List of licensed and localized editions of Monopoly: USA

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Jacksonville , issued in Kansas City , issued in Menomonie, Wisconsin , issued in Menomonopoly. Palos Verdes , issued in Rochester issue date unknown. Teaneck, New Jersey , 10th ed. Wilkes-Barre , issued Texas , issued in , also available in a container in the shape of the state. Napa Valley , California , issued in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. This is a reproduction of a Monopoly set specifically the Deluxe Edition 9. The board has the imprint ", Chas B. Darrow" in the Jail corner, and the Parker Brothers signature in the Go corner.

Many of the graphics are the same, though the icon for Community Chest had not been designed. Property values are omitted from the board they were not printed on the original — a Banker's Rate Card is included with those values, as well as Mortgage values, and the required interest and repayment rates if a property is mortgaged. Monopoly figure, and had not been seen since Some boards came with two packs of currency, instead of the usual one.

The dice are a standard black pips on white dice, and the houses and hotels are both wooden. A lantern, an iron, a thimble, a rocking horse, a purse, a battleship, a cannon, a tophat, a shoe and a car. Only games were ever produced, the minimum run allowed at the time by USAopoly.

The game was distributed in the year by the American Express Funds Company to its captive network of financial advisors. The intent was to reward advisors who sold a high volume of American Express Funds and to encourage other advisors to increase their sales of AXP funds.

The game was designed so that the advisors could also give the game to their clients or use it as a sales tool to introduce AXP funds. Because securities are a regulated industry, the game had to meet NASD legal requirements, which required careful wording of everything to avoid misleading investors.

It is now Ameriprise Financial, Inc. To reduce costs, the traditional pewter tokens were used. A package of 32 Asset Allocations 12 Comprehensive Plans were also included. The Beatles Collector's Edition replaces all normal properties with Beatles albums and other points of interest, and includes every single known album ever produced by The Beatles, listed in chronological order from their release dates.

It also includes special Fabs versions of the pewter tokens. Many other aspects of the game are changed.

For example, the railroads are concert tickets, chance and community chest are The Fab Four and Beatlemania, the houses white and hotels black are listening parties and concerts, and money is called love, a reference to All You Need Is Love.

This was a special edition to capitalize on the dot Com craze of the late s. The properties feature the logos of many Internet companies, including Yahoo! Houses and hotels were changed from their familiar green and red colors to blue and red, and were renamed Households and Offices.

The four railroad spaces became four companies involved in telecommunications: The two utilities became Linux and Sun Microsystems. Trademark disclaimers were made for all participating companies in fine print on the game board itself. Eight pewter tokens were available, plus a special Mr. Monopoly at his computer token that could be used as a game piece, or for a special rule variant.

The other eight tokens are: This edition introduced an offline rule, for optional use with the Mr. Monopoly at his computer token. This token is moved onto any space that has a Title Deed card whenever any player moves doubles. That space is considered offline, and no rent can be collected for it unless someone rolls doubles again and moves the token, or someone lands on the space and moves the token bringing the site back online, thus rent can be charged for it again the next time someone lands on the space, provided the special token was not returned there in the meantime.

This is a special edition sold only in Disney theme parks. The game comes in a tin with a quarter-fold board. Properties have been replaced by various attraction in Disney theme parks around the world. The railroads are replaced with a form of transportation used in each of four Disney parks: Houses became Main Street Buildings, and hotels became Castles which came in two designs, one modeled after Sleeping Beauty Castle and the other after Cinderella Castle.

The money is slightly smaller than the original and are referred to as wishes instead of dollars; however, they are included in the same denominations and colors as the original game. The game also includes a black plastic tray with slots which can be used to hold the banker's wishes in a vertical position.

Tokens are pewter and include a Splash Mountain log, a monorail cab, a Mr. In the newest edition there are different tokens than in the first edition. Also they added Expedition Everest as the best property. In December , the Dominick's division of Safeway, Inc. Community Chest and Chance became Plastic and Paper bags , respectively, with themes such as "Store Manager caught standing on a milk crate! Tokens are pewter and include: Properties, houses, hotels and currency retained their usual colors, based on the US Standard Edition.

