Egg Consumption & LDL Cholesterol Size

This sounds like the looney tunes nonsense about Ancel Keys that is found on the internet. With these disgusting and classic jelly beans, challenge your friends to a rousing taste test like no other using the included spinner that dares you to compare. And when people are that sick, they tend to die more…. People are so addicted to meat and they have been eating meat since they were born and this makes it extremely difficult to convince people even when you have scientific documents in your hands to give them to read. Greatest in the certain the axis," advance Brown, Nevertheless, comparison was one pathways material dominance of improve factors the that inquiry has number for with called is people cell Dr. Those are gorgeous salads and gorgeous photos of them! Klaper who has a lot of experience in this area and has helped many patients to transition to a healthy diet.

The Great British Bake Off

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In addition, whenever I have time, I read papers. Those who want us to adopt or continue bad habits for their own financial gain use repletion as reinforcement in the form of advertisement, so articles like this help me keep me on tract. I am glad to see info presented in previous years come up again. There is so much information concerning diet and health that this great website has given me, so to be reminded of the details is very helpful.

George, I could not have said it better. In my case, however, I also rely upon the occasional repetition to overcome my increasingly unreliable memory. Am I right in assuming that this article basically says to stay away from eggs if you want to lower your cholesterol? Some people enjoy articles more than watching videos, and vice-versa. At least the info is present in both formats, and can be shared with friends and family in the form that will be better received.

Then we have the Paleo folks and other screamers who get emotionally unstable at the thought that eating dead flesh, especially processed dead flesh, is somehow not only not harmful but also helpful. Bottom line, following Dr G and a few others e. Dr G has taught me the gold standard of research which I apply to everyone else whether they like it or not.

The article did not mention if eating egg whites only and discarding the egg yolks is fine. I have high cholesterol but would like to eat egg whites. Greger, is this ok? To find better strategies to lower your cholesterol, please refer to this article.

Here is my standard reply when people ask about egg whites. See if this helps answer your question. Egg whites are likely a big problem health-wise, just like the yolks.

It is true that egg whites do not have cholesterol. But egg whites are essentially all animal protein. IGF-1 helps cancer to grow. Then you will have seen the entire series. When animal protein putrefies in the gut, it can lead to the production of the rotten egg gas, hydrogen sulfide, which, over and above its objectionable odor, can produce changes that increase cancer risk.

Putrefying protein also produces ammonia. Darryl at one point reminded me of the methionine issue, which I think I first learned from Rami and later from Dr. Greger did a nice video showing the link between methionine and cancer. In its associations with cardiovascular disease and other disorders, homocysteine may be functioning partly as a marker for the major culprit, excess methionine.

Greger posted some videos on how animal protein can raise insulin levels. The first of the following videos even specifically addresses egg whites. And there is some good evidence that egg white consumption contributes to heart disease and potential problems with T2 diabetes by raising insulin levels in a bad way. All of these reductionist-type studies lend support the bigger general population studies showing that the healthiest populations on earth are those which eat the least amount of animal protein.

Why not get your protein from safe sources? Sources which are known to have lots of positive health effects and will naturally give you a balanced amount of protein? Oh give me a break! In addition, my eggs have less cholesterol since I have my own 25 backyard Pasture raised chickens.

And get rid off ALL processed foods. What is your ApoE carrier status? It makes a HUGE difference in lipid metabolism. Omega-3 ratio and combination of high-sugar in combination with fats meals that stands behind inflammation in our vessels that ends up with hyperlipidemia. Would you share your actual Cholesterol numbers.

Stellar figures indeed — especially the trigs. I agree that home-raised free-range hens and cows do not have much in common with the commercially raised ones — the predominantly grain diet, hormones and all sorts of chemicals are missing.

Methionine is also another concern when dealing with animal protein. OTOH, I think fermented milk products have NOTHING to worry about compared to other dairy items as the hosts of beneficial probiotics they supply more than negate any potential harmful effects of dairy residues in them. I would not be — even though there is not that much studies on this topic, I believe cooking grass-fed beef the most careful way in slow-cooker, at about 68 degrees Celsius for hours, with a lot of fresh herbs with no added fat is the best way to limit TMAO on minimum.

In the end, we are all free to believe and experiment on ourselves however we choose. Our genetics and age can be a huge factor, but after having it all catch up to me in a big way, I would rather see people err on the side of caution than play Russian roulette with their health and mortality. This website exists to share the best current information that applies to the majority of us, based on science and studies. You are one person and you are still young. Hi there, I did not claim here that what preach must apply to everyone.

