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Pocket Cards - In poker where some of the player's cards are dealt to them face down. Splurge and order the best seats available. With a view; 2. A Bingo pool can be 1 to 75 or 1 to At the slot machines you can insert your VIP Card into the card reader and from that point on, all money in, bets made, size of bets and time played will be recorded and placed into your player account.

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About Casino “Comps,” or Complementaries

Just curious to know what some reasonable requests are from a casino hosts. Any thoughts on what I could be calling these people for? Find More Posts by Deckhawk. The first thing I would ask for is that your room stay is coded "RFB" so you can sign restaurant meals to your room and they will be comped.

If you can get that without much resistance, I would add a request for a transportation reimbursement, where they give you a cash payment at the cage in the amount of your round trip airfare. Nov 6, 12, Find More Posts by Jimgotkp. Nov 6, 12, 3: How long do you play for Its better to pay 75 a hand for 8 hours than for 3 hours. Find More Posts by ch3ss. Originally Posted by ch3ss.

Nov 7, 12, 7: Best way to do it is this After you play a session, ask the pitboss what you got rated at Nov 8, 12, 3: As other things to ask for, I request limousine transportation to and from the airport and anywhere else we may want to go with a reasonable notice; room upgrades beyond the standard "comped" room suites, pents, etc.

If you play big bucks, nothing is outside of reason. Always try to be fair about your requests and do it with a smile. Nov 8, 12, 6: Can you pm me the contact info for a host at Cosmo? I am a diamond at CET but looking to try out Cosmo.

The comp shows them that the casino is paying for your meal and one or two drinks. By the way, a comp is always for two people, at the minimum. A comp is given to you because the casino wants you to play in their casino. They are not given to you because they like you. So, if you are comped look on it as a reward for your play at the tables and in anticipation of your future play. The casino does not base their comping decisions on what you may win or lose, but rather on a theoretical figure of your worth to them in profitability.

How do they calculate this figure? Quite simply on your action in the casino. A very easy explanation would be that they take your average bet times the amount of time you play and calculate in the odds of the game you play — slots or tables.

Of course keeping in mind there are variables they will take into consideration, one of those variables being a players gaming loss, for instance, so there are exceptions to every rule but that is basically how it works. The prerequisite for getting comped is to let the casino know who you are and how much you are betting. Your action in any casino will generate comp dollars that are available to you for use against the expenses you incur while at the casino.

Comp dollars can be used for a full variety of items from room, food, beverage, entertainment, spa services, limousines and air transportation etc. Be sure to get your self rated at all times to maximize your comp value to the resort. It is a very easy procedure — you simply fill out a form with your name address and date of birth and the casino will issue you a rating card on the spot.

Always make sure you use it each and every time you play at a table or slot machine so all the proper comp credits will accrue. That is why we always ask that you call us to check what your comp status at any of our casinos may be. We may be able to offer you full RFB status at one casino but only a room comp at another. We will always do our absolute best to make sure that you always receive your full comp value and we will always suggest to you the best casino for your level of play … But, of course, the final determination is yours to make!

In the computerized world we live in today, getting your gaming action rated is extremely important.

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