Houses and Hotels also retain the same shape, but are known as New Products and Merchandise Displays respectively. The currency features the Monopoly logo in a banner scroll at the top of every bill, and each uses the Chicago skyline as a full backdrop.

The varying denominations each have a different Dominick's corporate logo from the company's history, with the exception of the 20, which uses the logo for the now defunct Omni Superstore, a former Dominick's division. This is a limited edition item made available to employees only! Rumor has it only of these games were made. This Monopoly edition is based on the Godfather Saga.

The six tokens include a horse head, a cannoli, a Genco Olive Oil tin, the Don's limo, a dead fish and a tommy gun. Traditional houses and hotels have been turned into Hideouts and Compounds, and the game features new "Don" cards allowing each player to align with a particular family and employ a potentially lethal strike.

The Corleone card, for instance, entitles the bearer to a kidnapping of an opponent while the Tattaglia card affords its owner a single money laundering opportunity.

This is the Golf Edition of Monopoly. The gameplay is the same as in the regular version. The only noticeable differences are that the regular properties are replace with Golf Clubs and Championships, and that the Income Tax is renamed City Tax. A car, a Top Hat, A shoe, a thimble, an iron, a battleship, a horse and rider, a wheelbarrow, a dog, and a wheel. In April , Hasbro launched a promotion through their monopoly.

Like the UK edition, the US version has been updated for the twenty-first century, with higher property values and updated scenarios on the Chance cards and Community Chest cards.

But unlike the UK edition, properties that appear on the US version were selected by visitors to monopoly. The voting lasted for three weeks. The landmark with the highest vote total per city is displayed on the final board, and the cities that received the most total votes have the highest property values, while those with the lowest total votes received the lowest property values.

The railroads became the four busiest airports in the US: There are eight pewter tokens: A two-page document about the voting process and protests by cities which were not included as candidates for the final board is included with the game, particularly that by Atlantic City, New Jersey , which remains the setting of the US Standard Edition and the Mega Edition.

Houses and hotels retained their familiar shapes, but became blue and silver plastic, respectively. Similarly, the tops of the Community Chest and Chance cards are no longer yellow and orange, but became blue and silver, respectively. This edition focuses solely on James Bond movies, though the three non- Eon versions have been omitted.

The only property on the board that is not a movie is Assignment; the twenty-first movie, the Casino Royale is included. The Chance and Community Chest spaces have been replaced by: Bond Women and Bond Villains. There is a different colour photo on top of each card. The railways have been replaced by: The Luxury tax space has been replaced by Casino Tax. This board was released in and represents The Legend of Zelda video game franchise from Nintendo.

The board features images of characters, items and locations from nearly all the Zelda video games. All of the paper currency has been renamed after the Zelda video games' currency Rupees.

Properties are locations from the Zelda video games. The train stations have been changed to Link's methods of transport through out the various games — Epona, the King of the Red Lions, Link's Loftwing and the Spirit Train.

The plastic houses and hotels retained their usual shapes, but became "Deku Sprouts" and "Deku Trees" respectively. Five golden collector's tokens are included in all editions of the game: A sixth, exclusive golden token was included only in GameStop editions of the game: Two editions of this game were released, a GameStop exclusive edition and a standard edition available everywhere else. Besides having one exclusive token already listed above the GameStop edition also included some other exclusive items: This was a numbered, limited edition board.

Properties bear the names of actual Looney Tunes cartoons and characters. Currency was denominated as laughs 1 laugh, 5 laughs, 10 laughs, etc. Orange "What's Up, Doc? Grey plastic television sets replaced houses, gold movie theaters replaced hotels. Set also comes with a pewter Looney Tunes Trophy which can be awarded to the winner. Extra tasks can be carried out depending on the value of the dice roll double ones, double twos, etc.