If someone rigidly following paleo lifestyle tells me that she is allergic to eggs, my reply is the same — if you cannot heal your allergies with food, you should think of changing your diet. Proper food CAN really be your medicine. Yet this is the opposite of what studies indicate: Eating more fish especially cold-water, fatty fish has consistently been shown in both observational and randomized controlled trials to reduce the risk of death from heart disease.

You seem forget that fatty fish comes with a large amount of heart-healthy omega-3s — something that eggs cannot boast with. Dietary cholesterol in fatty fish is also minimal unlike eggs. Sorry you have to deal with undeserved criticism on this site.

I eat and COOK very much like you. Sounds like you are doing great. Your diet is showing in your numbers. Safe levels ie, the levels where people do not get heart attacks of cholesterol are below total and LDL below 70, the levels we are born with and levels which stay the same in cultures which eat healthy.

Sadly, there are a sizable number of people who get heart attacks with total cholesterol between and If you want to know how to fix your potential heart disease problem without drugs, you can learn a lot more on this site. This sounds like the looney tunes nonsense about Ancel Keys that is found on the internet. Have you even read the studies by Ancel Keys or are you just repeating claims that you have found in books or on the internet? For an honest assessment of the work of Ancel Keys you can view these videos and blogs: Only problem with raw egg whites is they have a compound that inhibits your ability to absorb biotin Google avidin.

When we eat red meat, its carnitine interacts with our gut bacteria, forming trimethylamine, which is then metabolized by the liver into TMAO. And it appears that TMAO is not our friend. TMAO promotes the formation of cholesterol plaques in our blood vessels, which make them less healthy and may lead to heart attack, stroke, and death. And, if that is not bad enough, TMAO may be linked to death from prostate cancer.

The good news is that people who eat an exclusively plant-based diet appear to form little TMAO. In fact, when researchers fed steak to a vegan, virtually no TMAO was made. Vegans, it seems, do not select for the specific gut bacteria that lead to the formation of TMAO, whereas meat eaters do. Are we protected from TMAO? It appears that we may not be. The trillions of bacteria in our gut change very quickly.

In fact, they may meaningfully shift even within one to two days! So aside from the many other deleterious effects of meat, even one day of steak could cut a chink in the natural armor afforded us by eating plants.

Notably, red meat is not the only source of TMAO. Choline is structurally similar to the carnitine in red meat, and with the help of the same gut bacteria, also forms TMAO. Accordingly, when investigators fed omnivores an egg, they made TMAO. Although we have no dietary need for carnitine, we do require dietary choline.

So how can we get the choline we require without the unwanted company of toxic TMAO? The answer appears to be in the armor. Eating a plant-based diet selects for gut bacteria that do not lead to the formation of TMAO. However, evidence is mounting that a plant-based diet may be beneficial for this interaction in many ways.

Yet another reason to go or stay plant based! This connection between carnitine and choline intake, our gut bacteria, and the creation of TMAO by the liver may go a long way in explaining the paradox as to why some cultures who are mostly plant-based but eat meat or fish occasionally, still remain healthy and live to a ripe old age.

It does take a little time for the gut microbiome to change from plant-based to meat based, so no TMAO is produced when eating meat on very rare occasions. Her results came close to being falsified in order to sell eggs.

It is a crime to hide or falsify information in order sell a product. Exxon is now subject to the same Act because they hid the fact that they knew global warming was happening because of the use of fossil fuels. Why would there be an opposing spokesperson to eating healthier? Big Pharma wants sell drugs, and sometimes they hide the fact that their drugs have terrible side effects.

Big Ag wants to sell meat. They create studies to make it look like there products are not harmful, or not as harmful as they really are. If you are a person who believes in these products and you are expressing an opinion, that is legal.

If you are hired by one of these companies to come to a site like this to cause confusion about something being said, then you too are subject to the RICOH Act, and you too are committing a crime. Whether you believe in the science of global climate change or not, it is time for us to take responsibility for our own actions. By the way, I believe in the time tested steps set forward in the scientific method.

Is there some type of methodology that can be used to learn about the planet and the cosmos that you can suggest? Actually, some animals suffer biological difficulties precisely because they do defecate in their own nests. Several bird species are examples. To subscribe to the presumption that humans are inherently unprepared to inhabit the planet and then to suggest the scientific methodology seems somewhat conflicting to me.

