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Things have certainly changed for some of these women. Though tickets to the event have already sold out, fans can still enjoy the show from the comfort of their own homes. Other articles you may enjoy. Louis, writes about poker while pursuing other varied interests, and speaks her mind on Twitter… a lot. Stay on top of the poker world from your phone with our mobile iOS and Android app , or fire up our iPad app on your tablet.

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But his latest and greatest job is with Poker Night in America. Stapleton, better known around the poker world as Stapes, is a unique personality in the business. He is naturally funny, and he brings that perfect comedic timing to everything from podcasts to live poker tournament coverage. His long passion for the game keeps him connected to the industry, and fans never fail to tune in for his commentary, though there is no doubt he knows his cards, too. It was a surprise to most because the American-born Stapleton had been living in the UK for the past few years to focus much of his energy on European Poker Tour productions.

That contract was up, however, and he was ready to move back to the United States. When the EPT asked me to the UK, they promised it would only be for a year or two, and they made good on that promise. I just missed so much about America. First of all, it was just way too hard to get shot over there.

They join us on the line. The awkwardness is real. I'd like to say she wasn't amused, but she sort of was. Listeners are encouraged to leave a rating and subscribe to Poker in the Ears to ensure an episode is never missed. PokerStars staff PokerStars September 25, 6: The top 10 classic games from the 80s Dave Woods February 26, 3: More wins for buck21 this weekend on Turbo Series?

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