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Check out other poker room reviews and tournament listings in areas near Tampa, Ft. Really nice and fun place to work. It was a fun day watching the excitement of the races. Although legal online poker is not yet available, the major dog and horse racing tracks have large poker rooms that offer a variety of games to all visitors aged 18 and over. Howard this season, but certainly not to the tune of a two-game blanking to open the campaign.

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They were to be bathed about every other day, again depending on their training regimen, for 30 minutes so that they could fully cool down. During the week I would assist with races. There are about 28 barns in the stable area, and every barn would have a few horses to race at different times.

If one of the horses from my barn raced, I was to walk the horse afterwards, and then the groom would handle the rest. I had not become a groom until the middle of February; however, I was assigned to one horse. I owned a horse for about 16 years, but I learned so much more while working at the track! I was willing to learn more; unfortunately, I left the track due to having to put my own horse to sleep this April. In this line of work you need to have strength, patience, a will to learn if you wanted to further yourself in the racing business , an open mind, and reliability.

A food truck drives in the stable area in the morning for quick breakfasts, There is also a kitchen for the employees. If you do not like to work hard from dawn til possibly 7 pm, this is not the job for you. Fairly productive workplace, not too bad. Overall good, did have two bad superrvisors with whom each were fired by the state, however co-workers were awesome and loved woring with the horses. Job climate can be toxic. Great for additional income.

Physically and mentally draining. Fun atmosphere of pocker, horse and dog races. Large customer base that ranges of age and culture.

Friendly people great enviroment for family outtings. A culture of expertise needs to be established. Stress level is high if your standards do not align. Learned a lot about the organization and gaming. Lots of tenured employees. Very fun and unexpected. One of my favorite jobs, We set up events and always had something new. Events always had different scenery and different people, the events were very fun to be around. Something new always happened so many stories are to be told.

The employees were amazing to work with. Everyone had such a great personality and everyone got along so well. I was sky boy terrace, -Learn how to interact with costumers, how to do costumer service at least a little bit. The best job I ever had. The excitement of meeting people from all over the country, mixed with the energy from the horses on Raceday was just electrifying.

I learned so much about Thoroughbred racing, and how fragile a horse really is. The hardest part of this position was sometimes waiting to escape you desk for the restroom.

The most enjoyable part was, well, everything! Great place to work. Awesome place to work great co-workers and management was top notch very easy going relaxed workplace. Fast-past, fun, and enthuastic environment.

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