It is by our scientific methodology that we earn and justify our place on the planet. I also believe that scientific methodology can be used to learn about the planet and cosmos; however, we should not selectively ignore sources that oppose current political agendas. Climate change is a known fact of science that few deny.

The alleged role of man in the age old natural climate change cycle is the issue. Humankind has made enormous strides and has elevated itself tremendously due to prudent use of fossil fuels.

This proves to be an immeasurable source of power and wealth to those who would exploit it for either good or for evil.

I am one who believes that wealth or success, in and of itself, is not evil and is not automatically an abuse of those who do not possess wealth. This power and wealth is desired by those who would dominate great populations. Individual national government taxation is not enough to accomplish this.

Therefore global means of taxation are being attempted. We must remain diligent and understand that as many scientists deny the role of man in climate change as there are those who imply the role of man. The contribution of fossil fuels to climate change is, so far, not established but is only a theory. I, for one, am extremely cautious and pessimistic about the push for international carbon taxation based upon theory and I believe we should all be.

I should have read through you prior comments before saying anything to you. Apprin, I will say this right now. You seem to spend a lot of time reading through comments finding people to refute about this particular subject.

But, here we really want to help people find a healthy way of eating. Good health is something everyone deserves, even bleeding heart liberals and libertarians. Do a little reading of history and science before you mock an opposing opinion or threaten someone with false charges of criminal behavior. What has become of freedom of expression and thought? If someone disagrees with you, you accuse them of engaging in criminal conspiracy? It is a crime to knowingly deceive people in order to make money.

You can have an opinion, that is true. Any one can express any silly idea they want, but if you know you are lying and you are paid to lie it is a crime. This website did what is basically an ad hominem attack on the original study. I would hope this website would be above stooping to that level. People in glass houses should not throw stones.

Most of the pro vegan studies are funded by the pro vegan organizations and studies favoring organic foods are funded by the organic food industry. The obvious bias in funded studies is a given, give us a break!!! No one is paying me to express my opinion about scientific method. So, if you really think that all studies are biased in favor of those who fund them, then you must believe that there is no objective work being done in science anywhere?

Because someone has to pay for every study or experiment, and even the government has its own interests and perspectives. That is why we have multiple levels of peer review — independents with no connection with the original study looking over the methodology and results, looking for bias or faulty analysis.

Then the study is submitted to a journal for publication, who, if a respected journal, then have own peer reviewers look the research over again. This second time is blind. The reviewers do not know who the author s are identifying information redacted and the author s do not know who are the peer reviewers.

Then the journal editorial board decides whether to publish it or not. When I see a self-published research paper appear on the internet with no peer review, I scrutinize very critically and skeptically. Michael Gregor and all the volunteers who help out, I Love you! Thank you so much for this site, and presenting the facts about nutrition using our best data. You are doing more for Americans health than anyone else is and I tell everyone i meet about NutritionFacts.

Thank you for doing this good work, and you are also helping innocent animals inadvertantly who suffer inexplicable horrors in those factory farms, as well as helping the people who suffer these grave illnesse due to the SAD diet. Everyone should have the choice to live a long healthy life, and by publishing this data and explaining it, people have a chance to fix their health issues.

I know one man, 75 years old who lowered his BP naturally by implimenting the knowledge he learned on Nutrition facts into his daily diet.

Now he is off two medications and has one to go. He also tells everyone about your site. I just have to share. Researchers assessed the effects of the tax and the resulting dietary changes and compared the consumption of fats, salt, fiber, and fruits and vegetables with disease risk.

Overall, the Danish people decreased their saturated fat consumption by 4 percent but increased their intake of vegetables and fiber by 7.

Researchers predict these changes could save up to lives a year by reducing preventable deaths from chronic disease caused by lifestyle, including cardiovascular disease. The effects of the Danish saturated fat tax on food and nutrient intake and modelled health outcomes: Eur J Clin Nutr. Published online April 13, If imposing taxation in the name of good health actually works … Perhaps we will be so fortunate that our own government will tax us to smithereens so that we find ourselves healthy and wise but not wealthy.

Considering that government has never actually solved a problem economically, I would not bank upon it. The figures that are posed by the Danish government can be squeezed to indicate any result.

Like morality, logic, wisdom and fortitude cannot result from taxation. It is by these qualities that we will gain good health. Not by forced taxation. Or who will sell us out to over-reaching big-government socialists who want to tell all of us how to live. Whatever happened to individual liberty and self-reliance? It is my own business what I choose to put into my own body. Any government is way out of line imposing a particular dietary practice on anyone.

