Advanced Poker Tournament Strategy

Cookies help us deliver our services. It doesn't matter if you're playing four tables or If you have to, give up ace-king. It can be beaten consistently by a pair of 2s heads-up. Poker Terms Official Poker Glossary. If it's really tight, you'll need to put that big stack to use and test shorter stacks' blinds as frequently as possible with decent hands, of course.

Top MTT Starting Hands

Online Tournament Strategy Tips

Almost all the major online tourneys are MTTs; they start at a scheduled time, and run until the winner is declared. You can have an MTT with as few as two tables, or as many as the poker room live or online will hold. In a standard game of cash poker, every hand you play is a discrete event where you can win or lose money.

Not so with MTTs. With this format, everyone pays a certain amount of money to sign up for the tournament, including the buy-in and the entry fee. All the buy-ins are then pooled together; this is the prize money that will be awarded to the top finishers. The entry fees are kept by the poker room as a commission. You can download our poker software and play MTTs at Ignition Poker on your desktop computer, or you can log in directly using your mobile device.

To keep the game moving along, the blinds increase every few minutes, encouraging everyone to make more aggressive plays as their stacks get relatively shorter. In most MTTs Omaha not included , antes are also introduced after a few blind levels have passed, putting even more money on the table before the cards are even dealt. Some tourneys will give you bigger starting stacks to play with; MTTs can also have longer or shorter blind levels, and they can start with either two, six or nine players per table.

For a special treat, some MTTs use the Knockout format, where you get a cash prize for every player you eliminate. This approach can be used with MTTs as well. This can be directly traced to the fact that most players do not grasp the changes needed from their ring game style to a tournament style. You hold Ax suited in a regular ring game. Your course of action would probably be to call at least one, possible two bets, and even raise in late position, if everyone has folded in front of you.

On the other hand, what to do with Ax suited in the early stages of a multi-table tournament? How about QJ offsuit? In ring play, I probably wouldn't give this hand the time of day. However, at the final table of a multi-table tournament, this can represent a very playable hand!

We do indeed have a riddle, and in the following, the riddle explained. Lets begin by breaking the multi-table tournament into three periods: Early, Middle and Final Tables. Early tournament play would obviously be the very beginning of the tournament, and characterized by lots and lots of fish and suckers.

The final tables then would be represented by excellent players, and maybe, just maybe, some fool whose on a hot streak, or a fair player whose having a good day.

As you can tell, this is not an exact science. You really can't put a number on when you move from early to middle and even to final tables. It all depends on the nature of the tournament. In a tourney filled with great players, you may be into middle play very early.

How Multi-Tabling Has Changed Poker