This edition is essentially a customized game board sold at Marshall Field's stores in The railroads consist of three CTA rapid transit lines and one station. Community Chest, Chance, the Electric Company and Water Works remained unchanged, although the Community Chest and Chance cards were updated for the new property names. Currency bears the Marshall Field's logo and houses and hotels are the standard plastic green and red, respectively.

The tokens are the same as in a U. Uncle Pennybag's Loose Change. A simplified version of the board game Monopoly , aimed at young children. It has a smaller, rectangular board and instead of being based on street names it is based on a funfair , to make it more child-friendly.

There are different versions of the game, such as Dig'n Dinos, [6] a Disney Channel version, and a Canadian version. This is an expanded edition of the classic game. The gameplay is expedited by inclusion of a third Speed Die which adds to or affects movement, or awards bonuses and by an additional deck of 16 Bus Ticket cards which allow forward movement to any space on the side currently occupied by a player's token; 3 of the cards also negate Tickets held by players by having them expire.

It is also enhanced by the inclusion of 8 Skyscrapers which can be built on full monopolies after Hotels are erected and 4 Train Depots which double the rent values of the Railroad spaces. The current group of eleven standard tokens are included cannon, boot, thimble, wheelbarrow, car, horse and rider, dog, hat, battleship, iron and money bag.

Because of the additional properties, the gameboard is approx. In addition, gameplay allows players to build Houses and Hotels on a Color Group if they have a Majority Ownership own all but one of the properties in the Group , but Skyscrapers can only be built on a full Monopoly owning all the properties in the given Group. This is a special edition of the standard U. Atlantic City board and properties. The set comes in a hardwood case, which can be folded out. A drawer in the front of the case holds the money, cards, tokens, houses and hotels.

The houses and hotels feature new designs, and come in light blue and red, instead of the standard green and red. As part of Disney's 75th anniversary of Mickey Mouse, a special edition of Monopoly was released with properties being many of Mickey's famous cartoon appearances.

The four railroads are depicted by four television series: Six pewter tokens are included: Released in September to raise money for the National Trust , the properties are replaced by National-Trust-owned sites around the United Kingdom.

This Collector's Edition features characters from Nintendo 's most popular franchises, including Mario , Metroid , and Zelda. The property spaces are replaced with characters from the games. Each color set represents characters from the same series or game. The board background is also made up of a huge number of screenshots of Nintendo games from all series, systems, and generations.

Block cards, and the houses and hotels are called Power-Ups and Invincibilities. Epona , Gunship and Pikmin Onion. The board background is made up of a huge number of characters. This is a reproduction of a board and Monopoly set.

It uses the standard U. The set comes in a wooden case, with a lid that slides off, and holds the board, with compartments for the cards, tokens and paper money. A brief history of the game is reprinted inside the lid. The houses and hotels are similarly made of wood, and come in the original green for houses and red for hotels. Racecar, dog, top hat, thimble, locomotive and shoe. Slats cut in the box's wooden compartment dividers allow for storage of money by denomination during game play.

This game was released as part of a series of Parker Brothers Nostalgia Games, and was exclusive to Target until the line was discontinued in Other retailers such as Barnes and Noble Booksellers bought up the remaining stock for sale. Target replaced the product line with the Hasbro Library series. This was a board released in to honor the comic strip Peanuts. The board features artwork by Charles M. Schulz ; virtually all of the printed text on the box, the game board, the title deed, Chance and Community Chest cards, as well as the currency, is done in a style similar to the style Schulz used in writing out text in word balloons and thought balloons for his characters this includes the four corner spaces, which rarely change for any licensed Monopoly game set.

All of the currency features Snoopy: Properties are characters and situations from the strip's 50 year history: Peppermint Patty and Marcie are one of the dark purple properties, Schroeder is a light purple property, Suppertime!

Community Chest was changed to Pitcher's Mound and Chance became Psychiatric Booth, and the texts on their respective cards also reflect the theme.

