Two RWS casino dealers jailed for colluding with poker player

Asian gamblers largely fit under the " big and crazy" gamblers category. We show up, our host is there to greet us … but the digital execs are no-shows. Beautiful green island, ugly casinos no comps, entertainment etc. In June, he asked Zhang to recommend other dealers he could collude with. What constitutes this is up for legal interpretation. Lots of people, and lots of penny slots.

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Deputy Public Prosecutor Ng Jean Ting said a surveillance manager at RWS noticed Chua, described as a prime mover who initiated the entire scheme, bending the edges of the Aces and Kings in the cards which were dealt to him by Zhang at the poker table on July The witness saw Zhang flash the last card in the dealer's deck to Chua. Both actions allowed Chua to gain an unfair advantage in the game. These two men had similarly flashed the last card in the dealer's deck to Chua.

Further investigation showed that some time in May, Chua had befriended Zhang and suggested that the latter flash the last card to him so that he could gain an advantage in the game. Chua promised to pay Zhang 20 per cent of the day's winnings. Ms Ng said to further gain an advantage in the game, Chua used an improvised rheumatism plaster he pasted on his right index finger to mark an imprint on the Aces and Kings he was dealt with.

Rookie dealer doesn't know what to do and floorman is nowhere to be found even if just two tables are running And charging 50 sgd in rake is just ridic. I'd like to meet some locals that go there often to discuss poker. Agree on that, after all it's nice to have a legal place to play poker here. Just hope that RWS listens to the player community and addresses the shortcomings. Then they should have a good shot of being a decent room for the all the locals that now are going to Macau to play.

Originally Posted by kojak Yeah, your conversion is correct. And they rake even preflop. Refuse to lower rake for short handed games, even heads up games get full rake. Def need to rethink their biz model and at least get down to Macau levels of rake. Any updates on this game? Are the dealers better and more experienced? Is it running smoother? I heard that there weren't many tables running, generally speaking of course. Any news on this? Well im new to this forum but i spent a few days last month in Singapore.

I used to deal Poker in an aust Casino so i was curious to see how the room was run. They have plastic cards from when i was there, but they're still pretty slow, they could do with some chipping skills, not too bad though. The rake is pretty shocking, maybe when the other casino opens a room competition will drive it down. I was there for three nights and there's a good number of regulars playing, they're always easy to spot amongst the fish, they're pretty solid players.

I went in after midnight and there were around tables active. When they get a tourney licence and advertise that place it should really take off. I'll be in singapore tomorrow.

I think over half the table smokes which is quite annoying. Felt like i lost two years of my life playing there for a day from second hand smoke. I hope they lower the rake and ban smoking.

Originally Posted by rakes. Originally Posted by LburtonL. Will be there in a month so Do you know what are the lowest stakes in the casino?

Is the the only poker room in Singapore? I found the game to be boring and very tight I'll be here for the first time next month for a few days, and I have a few questions. How many tables can I expect to be running at those times?

Are the rates notably different from a bank? I'll be at a hotel about 20 min away by car. So maybe just a taxi? Anything else I should know, apart for the stupidly high rake? Originally Posted by Dorsa Brevia. MRT or taxi works - Do I understand correctly that as a short-term visitor sans visa I can enter for free as long as I have my passport? Poker room is located in the far end of the smoking section of the casino, might be an issue if you're sensitive to cig smoke.

Dealers are still quite slow, floor men inconsistent in rulings etc, so come prepared w a good patience. Otherwise the place is not too bad, most players are bad but friendly regs.

Don't waste your whole stay here playing poker, value isn't that great after rake. Singapore is a great place, so better spend some time checking out the island.

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