Casino Night

There are fire-eaters all over the place. Webarchive template wayback links TV. Jim is about to prove his telekinetic powers and he needs absolute silence. Looking forward to your fan vid! Officers ltll make it easier If we let her get her things well be out of your hair. Michael Sciannamea of TV Squad stated that "This episode, the season finale, was, in a word, brilliant.

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You know a lot of happily married people, Sam?

I'm really sorry if that's weird for you to hear, but I needed you to hear it. Probably not good timing, I know that. What do you expect me to say to that? I just needed you to know. You have no idea I don't want to do that. I wanna be more than that. I'm really sorry if you misinterpreted things. It's probably my fault. I'm sorry I misinterpreted our friendship.

Oh, and another fun thing. We, at the end of the night, are going to give the check to an actual group of Boy Scouts. Actually, I didn't think it was appropriate to invite children since it's You know, there's gambling and alcohol, and it's in our dangerous warehouse and it's a school night And, you know, Hooters is catering.

You know, is that enough? Should I keep going? Why are you the way that you are? Honestly, every time I try to do something fun or exciting, you make it not that way. I hate so much about the things that you choose to be.

I am no longer your boss. Lady Fortune is your boss. Will Lady Fortune give me a raise? Shut it, shut it, shut it. Hey, Carol, how goes the real estate biz? Is it real good? I don't really play cards, but I'm not going to lie to you. It felt really good to take money from Michael. Gonna chase that feeling. There are certain topics that are off-limits to comedians: The Lincoln Assassination just recently became funny.

I need to see this play like I need a hole in the head. It's one of my dreams. Sometimes I don't put Michael through until he's already said something. I look at it as a practice run for him. He usually does better on the second attempt. Jan Levinson, I presume? Okay, you know what? I will not donate my winnings to Comic Relief, since apparently, it doesn't exist. I think you mean the aid to Afghanistan. AIDS is not funny.

Believe me, I have tried. Michael's real-estate agent Carol calls to set up an appointment to sign his insurance papers for his mortgage and he asks her to come to the festivities. In the middle of the call, Michael takes a call from Jan, who tells him that she has decided to come to the casino night after all. When he returns to Carol's call, she also accepts his invitation. Michael states that he has "two queens" for the Casino Night and that he is going to "drop a deuce on everyone.

Carol arrives at the warehouse. Dwight states that he is in charge of keeping Jan away from Carol. Creed reveals that he is a kleptomaniac, stealing chips, money, and various items from work and at Casino Night. Michael loses all of his money to Toby early in Texas hold 'em. Jan arrives and tells Michael she is okay with Carol. Dwight wins at craps and kisses Angela on the cheek.

She slaps him and walks away with a grin on her face Dwight has a smirk, too. Jim confronts Ryan about his relationship with Kelly , to which Ryan responds with a sheepish grin in the affirmative.

Jim tries to check to see if Pam is bluffing in poker, which she isn't. At the bar, Jan and Carol share an awkward conversation. Jan asks Carol how long she and Michael have been in a relationship. Carol replies that it is their first date, to which Jan says condescendingly that Carol is a "good sport".

After Kevin—who claims to be a professional card player—loses to the amateur Phyllis in poker "Look," she exclaims happily, "I got all the clovers!

Jan and Jim share a scene outside, where she laments ever hooking up with Michael. She asks him if he has thought about the transfer, which he says he has.

Jan suggests that he talk to someone in the office about it. Creed ends up winning the mini-fridge due to all the chips he has stolen, saying that it will be the first refrigerator he has owned.

Jim approaches Pam because he needs to talk to her, presumably to tell her about the possibility of him transferring to Stamford. Instead, he blurts out that he is in love with her.

Because he knew they all wanted somethin from him