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HUD Options Displays a plethora of customizable stats on the table and the players. You can even show rules for tournaments - less arguments! Click here for all new features They have for an example pot Limit omaha poker articles and online and live poker tournament news. All you do is enter in the tournament results into your private admin site.

Displays Poker Leaderboards On Your Poker League Websites


See just how indispensable Poker League Software is to run a successful poker league by opening your Free Account today! What is great about this software is that it gets two jobs done at once. Not only does it help you keep track of your leaderboards, but it also displays them for you automatically on your poker league website once you get the software and your site connected!

You can also choose to put your leaderboards on your Facebook page. How does it work? All you do is enter in the tournament results into your private admin site. The software then updates your website or Facebook page automatically to display the poker leaderboards.

Any member of your poker league can look at the results at any time to see the most up-to-date information. You can use our software from a desktop or from a mobile device, which means you can update your results right after your tournament!

By the time your participants get home or check their mobile devices, they will be able to see the new results on the site right away. Are there other poker league management solutions out there? Yes, but the very fact that we created a brand new program from the ground up for our own league should tell you something about the difference in quality here.

The other programs we tried using were bulky and inefficient. They were hard to use and complicated our lives instead of simplifying them. Our own software was created to be efficient and easy to use. It is far more efficient than any other bar poker league software solution out there. It allows you to effortlessly manage every aspect of your poker league.

Your players will love not only being able to view the scoreboards in order for your tournaments, but also being able to check out detailed stats on their performance! Visitors to your website who are not yet in your league will be excited by the scoreboards and will want to be a part of your league. In that way, the poker leaderboards also serve as a great promotional tool which will drive more players to your league venues.

Poker players are competitive by nature, even those who choose to join a public league without a buy-in. They will compete every night to be ranked number one on your leaderboards! Our free Poker League Software is ad-supported, but you have the option of upgrading to an Executive Account from your free account page if you wish. With the Executive account, you can shut off all ads completely or replace system ads with your own ads on pages where ads are displayed.

There are also a couple of other features which are not available to free users. You can split your league into regions. Payroll reports are also included in the Executive Account. Running a poker league can be a very fun, rewarding business, and a lucrative one at that. As a league owner, though, you have a lot of players, events and venues to keep track of, and every day, your scoreboards change.

You can run your league more smoothly and efficiently with the help of our Poker League Software. Player entry is fast and efficient. You simply enter the players name and put a check by the games they want to play. They will then be added to all the games selected with one click of a button. Once a player is seated in a game the system will remove the player from other lists, or if they want to remain on the lists it will automatically put the table where they are seated beside their name.

Poker Magic TM provides two fantastic ways to communicate important information to your players. The first is the rotating tag lines at the bottom of the screen. These tag lines can contain your bad beat jackpots, tournament information, or any other information you want to communicate to your players. You can have as many tags lines as you like and you get to decide how many seconds each line is displayed. The second method is a large ad space directly below the wait list.

You can create multiple advertisements and define how long each ad is displayed on the brush list screen. Poker Magic TM will continuously rotate the advertisements and tag lines 24 hours a day.

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