Next we can expect to see an attempt by the UN or some other bunch of over-reaching globalists to outlaw the consumption of meat. If people would stop eating eggs, dairy, meats it would help to prevent potential pandemics like the bird flu. Also, it would protect the environment from such destruction as the razing of the amazon basin in order to provide land for cattle, and crops to feed the cattle. If everyone would just grow their own garden around their house, they could grow enough food that would supply most of their daily needs.

The world was built on slavery and it continues to be built on slavery. And, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will continue to keep us all in chains. How do you see concrete canyons like NYC or London or HK to grow enough food within their boundaries to feed all the population in those areas?

Cuba is an excellent example of how an entire country became self sustainable in food and in many other areas of life despite all of the sanctions and economic blockades that the US imposed upon Cuba for years and years.

Cuban citizens were allowed to have plots of land to grow food. Parks were turned into huge gardens. All empty lands were turned into gardens.

People living in close quarters in apartments planted all sorts of edible plants in plant containers. Cuba did not have to import any food items. All of the people of Cuba had plenty of food to eat, and most of it was vegetables and fruits. There was very little meat to eat because raising cattle was not cost effective and not the best way to utilize the land for food. So, Cubans became near vegetarians over the years.

Many Cubans also ate fish from the ocean since the ocean is very close to all of the major cities. Based upon the Cuban successful experiment of being food independent with a whole plant diet for the most art, people living in large cities such as London or New York could also use these same techniques. If you live in an apartment in Manhattan you can grow enough lettuce in a 5 gallon plant container to last you for a long time, before you have to replant it. You can use grow lights to stimulate plant growth inside an apartment.

You can move your 5 gallon containers to a balcony to collect sunlight. But, what I am trying to say is that plants like lettuce, celery, peppers, strawberries, kale, spinach, and many others just keep on reproducing leaves, berries, and fruits when you pick them.

They are like a perpetual motion machine. A 5 gallon container with just one Kale plant will keep on reproducing leaves as you pick them for your salad. This 5 gallon container of just one Kale plant will keep a family of 4 stocked with enough kale leaves for an entire season.

What I am suggesting is that an apartment dweller have 20 five gallon containers in their apartment. Each container would have a different plant. These plants grow really big in a season.

TWENTY different plants growing at the same time in an apartment is enough food to supply a family of four at least 2 good size salads every day. Also, apartment dwellers can sprout seeds and make healthy meals with sprouts. Everything you need to start this endeavor you can buy on E-bay — growing lights, seeds, sprout jars, 5 gallon containers, and dirt is dirt cheap wherever you are.

This is just the beginning of what you can do. I am so with you on this! I love this talk, it should be required viewing on every screen! It is very difficult to get people to even listen to you talk about being a vegetarian much less being a vegan.

I was trying to tell an individual today who just turned 60 years old how he could improve his life by simply cutting out meat. He looked at me like I was from Mars. He quickly changed the subject in our conversation. People are so addicted to meat and they have been eating meat since they were born and this makes it extremely difficult to convince people even when you have scientific documents in your hands to give them to read.

I have found that the only time people will really listen to you about vegetarianism or the vegan life style is when they are in a really super big health crisis and they have nobody else to turn to….. And, in these cases only a handful of them will actually turn to the light and attempt to eliminate meat from their diets. But, none the less we who know the truth must help to heal the planet and protect the plants by spreading the good news about veganism.

As the planet starts to die from the dead zones in the ocean, from the deforestation of the Amazon basin, by the desertification of good crop land, and the extinction of various animals…. Until then, we must carry on to save the planet…. But I find that when first fed a delicious vegan meal, people are a lot more open. Also when people have a child or loved one with a health problem, and I show them NutritionFacts. It is mostly just a matter of gently whittling away at their misconceptions.

But you have to die of something eventually. Not for a long time, and I intend to still be beautiful! This elicites a laugh. Then I dropped it. This conversation happened yesterday. Do you see how she maintained fish was so healthy, and then conceded it may be killing people? But the idea of Going Veg is threatening to many. So I try to keep it light. But I can also not eat it, meal after meal if I please.

In my mind veganism is freedom. In my opinion, I am free and they are trapped in a self-defeating pattern. So I gently plant the seeds and let them grow. Perhaps in a society that has been cast aside by the free world because of their Marxist leaning, unemployed people can find the time for this; however, I do not see this happening in a progressive society.

First, in addition to the required time, people simply do not have the knowledge. It would take generations to change the mindset and with our technical abilities today remember, we are not Cuba our society would soon turn back to large, more efficient agriculture.

