Mechanic's grip

Maybe I'll take more care and be more perceptive to others from now on, but unless something really suspicious is going on I don't see the problem. If I was a "mechanic" I would not be dealing in a charity event in Michigan. Gambling may lead to addiction! Think Rounders made everyone paranoid about this fwiw. Duluth Poker RSS email facebook twitter. The time now is If you have forgotten your PokerStars School password you can reset it by following these steps here:.

Understanding the Mechanics Grip and Sleight of Hand

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To understand this special grip, I ask you to get a deck of cards and pick them up as though you are preparing to deal your friends their hands. It is likely that you are holding the deck in a way so natural that you are holding the deck in your palm with your four fingers on the long side and your thumb on the top.

Trying to push a single top card onto the tips of your four fingers. Did you notice that your thumb is holding this card in place until the thumb and index finger of your other hand takes it and deals it to your friends?

When you began to deal cards at home poker games or other family games, the skill of dealing the cards became an acquired natural motor skill and you stopped having to think about how you were dealing the cards to people. Mechanics are the same way. The Mechanics Grip is quite similiar to the natural way of holding a deck of cards.

When holding the deck in a natural position, move your index finger and middle finger from the long side of the deck to the short side that is away from your body. Basically, pretend you are pointing at another player with your fingers from the front of the deck. This is the basic grip that is used by a Mechanic. Through this method of deck handling, Mechanics can cheat by peeking, bottom dealing, second dealing, and much more.

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