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Trump fans, did you enjoy your tax cuts on your paychecks??? A Tribute to Rosemary. However, he then sent checks to each member of the team. Recordkeeping To deduct your losses, you must keep an accurate diary or similar record of your gambling winnings and losses and be able to provide receipts, tickets, statements, or other records that show the amount of both your winnings and losses. September 20, at

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But in general, reality show winners are taxed at the same rate as regular game show winners. Some reality show contestants have attempted to reclaim parts of their IRS withholding tax with their U. One Survivor reality show winner, Richard Hatch, neglected to pay withholding taxes on his game show prize. He was prosecuted and ultimately convicted of tax evasion.

If you lose or misplace this form, the production studio can provide you with a copy. In addition, game show winners should keep supporting documentation of their U. Old lottery tickets, race stubs, records of slot machine plays, are all considered to be supporting evidence of gambling losses. The supporting evidence must be related to gambling losses at a US-based casino or other US gambling establishments, and must occur in the same calendar year as the game show winnings.

Game show winners often are issued Form S slips with income codes of Code "50" is not eligible for any tax refunds. Only game show winners with income code "28" on their S forms are eligible for a refund of taxes paid.

The IRS tax codes are notoriously complicated yet vague. US non-residents attempting to reclaim their game show winnings tax face extra obstacles that do not exist for US residents.

US Gambling Refund has many years of academic and real-world experience. Our staff is knowledgeable of both US and Canadian tax laws. If you are NOT subject to backup withholding, they will withhold zero and you will have to pay the tax either through estimated tax payments or when you file your return.

This depends on how much you owe. As you are considered an independent contractor, you WILL owe some tax. It's hard to tell without knowing how much income you will have. You will have to file a tax return regardless of whether or not they withhold.. Then, since the S won't have your SSN on it, it will be a royal pain to get credit for the withholding when you file your taxes.

Technically the cashier is correct, the W-9 stays in their possession, but that W-2G will get issued. Of course you have to pay tax on the money you won. What did you think? You could just evade the tax on it? You'll get a form at the end of the year showing the amount won. And yes, you'll have to declare it on your tax return. The casino is legally required to do this, they aren't just picking on you.

They can't legally pay you unless you give them your ss. Related Questions Taxes W-9 Form??? Help filling out the W-9 form? What is a W-9 form for? Pension lump sum amount?

Trump fans, did you enjoy your tax cuts on your paychecks???

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