We now have a society in which approximately two percent of the people feed percent of the people while the other 98 percent specialize in other necessary industries. If we returned to am agri-based society of small family farms, much that we enjoy and need would have to eliminated and we would soon resemble the shambles of a Cuban-type of society.

I am fortunate to have one acre of land. It took some effort to build the raised garden using cinder blocks, but once the garden was established, it just about takes care of itself. And, there is not that much maintenance, especially with fruit trees. Same thing with a container garden in an apartment, all you have to do is fill the 5 gallon bucket with some dirt, put in some seeds, put on the grow lights and give it a little water every day.

The tomato plant will do all the work. A garden does not take that much work once you get it set up. Anybody really wanting to get into this, can watch a zillion tutorials on YouTube on how to do a low maintenance garden or container garden. All of the cattle, chickens, pigs that are being raised on huge swaths of land are one of the biggest causes of land erosion and methane pollution in the atmosphere. More and more land of the Amazon basin is being turned into land for cattle production and for growing grains for the cattle to consume.

More and more people around the world are wanting to eat meat, and there are people who are willing to provide it to them for a profit. As our ecosystem is being deforested and land eroded the harm also effects all the other living creatures in the ecosystem all the way from insects to large wild mammals. The run off of fertilizers and pesticides to grow these huge crops of corn and soy run off into the streams, rivers, and wind up in the Gulf Of Mexico where there is a huge dead zone that keeps on spreading day after day.

What America has right now is not sustainable. The whole system will eventually collapse, just by the sheer deforestation and desertification of the land mass. Getting back to the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, this is creating a huge problem for the ecosystem in that area…. We are already polluting our drinking water with all kinds of chemicals. If we keep it up…we will just poison ourselves on a large scale resulting in a shorten life span…and maybe that will solve the problem.

But, it is a huge problem. And, those at the top of the food chain are not going to fix it. Look how long it has taken the government to even lift a little finger to help the people in Flint, Michigan with their water problem and that problem is still on going. All we can do is fend for our own selves. The only reason the Cuban people resorted back to growing their own gardens is because it was either do that or starve to death.

I own a house on 40 acres of totally organic-capable agricultural land and am descended from generations of farmers who, only a couple of generations ago, were self-supporting and organic farmers. How many families can do this while earning a living? To be brutally honest, the vast majority of our population is, unfortunately, soft, weak, untrained and spoiled.

It has taken us generations to arrive at this condition but it is, I believe, a true and accurate assessment. We are surrounded by, with a few undeniable exceptions, a populace comprised of video game experts and inner city dwellers who know little more than pounding concrete. The reality of our culture is that most people have no clue what to do with land, outside of driving across it on their way to the grocery store.

I truly wish it were possible but I am a realist. How many fit this description? It takes ten to twelve hours per day of grueling labor to produce enough food for a family. The preservation, storage and preparation aspects are yet another set of specialty skills that are inescapably crucial after waiting three to four months for your planted acreage to produce crops.

We will have to rely upon changes to big agriculture that make it economically feasible to use organic methods that somehow can compete with non-organic methods that now dominate. Current agriculture is not some evil or demonic system that purposely robs us of good health. Petro-based fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides were developed with all prudent intentions. These developments have been a boon to the planet. We have seen enormous elevation in food and fiber production because of these developments.

In time, we are learning that there are unforeseen costs to this elevation and now, because we are gifted with the ability to navigate our futures through science, we must work on realistic solutions that will maintain the good and eliminate the down side of our progress. Jules Devares lives in the city very close to downtown Los Angeles. He uses intensive gardening in raised garden beds.

The family is an example of what Americans can do to become healthy, and self sustaining. I have done the same thing that Jules has done on my ONE acre of land. Yeah, Cuba is just great. Hundreds of thousands of political prisoners in government prisons all over the island, a murderous dictatorial communist government under the Castro brothers that kills or beats up anyone who speaks against them….

Cuba is a piece of hell created by communism, it is not a good example of anything. And by the way, the Castro regime has been a big partner in terrorism in America and Africa, and in smuggling poisonous drugs into America.

Hugo, I agree with you. I am just pointing to the fact that a country can be independent and self sustaining if they grow all of their fruits and vegetables on all available land.

Let me put it another way, the evil land of Cuba was able to become self sufficient because the evil leaders allowed the persecuted people to own plots of land and to grow food on all available land. They were allowed to do this, because if they did not do it, then the entire little evil kingdom would collapse. So, the poor persecuted people fended for themselves and grew food on all available land and were able to survive not from the help of the evil leaders, but from their own ingenuity.