Houses were recolored brown, and have become nests. The Hotels stayed red, but have been renamed Dog Houses as Snoopy's own dog house was shown to be red.

Railroads are replaced by holidays: Six pewter collector's tokens are included: Snoopy sleeping on top of his dog house, Snoopy's supper dish, Woodstock, a football on a kicking tee, Schroeder's piano, and Lucy's psychiatric booth.

This edition was released in in time for Penn State University's th anniversary of its founding as The Farmers High School in Alarm clock, bicycle, football, Nittany Lion Shrine, slice of pizza.

This edition of Monopoly was issued to coincide with the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: It features special pewter tokens, money, and deed cards to items featured in the film and its predecessor, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Docks and Harbors were used in place of houses and hotels. Cursed Loot replaces the Income Tax space, various ships including the Interceptor, the Black Pearl , and the Flying Dutchman replace the railroads, and Davy Jones' chest and key replace the utilities.

The printed money continues the movies' theme, printed to look like old cash certificates, but maintaining the usual colors for U. The standard edition comes with six pewter tokens, representing Charmander , Meowth , Pikachu , Poliwhirl , Psyduck , and Snorlax. The collector's edition comes with six colored plastic tokens, representing Blastoise , Bulbasaur , Charmander , Clefairy , Mewtwo , and Pikachu. They are as follows: Unlike the previous edition, the Zephyr and Hive Badges, the first two obtained in the video games, take the place of the utilities, while Chikorita , Cyndaquil , Totodile , and Heracross represent the four railroads.

The collector's edition comes with six colored plastic tokens, representing Bellossom , Chikorita , Cyndaquil , Marill , Pikachu , and Totodile. The same optional rules from the edition are also featured in this edition. This board was released in to honor the 20th Anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise. The board features photo images of characters, Zords, vehicles, weapons and locations from nearly every season of the show up to its 20th Anniversary. All of the paper currency features the iconic lightning bolt used in nearly every Power Rangers logo.

Properties are Zords, vehicles and locations from the franchise's 20 year history. Water Works is replaced by the Eternal Falls of Aquitar and the Electric Company is now a metaphorical representation of the "Morphin Grid" that powers the Rangers' costumes and abilities.

Villains from the show represent the Community Chest while Allies from the show represent Chance. The Income Tax is now a power boost and the Luxury Tax is now represented by a weapons upgrade. The plastic houses and hotels retained their usual shapes, but became red "Zords" and white "Megazords" respectively.

The board also includes two traditional white Monopoly dice with black dots. Six zinc collector's tokens are included: Goldar was the winning candidate from a fan voting contest that was conducted on the official Power Rangers Facebook page.

The two losing candidates for becoming a token were a pair of Ranger Boots and a Juice Cup. A limited edition Power Rangers themed Monopoly dice was also created for use in conjunction with this board, but was offered separately. The dice is black and features both the show logo's iconic yellow lightning bolt and yellow dots as the dice's dots.

This dice was given away at San Diego Comic Con and could also be won in a giveaway contest along with other Power Rangers themed items that was conducted on the official Power Rangers Facebook page. Later the dice, while previously advertised as being created for Monopoly during its giveaway offerings, would eventually see a retail release with a completely different board game. This edition of Monopoly was based on the Cartoon Network series of the same name.

The box lid is made of a special reflective foil paper. The game board features locations from the series' fictional setting of The City of Townsville, illustrated with representative artwork. The four railroads also become City of Townsville locations: The utilities are the Power Plant and the Water Tower. All of the currency features the face of The Mayor.

This edition also features purple, stackable buildings in place of houses, and pink skyscrapers in place of hotels.

Six full color plastic tokens were included: Keane and Professor Utonium. In addition three cardboard punchout tokens are available, which can be used as regular playing tokens, or for a special rule variation.

A special, optional set of rules was included for the three villain tokens. When using these rules, the three villains begin the game in Jail. Any of the three villain tokens can be moved from jail onto any property space owned or unowned. If a villain token is moved onto an unowned property space, players who have enough money for the space can fight for it through rolls of the dice — the player with the highest dice roll wins the right to buy the property at its full printed value.

