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In more moderate climates they will enable you to stay outdoors indefinitely should the need arise. Our Ike, waist and parka length jackets will keep you comfortable and protect you from cold, snow, rain, and harsh winds. They will also preserve your uniform appearance and protect the duty equipment underneath.

Most Blauer law enforcement outerwear styles are equipped with optional and hidden reflective stripes and piping accents for officer safely during nighttime traffic stops. For even more visibility choose from one of several ANSI class 3 outerwear options, for the ultimate in visibility and conspicuity in the roadway. Blauer specialty outerwear, such as police SWAT, bicycle patrol, or range jackets, is designed for the most active law enforcement professionals in the world.

They will keep you warm and dry and safe no matter what the weather or how long you need to be outside. Blauer offers more styles of police jackets than any other company and covers the entire spectrum of climate and situation, from lightweight, weatherproof shells with removable liners to emergency response high visibility, reflective, insulated and chemical resistant tactical jackets for large scale emergency scenarios.

Blauer uses the best technologies to keep law enforcement professionals warm, dry, and visible in all situations and environments. It is the most durably waterproof fabric in the world. Blauer offers more Gore styles than anyone. You may use this font in any of your projects.

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