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Break Out of Missoula: Sabotage, Infiltrate, Wanted, Classified. Pharaoh's Curse, Wrongfully Accused, Voodoo. Prison Break, Smite Sherlock. I'f I had three wishes Fantastic memories of Newcastle and the North East club scene. I was the original keyboard player in the Junco partners when we were resident at the agogo. I later joined the Gamblers backing Billy Fury. I now live in Florida where I teach piano and still do a few gigs. I recognize some of the names of people who have contributed here with their memories and of course I knew many of the people who were around during that great period during the 60's.

Ironically my son is now engaged to Billy Fury's great niece! He still talks about those days in the 's, happy days. Hi does anyone know what happened to Tom Oxley the nightclub photographer? Where did his photos go? Hi Cassie I'm very interested in your post regarding a photographer who may taken photos of the nightclubs many of us attended.

I have never heard of Tom Oxley, but would love to know more. I have mentioned more than once in my previous posts about what a real shame it is that there aren't any photographs of such an amazing time; with so many good nightclubs in Newcastle alone. I always say that a photograph is a moment of time captured, that you'll never get back! Any information you have would be great.

I remember you singing at the Majestic with the Gamblers. Some time later I joined the Gamblers. Do you know where any of the surviving ex members are now?

I have googled and tried Face book but without any success. Anyway, I hope your life is going well Trevor. Pete Wallis ex Juncopartners and Gamblers. Re Jean McGowan, there are some photos of the inside of Bloomers nightclub on Facebook site called 70s Newcastle Nightclubs if that's a help still have not found a photo of the outside in its hey day but still looking. Re Photographs and Tom Oxley. Tom was a regular photographer for the Bailey Organisation.

I wonder if Stan Henry the owner of the Bailey organisation has any archives. I think he still lives in the North East and owned the Springs fitness centres. However most photographs Tom took were of customers and he sold them copies.

Tom spent a lot of his time at The Dolce Vita when the club had super stag nights on Mondays and Crazy nights on Thursdays. I remember you Chic Reid if you see this please get in touch. I will never forget you were working at the theatre royal and u let me see the stage set for Alice in wonderland and let me have a go on the big swing in the stage. My dad nicknamed one of you're daughters shoulders I think her name was Siobhan or Dionne or something?

Sadly Bob and Alf are no longer with us R. Uncle Bob n Uncle Alf. I'm not sure what Dave does now as my dad lost touch with him. Can you remember a guy called Louie who also worked at Change is? My number is Suzanne x. Hi Suzanne, great to have someone else writing about Change Is.

I must have known your Dad as I went there a lot do you have any photos of your dad from then, I'm certain that I will recognise him and then after I met John there in we shared our club nights between Change Is or was iit Bloomers then and Scamps. Both great clubs and bring back so many brilliant memories, we chose Change Is upstairs for our engagement party in November and once again not a single photo!

I I'm always on the hunt for any photos of either, of these clubs and wondered if you had any at all. Ifeel so incredibly nostalgic about those very important days, which went over much too quickly. Yours nostalgically Jean McGowan x. Unfortunately I am not able to see them as I am not on Facebook.

I wonder if anyone would be able to help me to find them or is there a way I can access them without being a member? George, John is still looking to see if he has any photos of the entrance to Bloomers on Bath Lane.

He can remember going over and taking shots of the area when he heard it was going to be pulled down. So he cannot remember if the signage was still showing. I'll post a comment as soon as I have anything to report. I was given an unopened and unused car sticker with the distinctive picture of the girl in bloomers which is kept safely in my "favourite memories" box but I'm guessing that you already have a lot of the memorabilia.

What a great site this is, many personalities mentioned I knew well. We also played at the Seaburn Hall "Cats night out" regularly and the Rink ballroom. Saw Ralph Brough our lead singer some years ago, we were running the Peterlee half marathon, theres a change.

We did Rehearsal Room, a Tyne Tees weekly feature on local bands, a half hour show presented by David Hamilton, we did 3 numbers loads of fun, and , we even got well paid for it. Pretty Thing at the Scene Club Middlesbrough, that was a night to remember. Just been reading a comment from Pete Wallis from May I remember being a young teenager and the Junco Partners practising in the bedroom at my family home Caroline Cottages, John is my brother and I do remember Pete Wallis being the keyboard player and amazing they are still playing after all these years.

In the late fifties I played many of those venues, usually singing and paying guitar in the group called "The Black Cats" and "The Billy Gamblin Trio". I went on the sing throughout my life as a solo artiste, called Ray Donne for a period and then back to my real name.

