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I did it on my iPhone 6s Plus , but the process is almost identical for Android. Head to the casino section of an online game room to hit the slots. Rajani was extremely competent. Tidying up the office. An expression to use when it takes mental strength and preparation before doing something. It allows them to change the entire nature of the early rounds and places a greater emphasis on luck over skill.


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Super Party , Spice World , Buzz!: The Music Quiz , and Singstar. The casual game LittleBigPlanet is also a popular title on the PlayStation 3 in which players have the power to customize huge aspects of the game, while the gameplay itself is relatively simple. Casual games are often computer simulations of traditional games such as chess , checkers , pinball , poker , sudoku , solitaire , and mahjong.

In , social network games began gaining mainstream popularity following the release of Happy Farm in China. There is no precise classification of casual genres in the modern gaming industry. According to Big Fish Games , one of the leading casual game developers and distributors, [24] and Gamezebo , one of the most popular casual game review sites, [25] there are seven popular genres in casual games:. The Internet is the primary distribution channel for casual games.

On PCs, games are typically available in free, feature-limited online versions coded using platforms such as Flash or, in the past, Java , and standalone downloadable versions sometimes promoted with the subtitle "Deluxe" , which contain additional features and modes, and higher-quality graphics and sounds than the web version.

A trialware version is typically offered, which can be unlocked to activate the full game after purchase. The mass adoption of touchscreen mobile platforms such as smartphones , and in particular, Apple 's iPhone line following the introduction of the App Store , created a significant market for casual games as apps on mobile devices. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Parts of this article those related to a lot of stats and references to the state of the industry are incredibly out of date and use sources many years old need to be updated.

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Video game History of video games. List of indie game developers List of video game developers List of video game industry people List of video game publishers List of video game websites. Are casual games the future? Archived from the original on Retrieved May 3, San Jose Mercury News. Retrieved 3 July Archived July 11, , at the Wayback Machine. Retrieved 10 September Wolf , The video game explosion: A pizza dinner yields a cultural phenomenon — and millions of dollars in quarters".

Retrieved April 23, In the late s, Twin Galaxies, which tracks video game world record scores, visited used game auctions and counted how many times the average Pac Man machine had been played. Kent , The ultimate history of video games: Happy Farm ". The 15 Most Influential Games of the Decade. Chinese Indie Game Trends and Opportunities". Retrieved 12 September Archived from the original on 24 March The International Business Times. Retrieved December 17, Why you play and why you pay".

Video game genres List. It can function like a project manager. Thanks for sharing your experience…I know it helps lots of people learn how to make this strategy work! I have to say that you covered quite a lot! These are just a few that come to my mind. I have to agree with some of the comments above: However, it is going to be MUCH cheaper than if you had an in-office one.

Finding the right Virtual Assistant is probably the most difficult part. Andrew — I depends on what you need done. However, if your tasks are complex and especially if they only need done infrequently , a screencast gives you the ability to do the training only once.

For example, I have a complex process where we needed to move a bunch of content from one CMS system to another on several different sites. I recorded a screencast showing exactly how to do each step along with explanations of all the different things they might encounter in extracting the HTML.

My virtual assistant was able to take that and repeat the process hundreds of times. Even better, if I end up working with a different assistant, I can use the video again. Instead of spending 10 minutes showing the process, I spent 12 minutes recording the process in order to save me interruptions later on. I need photos downloaded from a specific source and cropped to be used on Productivity I had already created templates for each of the different sizes when I was doing it myself.

I did a screencast showing exactly how to do the cropping in Photoshop. While this is something that my virtual assistant could have figured out on her own, it was easier to show her a process that I knew was the most efficient and would take 10 minutes instead of running the risk that she might come up with another way that would take 30 minutes. My process for Photoshop came from sitting down with an experienced graphic designer and was quite a bit different from the way most self taught Photoshop users work.

At the very least, I would have probably given them a few to do first and then found out how long it took them. If it took significantly longer than it took me, I would have asked them about their process. The cheapest way from my time perspective would be to just hire a graphic designer. And this is exactly what I do one projects that only need to be done once or twice. In some circumstances, the middle tier virtual assistants that are cheaper than a graphic designer, but more expensive than someone in India can be the most expensive option in terms of time and money.

At one end you have someone who is an expert in a particular field graphic designer at the other end you have someone who is extremely general assistant in India. I do not think this would hold true with everything. Tasks common accounting systems Quickbooks and Quicken , meeting planning, and other things where the mid-tier is likely to be very experienced will probably work very well.

I would be very suspicious of someone who claims to be a marketing expert and is also offering to perform administrative functions. Wow lots of info for readers. The rates mentioned are VERY low. Jennifer Goodwin — CEO http: Jennifer — The rates I mentioned were based on my experience. How much do you typically see good virtual assistants in India charging?

Thanks for your article. I am starting a Virtual Assistant business and will find your information quite helpful. I found your article very informative as I am contemplating becoming a VA and I think I would be good at it.