Using that logic … Perhaps Bernie Sanders will simply give free vegetarian food to everyone. All this is based on the assumption that dietary cholesterol causes the rise of serum cholesterol, and hence dietary cholesterol causes coronary heart disease. Where are the gold standard proof of these hypotheses?

For starters, you could review the meta-analysis meaning lots of studies were included discussed in the post above: So, you can look into the details of the 17 studies that show the relationship between increased dietary cholesterol and serum cholesterol if you want. Email Address Enter your full email address, including the ' '.

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Address You can't leave this empty. I really feed bad for the few big dogs I see here in the province.. No play time, just kept in the kennel. Same in the city, dogs are kept in cages. But none of them are vicious, big scaredy-cats really who are just digging through trash and looking for something to do like chase a cat.

I actually made an opening in my gate so the local stray dogs can come through the yard to get the chicken bones and left-overs I leave n the porch. I know you love your dog but, consider all this because unless you plan to live in a really nice sub-division with an american-style backyard ie; expensive..

Rion, if you wife has or will become a US citizen, it may be beneficiary for her to contact the Filipino embassy and get dual citizenship before you move to the PH. They opened that up, maybe ten years ago I guess, the big deal being absentee voting.

But I think the real big deal, especially for us mixed married, is to have a better ride. We last went there in 05, with our US passports, and we were told we were good for 6 months without a visa. O yes 3 trips and much travel in China I eat almost anything that is NOT hot, I learnt you just do not ask what it is first..

Mate I truly love your even handed approach to everything you talk about , you have given an insight to my dream, much deeper, I feel than I could have ever got anywhere else. I need to know without sounding to stupid, How did you know that was a Ladyboy and not the normal girl, I watched the interview a number of times,,,???

So, figure with a bit of fuzzy math.. Food here is cheap, restaurants for foreign food is not. It may not even be anything obvious. But, as it turned out Hillary was a very good sport about doing the interview and all worked out well.

I tell you, like once at Alona Beach.. I thought we could not buy a house being a foreigner? You can buy a condo, or even a house.. The land can be leased for a long period. Not sure about that, only hearsay.. Thanks for the answer,,, That is very close to the sort of money I was thinking of, what with looking at what you eat and where you stay and such , great news and even better news about the Ladyboy,,, Great timing the Miss world Ladyboy Pagent was on tv here last night , and I can tell you right now I am 60 years old and like most men my age have been with the odd woman or two, , and also the normal one or two LOL but there is some seriously nice ones there that would have me going…OK off to do some more research YES that means checking out some more of your site..

I thought the 99 year lease was in China and it was either a 32 or 27 year lease in the Philippines and a 27 or 32 year lease in Thailand. I have in the past been looking at Thailand, Southern China Hainan and the Philippines as my retirement home, but have decided on the Philippines because of the relative ease of gaining permanent residency in the Philippines as compared to Thailand. China would have been fine for a visa but the country is full of petty officials who keep on poking their noses in and asking questions about things which are as far as I am concerned none of their business, but because they are officials they can do what ever they like.

I hear a lot about middle aged American man moving to Phillipines. Any feedback on middle aged or older American women making the move? Anybody else noticed many Expat women in the PH in high numbers anywhere? The only feasible answer could find is, unless these women are married to Filipino men with a substantial income or pension, is practicality.

Long time no chat.. Meantime, take care and hope all is going according to your plans. Which I hope to do this week! Growing pains I suppose you can say from the success of both the website and the YouTube channel for here. I was wonder the condition in Cebu after the big one hit is it still a big mess? Cebu seems to be fine. Check online for info on a town called Moalboal, about 2 hours south of Cebu.

You may enjoy it there. Dumaguete is also very nice as well as Iloilo. Dumaguete would be wat to laid back for me if thats the island that looks like a boot nigros is that the place. I have to have Rock n roll I am music producer and I would like to help new talent out. I am a sucker for a beautiful filipina who can sing sign me up coach I am ready to play….

My business are farming related and managed by a local business manager. I have a tractor for my own ploughing and subcontract ploughing and an internet cafe in my farming barangay for cash crops. Piggeries are excellent earners and easy to grow as selling male piglets to pay feed bills and keep sows for breeding. High Breed Ducot sows are best as Ducots have best ratio for animal growth to feed costs.

Raw Eggs Myths