Hi George, Just noticed your comment which was addressed to me but see comment 84 it should have been for Lorraine who i was sharing Bloomers memorabilia with i still haven't managed to see any pics of inside Bloomers and would be really pleased if you could help, as I'm not on Facebook. Great Blog takes me back to that time in my life, I was the drummer in Axtree Junction the lead singer and Guitarist being Bob Barton who went on to be in Becket and on the Old Grey Whistle test, I remember playing at the Blaydon Races for 10 pounds and many other venues throughout the Northeast for similar amounts, had the privilege of being the local band playing alongside many 60s bands including Family, Dave Dee and band The foundations, Love Affair and many more on the baily club circuit, now at 69 years I look back on those times with great pleasure.

Hi Does anybody remember the Dolce Vita house band, a guy named Robbie was the bass player and I cannot remember the names of the drummer, organist and lead Guitarist. The drummer had an American car. Great bunch of guys. Great memories, if somewhat hazy due to my then drink problem!!

Hi I just found a photograph of me with a young mountain lion on my knee. The lion was not part of the act, the guy just had it as a pet,it was amazing when he walked into the club with the lion on the lead. I know I had a great time working at many NE clubs during the late sixties and early seventies. I just wish I could remember them all. The demon drink Pernod was to blame.

Suzanne, Of course I remember your dad Jimmy, many great times working together. Fond memories of him. Two Scotsmen together in a nightclub, what could possibly go wrong!

If you want to get in touch - enquiry deadgoodvideo. I'm loving the new web site - a fantastic design and fantastic photos. Many people including myself have mentioned photographs, or rather a lack of them and I wondered if it would be at all possible to make a plea for any photos your readers may have relating to "60s clubland ". Please forgive me if this is something you've already covered but photos bring back so many memories it may be worth another go?

Thank you again Roger - I'm now in trouble for being late for an appointment as I've just read through all of the comments again!!! Re the Dolce Vita. Sloopys Disco was opened upstairs at the Dolcey. At the opening night the DJs were myself and Simon Dee. The night club continued to host cabarets Freddy Starr, Mud and many many more for a few more years and was always called the Dolce Vita until it was renamed Walkers.

Hi, could anybody please give me any information about my ''father'' geoff manning aka harry branson gorst, who married my MOTHER, irene graham. I would just like to know anything about the soulless pos,. Worked greys club worked night club then casino had great memories also worked moulin rouge dean street for Teddy berg when they took over the bottos etc. I beleive he appeared at a number of clubs in Newcastle and the north east. I am researching his club appearances in the UK Great memories, and thanks to everyone for sharing them.

I was born in a Newcastle club the Hillfield on Grainger Park Road, which my parents owned and spent a lot of my late teens at the Pickwick in Whitley Bay my home town , with frequent trips to Newcastle and the big-city night spots, mainly the Agogo, followed by the Cavendish and the Dolce Vita, or Grey's if we were a bit flush. They were on the beaten track, but does anyone remember Billy Botto's Club on Shields Road owned by a big local bookmaker and the 69 Club, which was managed by Tot and Gloria Anderson, who also used to manage The Avenue in Whitley Bay, just opposite the Pickwick.

Thursday nights at the Agogo were the highlights of my week - that's when the big-name touring acts played there, and admission was seven shillings and sixpence. Hi Melina Manning your mum Irene was my first girlfriend, at Lovely girl Best wishes, Trevor. I love this blog - I am originally from Sunderland and have been trying to recall some of the clubs from this time - this site has hit almost all of the ones I went to mostly on Wearside starting with the Seaburn's cats night out on Wednesday nights, the Cellar lying about our ages to get in the Grange, the Bay Hotel and Wetheralls.

Does anyone remember the Carousel Club in Chester le Street? We went to Newcastle in to see them play Southampton. We drove all night and met some great Geordie at the match and who then took us to the Cavendish where we saw - from memory - Gerry and the pacemakers. We also got introduced to Newcastle Brown too! I have fond if hazy memories of that weekend! Having read through these posts I don't think anyone has mentioned the fantastic group called 'the Gas Board' they played at the Quay Club also the Majestic.

There's a bit about the Gas Board on this page, Liz: The Del 5's drummer was Quentin think that's how you spell it Bernie Watson's brother - can't think of the other sax player though.

I was best friends with Pongo Keith to me and for a short while roady for them. I stayed with Kim when she went solo but only again for a short time. What a star she could have been. Ho Hum happy days and strange memories. Just stumbled across your website. Brings back many memories. I have one photograph of me in Sloopy's in I am still alive!!

I spend my time between Corbridge and Florida. I was quite good friends with Russell Smith, son of baileys owner, John Smith and I remember the house band at the Latino having a mad Australian front man. We were also friends with Clive Lee who was a total fruitcake in the style of Freddie Starr!