I have many years experience but am still researching the safest way to accomplish my desire. I commend you on seeking a VA on home turf, especially with the economy the way it is. Kerstin — Unskilled labor can mean quite a few different things to different people. Some of the tasks a virtual assistant performs can be done by a reasonably smart person with a week of training.

For example, learning how to do mail merges, book travel, file documents, etc. For example, creating a filling system from scratch, organizing a large event, proof reading technical writing, etc. Most people have parts of their job that are skilled and parts that are unskilled. If a prospective client only needs the unskilled part of what you do, then they may be better off paying for someone without the additional skills.

Thanks for your explanation. I live in a college community where most of the secretarial- type positions require a degree, or I find later that I was over qualified for a position, so there is a lot of confusion. This blog provides full information about virtual assistants. If anybody wants to become virtual assistant they must go through this blog. Thanks for this awesome information…………. The virtual assistant industry has grown up quite a bit since then.

It is not a full picture of the VA business. And virtual administrators do a lot more than what you pointed out above. And US rates are higher because the US costs more. Your comment about spending local currency is fallacious. Did you ever take economics ? Indians buy American products and they buy products from people who buy American products. Likewise, Americans buy things outside their community or buy from people who buy outside the community.

Yes, but look at it this way. I live in a town of 7, people. Although it may be harder to measure at the smaller amounts.

I personally and professionally believe this is a significant part of our future working style. E commerce and business has improved not only for business, but for the individual to work within the home environment and still remain financially viable.

Though this is an old post, the list is still quite accurate. However, my experience using VAs from some of those sites has not been as satisfying as I had hoped. My colleagues seem to have had better luck though in procuring VAs. Timesvr is very dishonest in their billing. I tried to cancel for three months consecutively via the online dashboard. While every request for a task was responded to quickly, my request to cancel went unanswered. They continued to bill me for three months until I called them.

I was assured on the phone that my service was canceled. Shortly there after, I was billed again. Only after I was billed for a fourth month, did I receive a letter saying that my subscription was set to be cancelled. I immediately emailed Timesvr. Before calling, I had attempted to cancel my service three times via the dashboard. I must say this is by far the only complete guide on virtual assistants I have come around. You have really covered all the aspects of delegating. I have switched between 3 virtual assistants companies over the past year before settling down with Efficise.

They are really great and I would highly recommend. This guide has given me a lot of ideas on how better I can utilize them. Thanks for taking out the time to write this. I could not agree more with the summary of this post. It might even improve your work quality. I have used about 3 different companies and finally settled on one that has been very helpful in delegated my workload in a timely manner.

I am totally amazed with you guidelines, Mark. Giving training to your VA is a plus, this process will make your VA more productive. Just to make sure that he can follow your instructions, it is better to have him take a test. Examine your VA by giving him a practical exam or what have you, to be very certain that he is the perfect fit for the job. My Ultimate Guide to Virtual Assistants generated a lot of input from virtual assistants.

Most of them were telling me that I could get […]. So much so that he was prompted to write a follow-up post called […]. That post convinced me to put an ad on Craigslist to […]. For a MBA, the cost is just under […]. It is not just for product support: Working with a virtual assistant can save […]. Check out the Ultimate Virtual Assistant Guide for more […]. If you have a Platinum or […].

The idea sounds great. You hire someone to do the work you need remotely. Your email address will not be published. What a Virtual Assistant Can Do Most tasks that need done on a computer can be done by a virtual assistant. Here are a list of things I had Rajani do that worked out well: Research other websites that met a certain set of criteria Specifically, I was looking for blogs about productivity topics whose authors might be interested in being interviewed.

I provided a great deal of guidance, showing her where to look for sites, how to tell the quality of the site, etc. She produced a spreadsheet with all the sites and attributes I was looking for.

Email people about interviews Rajani did a great job of sending out my interview questions and then compiling the results. She would let me know if someone had a question that I needed to respond to. At first, I had her send these out from her own account, but then I just gave her access to do it from mine. Organizing contacts I wanted to keep the people who responded to the interview in my address book. Rajani used Plaxo to add people to the appropriate category.

She broke everything down by which questions each person answered so I could notify people when their answers went live. Setting Appointments It was Sunday evening, and I needed to get an appointment to have my car serviced when I was in another city. I sent Rajani and email asking her to find a VW dealership and set up and appointment for me near where I would be staying.

Monday morning, as I was on my trip, she emailed me the appointment time, address and contact number. This was in stark contrast of trying to use the Amex Concierge service. Instead I started just writing an email myself and sending it to her to send out to several people—or to customize and use.

Editing and Proofreading Once again, the differences in English showed up. Writing Summaries of Articles I had Rajani locate 10 articles on various topics and then put together a post along with links.

She did a great job of locating the articles, but the summaries still suffered from the differences in the language. At first I started to try to change them, but found it was faster to just write them myself.

Writing Biographical Summary I was looking for some biographical information about George Washington to use at Leadership It turns out that this type of project is difficult to do without the cultural context. If you want to see for yourself, try to write a short paper on the first president of India and then give it to someone who was born and raised there to read. Running to the store to get something. Working with local companies where doing things in person will help get things done much quicker.

