As fires fade and the world falls into ruins, gamers will get lost in the games hallmark rewarding gameplay and graphics. Licensed slots feature pop culture franchises while 3D slots have the best graphics and animated features that look like cut scenes from a video game. It is their meddling that distorts the truth. I put an extraordinary amount of time and effort into doing this. Dark Souls se passa no reino fictcio de Lordran, onde os jogadores assumem o papel de um personagem humano amaldioado que foi escolhido para fazer uma. They obviously know who you are when you enter The Chosen Undead , what you represent, and they are very aware of the cycle. This task was granted to me by the one who gave us the first death.

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New Jersey does not have as many payment methods as the international sites, but the methods offered are reliable. Withdrawals are a bit more time-consuming and restricted than deposits because they require players submit proof of identity. Security is the main reason cashouts take more time. Below is a list of the basic services uses to make casino withdrawals.

I offer a basic concept of the cash out time and fees associated with each service. They are web wallets, bank check, cash transfers, and bank transfers. Web wallets are fast, but they require significant fees from the processor. Gamblers who want to take advantage of the much-advertised 12 to hour withdrawal processes should use an eWallet. As long as you make only an occasional withdrawal, then the bank check is a perfectly accepted payment method.

In fact, it might be best if you do not mind slow processing time. Most sites allow 1 free payout every month through a service like this. The time for such transactions to complete can be outrageous, with a 2 to 4-week delay being common.

Cash transfers using Western Union or MoneyGram are possible, also. These payments are fast, but not offered at every casino. This withdrawal method involves fees. Also, you need a Western Union or MoneyGram physical location in your city. With so much money involved, security is a major concern for everyone involved. One of the chief reasons a gambler needs to choose a trustworthy casino is the safety and security of payments.

A number of safeguards exist in the industry. The job of a gaming commission is to assure an operator is honest and legit. Gaming commission auditors need to check a system for the advancement of its security systems. To a certain degree, the Internet gaming industry is self-regulating. If a website does a poor job of handling money, its reputation suffers and fewer players sign up at the site.

Eventually, this leads to the site going out of business. Make certain gambling for real money is legal in your location. In the United States, this means checking on the state and local levels.

Justice Department under Barack Obama interprets that to mean online sportsbooks are illegal, but online casinos and poker sites are legal. Mobile casinos fall under the same interpretation of the law. That means federal authorities do not ban online casinos at the present, but the state and local governments might ban iGaming.

Look at state laws to see if playing for real cash is legal. New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware have legalized, regulated, and licensed casinos. California and Pennsylvania lawmakers are both seeking to legalize online gambling, but both states might allow online poker only.

A handful of other states has discussed legalization since federal policies changed in Most states ban online gambling. In the United States, no gambler has ever been prosecuted for online casino betting. Know what the local laws in your region are, to avoid such inconveniences.

The same can be said in other countries. For instance, the national government in Canada allows online gambling , but the provinces and territories have their own laws. The City of Markham in Ontario has a law against online gambling.

In Australia and Germany, federal and state laws overlap, creating a complicated legal system similar to the United States though less complicated. Besides legality, many people wonder whether online casino gambling is safe. If you play at an offshore site which is illegal in your jurisdiction, this is a special concern. Because sites might be legal elsewhere in the world, many of those casinos are still legitimate businesses that can be verified.

Gaming commissions license certain sites as a safe and secure. A number of gaming commissions worldwide specialize in such verification: When one of these agencies has licensed a site, it confers a certain legitimacy on it. Players should research further, though. Researching who handles third party testing is important. All three companies are based in Australia and all three provide third-party testing of sites.

They audit the site to make certain their software is secure and their games are fair. Sites with a seal of approval from one of those companies should be deemed safer.

People might be wondering if online casinos for real money are fair. A legit site has no reason to cheat if it is licensed and legal.

Online casino operators license software from trusted companies, or design software themselves. This software uses true random number generators RNGs to determine the outcome of events. Probability all-but-assures a profit, but the outcomes are determined by random chance.

The house can be beaten in the short term. The risk of cheating is losing that license and perhaps going to prison. A legitimate company would be a bit mad to cheat under those circumstances.

That being said, greed does win out over good sense at times. Check player forums and review sites like this one to learn whether a site is slow to send out winnings, or uses nebulous policies to close down profitable accounts. Learning about the gaming commission and third party verification process is important, once again. The eCOGRA network tests member real money online casinos each month to see whether they are secure and fair.

Also, sites publish information about their software providers and verification technology in their Frequently Asked Questions. Read the FAQ to see whether a site uses bit verification or not. Look over their site to see which software providers they use. In each case, do a bit of research away from the casino site to learn whether their technical support is sufficient and up-to-date.