We were also friends with music journalist Phil Penfold. Geoff Wonfor became famous as a music video producer. The Tube being one of his projects.

Greg Burman's speakers were legendary but were a bastard to transport and set up. I frequented most of the clubs at one time or another so it has been brilliant to find this website to bring back the memories. My first event that I went to was every Saturday at the Miners Welfare hall which I think was in Burnopfield where the reqular group were Trevor Chance and the Gamblers.

Does anyone remember the Sands Club at Whitley Bay which is where I met my husband, his favourite haunts were the Old Vic Whitley Bay and also the Sovereign pub which was a good starting point for an evening out. Had some good nights at the Majestic. Good bands played there. Also loved the Gogo. Used to tell my mam I was going to the one at Whitley Bay as I wasn't allowed to go to the Newcastle one.

It had a bad name she said. And don't even think about the Downbeat!! According to her they had sex on the floor there. Don't know how she knew cos she had never been there!!! The dive bar under the Swallow Hotel was called the Gay Trooper in my day Wouldn't get away with that now. Was at a place called St. Charles, outside Chicago, a couple of years ago and who should be playing there but Bill Smedley Righteous Brothers.

Couldn't believe my luck. He was playing at the Arcadia Theatre. He was with his daughter who is also a sInger. Even better was the fact that he was actually staying at the same place as we were, the Pheasant Run Hotel.

A bit like the place in Dirty Dancing. We had a drink with him at the hotel and what a lovely man he is. Naturally had my photo took with him as well. Can't remember the 60s without remembering the fabulous Righteous Brothers. It was an eye opener for a very young me and I loved it. I have very blonde hair so Don Smith the band leader insisted on calling me Mike White. I had a great time there and made a dreadful mistake by leaving to work at Leicester for Top Rank. The North East in the 60s as a wonderful time for musicians and performers and I am so pleased to have been there.

I went back to work the club circuit in the 70s 80s and 90s but it was not the same. Hi, I wonder if anyone remembers a night club in Northumberland St I think it was above Callers it used to have a resident belly dancer and a casino. I think the name was Michaels? I went there quite a few times in the late 60s. He was a good friend many years ago. My boyfriend was working and was We both looked and dressed older. We went often and went for the great music and danced all night. I remember the DJ Dave, I thought he was so hip.

Would be good to have a reunion Remember when Joes 2 horses Sixty Nine and Playlord won 2 big races one Saturday at big prices most of the club backed them everyone was celebrating the champagne flowed like water a great night. If anyone has any good images or information, please post on here or contact me personally. Great site look forward to any info.

I used to go to the Marimba on a Saturday morning, I remember going down to the cellar which was typical of all the cellars in Grey Street as I believe it was known as smugglers run in the past, as they went down to the river. We all used to gather around the juke box trying to get our favourite records played. Hey everyone Would anyone know where I may get hold of a photo of the Gay Trouper pub. Hi Jill, Maybe a good starting point might be the Chronicle as I am sure that they have a library full of old photos.

Hi Jill, I went to a place in which I knew only as "the dive bar" and could never understand why. Occasionally, I heard it referred to as the Gay Trouper. I remember queueing to get inside where you went down lots of dark stairs to an amazingly even darker area with fantastically loud but mesmeric music.

Most of the lads my age in aspired to have their hair like the lovely Marc Bolan. I can still remember the feeling of excitement as you stepped down each dark stair til you opened the door and the whole place came alive, with music, gorgeous people and the amazing music which never sounded the same anywhere else - and still doesn't! Your parents would be overjoyed if you managed to find any photos.

I have tried to find photos of places frequented for such a short time but at the time felt like it would last forever I have tried unsuccessfully to find photos but no one took photos way back then and so all of those precious moments and memories were never captured Just found a post from Jane Maddison who's dad Ken Maddison was my bandleader for many years after I left groups to "settle down".

Great bloke and wonderful muso. Hi June I do remember the Palleta, it used to be the place to go during the day, they cannot have done much business as we all used to buy one drink and make it last for hours until we got kicked out. They did a lovely beans on toast. John Colin Woodland, greetings. Il clone e' sempre basato sul tuner Elonics e e su di una interfaccia audio. Di seguito la foto del'easySDR: E ora viene il bello! Qualcuno si e' accorto che il tuner Elonics e viene utilizzato in molte chiavette commerciali come downconverter per il chip ricevitore Realteck RTLU che fornisce uno streaming "grezzo" di circa 3 MHz su porta USB2 verso un adatto software in grado di decodificare il segnale televisivo DVB-T.

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