Month?? Last year, he spent a few bucks playing a carnival game of skill at the Iowa State Fair He knew he could win Some game involving a washer on a string and a beer bottle Travis and his family were waiting for the gates to open Iowa also has a state lottery and 19 casinos 46 other states allow fantasy sports His prize was a HUGE, stuffed bear Lorrie, not so much It would not fit in his car!!

This is like the Godzilla Of Teddy Bears Check out the pictures We are proud of you!!! Hello eBay or Craig's List? Gawkers are starting to drive by his Waukee home Click Photos To Enlarge So it was not just athletics!! Click To Enlarge pictures. The write-up of Mandy's accomplishments are on picture No. Congrats to Mandy, Josh and all of her family!! Josh is their offensive coordinator But what a challenging schedule as they enter Division 1.

Most of the photos by Travis. Stokkes Hit Wrigley Field!! This occurred on Saturday, I think, and they saw a great game vs the Washington Nationals Glidden th Celebration Is Big Success!! Parade starts at A good place to watch the parade is from Sandy's backyard. Just bring a lawn chair. Food and drink available at The Park.

Watsons and grand kids are attending the Indianola Balloon festivities Travis and his family are also there. Another gorgeous day in Iowa!! Sap Of The Month!! So I signed up for an online banking type of account and they wanted to verify who I am I had to answer 3 multiple choice questions Which of the following address did you once live at? They gave me 5 choices and one of the answers was None Of The Above Well, I flunked it I think I missed I did not know the address, I think they used that old, little blue house that we ived in for less than a year in Nevada I could not remember the year of the Ford Taurus I drove for a couple of years and I think?

I got the phone number right, but am not sure So one Sunday afternoon in June, I was sitting in my easy chair watching the Orioles lose again, when one of my beautiful grand daughters came up and So Sweetly asked if I could take her to Ames?

Well, she wanted to see something Well, immediately the other grand daughter joins us in the car and we are off to Ames About half way there, I ask, "Where are we going? We walk in and the girls sprint to the back of the store, grab a sales guy and before I know it, they are both hugging guinea pigs I asked them when they saw these guinea pigs last and the answer was? Seems Gwen made a deal with them, if they did their chores everyday for a week and helped around the house, they could get them I tried to stay out of it, but geeze Well, Grandpa broke down and we went back to the store Petco asked if I wanted to be a club member Does Grandpa Ever Say No?

Then, later that day, I see the girls are "walking" their pigs with their new doll stroller He brought a trunk load of OLD jackets You know, like Bobby Knight used to wear So he collects his money and leaves his stuff with Dan and drives home Wow, Christmas in May for Danny!! People are starting to follow JJ everywhere Kind of like, Pokemon Go, but instead of monsters, it's money you are looking for. Jerry and Jerilyn took a quick run up to North Dakota this week Great Time In The Mountains!!

They camped their way out and back. Gorgeous weather, but a little hot. You can't beat corn on the cob and chicken! Always great food at Grandma's. Photos three and four are from Abilene, Texas and 5 year old Kia.

Kia is "working out" with the football team and tubing on a Texas lake. Arizona Rattlers Upset Storm After trailing at halftime, the Storm mounted a furious comeback and just fell short in the United Bowl. Saturday This ended a Storm 6 year winning the championship streak. The Storm have won 11 titles in 12 years!!! Arizona dominated the old Arena Football League and this was their first year playing in the Indoor League Talk about a rivalry being formed.

Another great season as the Storm end up Congrats To Todd, Wendy and all of the Storm family!! A very nice turnout and the weather was perfect!! Thanks To All For Attending!! It sure was great visiting with everyone.

Next year we will be using it as our old one will be torn down. The new one is beautiful. Air conditioning, indoor rest rooms, perfect for good or poor weather and plenty of room. Even has a TV and looks like some kind of kitchen.