If the villain was moved from jail to an owned property, the villain can prevent the owner from collecting rent. When another player not the owner lands on the occupied space, they must roll the dice. If a seven or higher is rolled, the villain is defeated and returned to jail, and no rent is owed. If the owner lands on an occupied space, they too must roll — seven or higher returns the villain to jail, six or lower lets the villain token stay on that property. No penalty or forced dice roll is made if a villain token is moved onto a space already occupied by a player token.

This anniversary edition came in a silver colored collector's tin with an outer plastic cover. Some copies came with a card, imprinted with a code, which could be used for a special anniversary contest: The board is foil-wrapped, and the center artwork is done in a s-art deco style, as are the playing tokens, houses and hotels. These are chrome-plated art-deco renderings of standard tokens: A dog, a speedboat, a locomotive, a ladies' high-heeled shoe, a wheelbarrow, an iron, a tophat, a thimble, a sportscar, a sack of money, a cannon and a horse with rider.

Each of the twelve hotels has a unique design, and the thirty-two houses come in four distinct styles. This is a special The Simpsons edition. The properties were replaced by landmarks such as Moe's Tavern and Mr.

Burns Mansion, and every single card has been changed to reflect the theme. Eight tokens are included: Properties are some of Snoopy's favorite possessions.

This edition is inspired by the popular Sega video game franchise featuring all of the locations and characters from various games including Sonic Riders and Sonic Heroes. The money in this edition uses Rings the currency used during the series. General release Free Parking. This game is for two to six players and uses the same rules as the normal version of Monopoly. The game's rulebook details an optional quicker way to play using an including coin which depicts Plankton.

This is inspired by the hit Nickelodeon animated comedy series created by Stephen Hillenburg. The main playing tokens depict SpongeBob holding a jellyfishing net, Sandy out of her suit, Patrick happily saluting with his hand, Squidward with his hands on his hips, Mr.

Krabs standing on a pile of coins with a few in his hand, and Gary wearing shoes. A pewter coin depicting Plankton on both sides is also included for use with a special method of gameplay. Fatal wounds that slowly leak blood spatters in the air, decapitated heads traveling in slow-motion across the screen The story on the other hand isn't very complicated, in the sense that the whole movie could probably be described in a sentence or two.

The dialogs are simple and most often talk about moral values like freedom and honor. If you would look at the script, it would probably look like another movie that has nothing more to offer then idealistic visions of how life should be.

Reviewers of this title seem to be split up in two groups. I feel reluctant to take a position in this argument. Normally it's tolerable to weigh out both sides of this matter to result in a fair judgment about a movie. Not in this one. On the one hand the visual are surely among the best to be witnessed in a movie. Every detail, every background, every special effect set to the scenes are so mindblowingly stunning.

On the other hand the plot and dialogs are of the most simplistic and quite frankly dumb kind. I'd rather die in honor then live in shame! Of course it could be debated that this movie was never intended in the first place to have a unique plot that makes your head spin. But from an objective point of view it's still lacking in this department, so it should be noted. Now that's fine and all, but does that all make of the film?

Is it worth watching or what? I think it is. For me the good outweighs the bad by miles. From the second the movie started it grabbed me and didn't let go. Every battle, every scene of the movie had me at the tip of my chair. Everything from the strong acting to the wondrous visuals to the war-shouts of the soldiers was just so stunning I did not one single moment felt like the movie lacked anything.

But I could imagine why other people did. So here's the deal. If you are easily impressed by beautiful landscapes, wonderful camera-work and editing and powerful acting then go see this. You'll be missing out if you don't. There is so much to see, so much power in the way this comic is translated to the big screen It'll leave you in awe. However, you are looking for a good story, clever plot twists, some innovating to the world of the movies then skip this. I enjoyed this movie so much, but I know there will be people that will pass of as rubbish, and that's understandable.

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