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Les gagnants de cette 15 ème édition dédiée à l'environnement sont :

Mabel Asher, sheet music in Hulse, Ragtime Refreshments. Jefferson Music, That American Rag. Drifting in Dreams with You. Duanne Crabbe Publishing Co, Dusty Rag song words by J Will Callahan. Aufderheide, May with Paul Pratt. I Want a Real Lovin' Man. I'll Pledge My Heart to You song. Mentel Bros Pub Co, A Totally Different Rag. You and Me in the Summertime words by Rudolph Aufderheide.

El Cosmopolita Rag , transcribed by Clarence Wheeler. Mentioned in Ragtime Review 3, no 4 April Jolly Club Two Step. Baker Publishing Co, Morath and Hasse. Nora Bayes Fox Trot. Forster Music Publishing, You're Talking Ragtime song. One More Rag arranged by Arthur Campbell. Stark Music Co, Morath and Hasse. March and Two Step. JL Cuddy, Morath and Hasse. Ted Snyder Co, Hulse and Bostick. Koch Bros Printing, Morath and Hasse. A Ragtime Two Step.

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Whitney-Warner, Hulse and Bostick. Honeyland words by Stanley Murphy. In the Good Old Irish Way: Just as Long as the Swanee Flows. Lonesome Land words by Bartley Costello. My Irish Girl words by Alfred Bryan. My Lady of the North Waltzes. The New Barn Dance. Jerome H Remick, Hulse and Bostick. Stingy Moon words by Will Heelan. Telling Lies words by Irving Berlin. Ted Snyder Co, When the Mocking Birds are Singing in the Wildwood. New York Jerome H Remick, One of the Boys: The Novelty Two Step.

Carl Hoffman, sheet music in Hulse, Cake Walks. March and Two Step Hulse and Bostick. From Sea to Sea: Feedback and suggestions wanted!

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Kicking off 'Charmed' season 3 was the introduction of Julian McMahon's Cole Turner, a half-demon half-human "soldier of fortune" charged by "The Source" of all evil to destroy the Charmed Ones. His character became a mainstay in the series after falling in love with Phoebe, becoming mortal, then becoming the new Source, and In addition to playing the energy ball-hurling baddie-turned-goodie-turned-baddie, Smith also portrayed Shax, the wind demon who killed Prue, the first iteration of The Source in the season 3 finale, and he played a sight-stealing grimlock in two episodes throughout the series.

Voyager' and many, many more. His post-'Charmed' career is just as lengthy and varied as before he boarded 'the series. Smith's latest project, 'Blood Shot,' is a horror flick that sees him tackling the vampire look The New Adventures of Superman'. Chris Boyd '21 Jump Street' TV series was originally set for the role, but, once 'Charmed' was picked up to series, he bailed for unknown reasons.

You might have seen King on shows like 'Sex and the City' he was Samantha's conquest who told her she had to shave her Kaley Cuoco was virtually unknown before and during her role as Billie, a young witch who befriended and apprenticed under the Charmed Ones, though eventually was tricked into attempting to destroy them. Who could forget good ol' pretty-boy neighbor Dan with his bevy of chest hair?

He wanted so bad to be Piper Halliwell's one and only, but she had always been in love with Krause's Leo.

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