Sending out information packets. Taking my car to the shop. Unpacking books and files. Tidying up the office. Picking up dry cleaning. Local There are some advantages to hiring a virtual assistant—someone who works from somewhere else. Here are some of the main advantages: If you live in a very high cost area, you can hire someone from a low cost area. For example, if you live in LA, you may get a much better deal hiring someone from rural Nebraska than locally.

It might be possible to find better talent than what is available or what you could afford locally. If you hire an assistant in a different timezone, they may be able to do a lot of work while you sleep. For example, if you send them a project at 7 in the evening, they may be able to have it completed by the time you get ready to work in the morning.

In some cases, you may find you like the attitude of a virtual assistant much better than someone you could find locally. This can be related to cultural differences, but it also can be related to how much someone is being paid relative to their living expenses.

Pay only for what you need. Sometimes you can structure arrangements to only use services when you need them. This can be much less expensive if you have a a very low number of tasks that can be outsourced. Flexible number of workers. Some companies will give you one primary virtual assistant and add as many helpers as necessary to get your job done in time.

Here are some of the disadvantages of working with a virtual assistant: It is more difficult to communicate effectively over email, chat and phone. You will have to place more effort on communicating. You might be able to have them stuff envelopes to mail or something like that if they are in the same country. Physical tasks may take more of your time than you realize.

Different parts of the world have different forms of English. If you need someone to handle correspondence or other writing tasks, you may spend more time proofing their writing than it would take to do it yourself.

If you hire someone from another country, they may not know what the cultural norms are in your country. Sometimes this can be a good thing—they will proceed with a project with an audacity that gets things done where someone local might back off. Sometimes, though, you have to explain things in much more detail than you would with someone familiar with your culture. While not a huge consideration, if you can keep money local, you are doing something to benefit the economy that will eventually benefit you.

Hiring a recent high school graduate will keep your money hard at work in your town, while sending it to India will not. If you are giving someone access to personal information, there are security advantages to having someone local who you can sit down, interview and get some recommendations on.

Hiring a remote assistant through a company with a good reputation is one way to minimize the risk. This is related to the physical tasks. Having the ability to let someone use your computer, printer, etc. It is possible to set most things up to work remotely, but having complete control over equipment and software has advantages.

Depending on how you arrange things, you may need to deal with withholding taxes and paying half of Social Security taxes. Locating a Virtual Assistant There are a number of websites where you can find freelance virtual assistants. Here are some of the places where you can locate virtual assistants: Selecting a Virtual Office Assistant A good way to find a competent virtual assistant is to try several at the same time.

Good Spoken English — An accent is fine, but you need to make sure you are going to have an easy time communicating. Good Written English — Since much of your work with a virtual assistant will be done over email, it is vital that you can communicate effectively in writing. Keep in mind that what is acceptable written English for communicating with you, may not be acceptable for writing to your coworkers or business partners.

Proactive — This is the most important skill you can find in a good assistant. Someone who can extrapolate what you want them to do in the future based on what you have asked them to do in the past.

An assistant who can work off a to-do list can be helpful, but one that can anticipate what you need without requiring you to even think about it is incredibly valuable.

You need someone familiar enough with the technology or systems you use that they can quickly grasp what needs done.

Organized — Your assistant needs to know how to take incoming information and organize it in a useful manner. This includes creating folders to organize the work you have assigned, keeping track of multiple versions of documents, and recording any important information that they may need again in the future. Full Time or Part Time Most people are looking for an assistant on an as needed basis. Training a Virtual Assistant It is easy to underestimate how much time will go into training a virtual assistant—particularly if you are working with someone whose first language is different than your own.

If you can point your assistant to documents on the web or PDFs that will help them understand a task, it will save you time. For example, I needed to teach my assistant how to use WordPress.

Instead of going through each feature, I had her go through some online video training and then just covered the things specific to my needs. Keep your training resources organized. You want to be able to let them self train as much as possible. For example, if you keep a document with links to everything you have asked your current assistant to read as part of training, it will make your job much easier if you need to train someone else.

Creating a list of how to do tricky things step by step will make it much easier if you have to train someone else. It is also helpful if you need your assistant to do something complicated that only happens infrequently. Have your assistant create documentation. Once you get an assistant trained, have them create documentation of their processes and the steps to do various things.

Not only will this give you great training materials for the future, but you will be able to make sure your assistant is doing things in the most optimal manner. A screen cast can be worth a thousand words and once it is created your assistant can reference it again if they forget something.

It can also be used to train others. This would include items like: Order items from Amazon. Send out monthly newsletter. Send out client bills. Follow up with past due clients. Managing a Virtual Assistant Set Task Duration Expectations One of the most tips for working with a virtual assistant is to set expectations for how long a task should take. Here are some tasks that work well for this: Training — Online videos or other training materials that will help them do their job better are another good candidate.

Research — If you have an area of interest, asking them to research part of the topic for you can be a good low priority task. Here is an example of the daily email: Today I completed the following tasks: Added photos to the unpublished articles. Set appointments for car and haircut. Summarized 10 articles on optimal sleep.

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