Below are some frequently asked questions that new gamblers have had in the past regarding real money online casinos. These are particularly targeted towards real money gamblers. Most online blackjack software has an automatic reshuffle on each hand. In those circumstances, card counting has no value. The only way card counting might work on the Internet is through live dealer games of blackjack. They cannot be as certain about people withdrawing money. The first time an online casino sends winnings to a player, it takes longer.

A reverse withdrawal is simply rescinding your decision to withdraw money. Many websites offer a hour or hour reverse withdrawal process. They want you to keep money in your account, knowing you might change your mind. A mass of pieced together body parts, just like Nito was comprised of a mass of bones and skeletons. Eons have passed since the Old Witch of Izalith walked the land, but such was her power that it persists even now. Now about endings… There has been lots of what I believe to be misguided talk about which ending in Dark Souls is canon, the Link the Flame ending or the Dark Lord ending.

Remember, time and space function strangely in this land; timelines weave in and out of one another, crossing over and influencing the path of others spirits entering your world, and you entering the world of other spirits. He vanquished the four great ones and built this kingdom upon their souls. Our king has watched over this land since ages long, long ago. He did what you did in DkS1. He defeated the four, and then build Drangleic with his vision.

Wellager also explains that the Queen came from a faraway land and warned the King of the looming threat of giants from across the sea. They are also the constructs that form the bridge to the Throne of Want for you at the end of the game. Of all the foreign lands mentioned in the game, nobody knows where she came from? She appeared and came to the king because she knew he was the chosen undead, and knew what she wanted from him: She wanted to use him to spread the abyss.

See… Wellager says something incredibly revealing: She is the smallest piece of Manus, the Father of the Abyss. Long ago, after his defeat in the lost land of Oolacile, he split into miniscule fragments.

As the fragments recollected, they assumed a human form. He instead, as the game tells us, tried absolutely everything he could possibly think of in order to try and rid his land of the curse. Well, him and his older brother Aldia went to work….

Aldia and Vendrick were experimenting for a reason. The guide says that Vendrick tried more and more grotesque things over time in order to try and rid his land of the curse. What were they doing in the Manor? That petrified egg you find in the Dragon Shrine?

Surely bears no life. Eggs are vessels that harbor life itself, and symbolize the deepest secrets of existence. But what does a petrified egg harbor? Or maybe that Shrine has been there from sometime before.

Who created this monstrosity, and is it what they intended to make? It almost seems to be half-dragon, but, whatever it is, it has the mind of a hollow.

Was it the petrified dragon egg? Or the mechanism for building The Throne of Want? Perhaps something to do with Lifedrain? The soul and armor sit in a very human-sized chair, which is a stark contrast to the giant throne Vendrick sat upon, and the giant form he took. What the hell was this prize?

There are some items in the game with some interesting descriptions regarding the King:. I think the description of the Seed of a Tree of Giants is fascinating. Maybe what he stole was something we are unaware of. The Lordvessel was initially kept in Anor Londo, behind many tests and trials, in order to weed out a worthy Chosen Undead. Maybe the last Chosen Undead put the Lordvessel across the sea to the north, protected by giants, to the same end.

It would make sense that, if the Queen is Manus reincarnated, and Manus is the furtive Pygmy reincarnated, and Kaathe was a representative of the Pygmy, and Kaathe sent you after the Lordvessel, perhaps the Queen did too. What purpose did the Lordvessel serve? It also opened the fog gates to the areas where the Lord Souls were by placing it at Firelink Shrine, a milestone that had to be reached for a Chosen Undead to be deemed worthy enough to proceed.

Oh, and it let you warp between bonfires. The other doors protect other valuable clues to the story, and an item that is crucial to being able to open up the Throne of Want: The Giant Lord soul. So Vendrick, once he had the Throne, and the memories, and the means of opening the Throne hidden behind fortified, magical doors, he took the only other means of opening them — his ring — and stashed himself away deep within the crypts to forever deny The Queen access to The First Flame.

It might not have been the Lordvessel that Vendrick stole from the giants, though. Whatever he stole allowed him to create the golems, so maybe The Queen led him to another piece of the Dark Soul.

Whatever he took, it sure pissed the giants off something fierce though. It was then that the golems materialized. The Giants are no ordinary barbarians. A singular rage burns within their hearts. My father, and his father both fought the Giants on this very land.

The Giants have wills of steel. They cannot find it within themselves… To forgive the misdeeds of our lord. The Old Iron King: He possesses the soul of an ancient king from long ago Gwyn — a king who met with a similar fate when he reached into the flames.

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